Wikibuy vs Honey [Savings App Comparison]

Online shopping is the norm these days. With online shopping, it comes more and more coupon apps and browser extensions that offer discounts. Two of the most popular apps are Wikibuy and Honey. So which is better, Wikibuy or Honey? In this Wikibuy vs Honey review, we’ll look at the two in detail.

Wikibuy and Honey are both browser plugin apps that offer coupons or discounts for online shoppers. Wikibuy is available for Chrome or Firefox browsers. Honey is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera Browsers.

Honey is also available in more than 30,000 popular e-commerce sites and is the most ideal for Amazon shoppers.

With Honey, you can purchase items with the app or browser extension. With Wikibuy, you can only purchase items using the app.

Read on to learn more about the difference between Honey vs Wikibuy.

Wikibuy vs Honey

wikibuy vs honey

Honey and Wikibuy are browser plugins or apps that offer coupons or discounts for online shoppers. Wikibuy is for Chrome or Firefox, while Honey is for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera users.

Honey is also available on more than 30,000 popular e-commerce sites and is perfect for Amazon shoppers.

Both Wikibuy and Honey work with reputable brands. The advantage of Honey, however, is that it has partnered with more popular brands. Moreover, it has over 30,000 partner merchants.

Honey also offers a rewards program and price drop alerts. Most importantly, you can either use the browser extension or the app to purchase items.

Whereas, with Wikibuy, you can only purchase items using the app. It also sells data to third parties. But then, like Honey, Wikibuy also offers price drop alerts. Wikibuy also gives you the chance to earn reduced-price items or even free items and gift cards.

Let’s discuss more of their features to decide which one’s better, Wikibuy or Honey.

Brief Overview of the Honey Science Corporation

Honey Science Corporation is the official company name of the Honey app. It was founded by entrepreneurs George Ruan and Ryan Hudson in Los Angeles, California, in 2012. 

Their closest friends were their beta users. While both Hudson and Ruan did not intend just yet to offer it to the public, Reddit discovered it through a bug tester. The Honey app suddenly went viral, and by March 2014, there was an alarming increase of almost a million organic users.

The success of Honey enticed PayPal Holdings Inc. to acquire it for approximately US$4 billion in January 2020.

How Does Honey Work?

Account Registration

To use the Honey app, the process begins with account registration. It’s pretty much similar to any other apps you download in which you first have to create an account to log in and access it.

If you have a Google or Facebook account, it is easier to register an account. Find that specific button indicating such and click it.

Accessing the Honey App

Once you are logged in, try visiting online stores. You will then notice the Honey icon appearing on its partner merchants’ sites.

For instance, you will notice a tiny orange “h” beside the search box or address box. This icon disappears or becomes inaccessible if the online store you visited is not Honey’s partner merchant.

Otherwise, you will find a list of coupons available for that specific online store at the icon’s lower right side.

On the contrary, when you use Honey’s mobile app, it will be the other way around. You will instead notice the icons of its partner merchants on the interface.

Honey’s Rewards Program

Honey offers a consumer loyalty program too, and, in fact, there are three types. These are the following:

  1. Honey Gold
  2. Honey Gold Bonus
  3. Referral Link Programs

1. Honey Gold

With Honey Gold, you can get rewards after shopping with 5,000 of its partner merchants. The rewards, which are represented in gold, may be redeemed as items or gift cards.

2. Honey Gold Bonus

The Gold Bonus is a loyalty program in which freebies are given from time to time. For instance, if you are a new Honey registrant, you may buy some items at a discount on your first purchases.

If you are an old registrant, you may still be eligible to join this program. A bonus gold may suddenly appear while you are shopping online. This means you always have to be alert to make sure you don’t miss any freebies!

3. Honey Referral Link Program

With the Honey Referral Link program, you have the chance to earn 500 Gold for every successful referral. All you have to do is let your referral sign up via the referral link. Once that person uses a Honey coupon for the first time, you will automatically earn 500 Gold.

Honey Browser Extension

The Honey browser extension or mobile app conveniently eliminates the hassle of browsing through different websites and web pages to get the best deals. Honey automatically searches for discounts and applies the ideal one for you.

It can be downloaded with ease as it is supported by several browsers such as the following:

  1. Opera
  2. Edge
  3. Safari
  4. Firefox
  5. Chrome
honey vs wikibuy

Honey’s Partner Merchants

Honey has over 30,000 partner merchants. To name a few, here are some of their popular partner stores:

  1. Kohl’s
  2. Finish Line
  3. Groupon
  4. Bloomingdale’s
  5. Euro Car Parts
  6. QVC
  7. Forever 21
  8. Crate & Barrel
  10. Expedia
  11. Nordstrom
  12. Papa John’s Crew
  13. E-Bay
  14. Nike
  15. Sephora
  16. Amazon

Advantages of Using Honey

1. Free and Easy Installation

It only takes seconds to install the Honey app for free on your desktop or laptop computer. All you need is a stable wifi connection.

2. Save Money

While online shopping, you will be amazed at the discounts offered on products and services through the Honey app. Honey even has a loyalty program in which discounts become even bigger with regular use.

3. Save Time

Each time you visit an online store, the Honey app automatically searches for applicable discount codes. It efficiently disregards expired discount codes too. Evidently, Honey does not only allow you to save money. It also allows you to save browsing time.

Again, which is better-Wikibuy vs. Honey? Both are available as a browser extension, and both offer discounts or coupons for online shoppers.

However, Honey is more accessible since it is available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera users, while Wikibuy is only available for Chrome and Firefox users.

Next in our review of Honey vs Wikibuy, let’s look at Wikibuy.

Brief Overview of Wikibuy

Launched only in 2016, Wikibuy was founded by entrepreneur Jonathan Coon in Austin, Texas. Coon, also the founder of 1-800-Contacts, would always describe Wikibuy as the “Waze applied to shop.”

It compares prices of items, applies coupon codes, and provides the final prices to consumers.

While Wikibuy continues to exist, it has been operating under Capital One. Capital One saw the potential of this comparison-shopping tool and decided to acquire it in November 2018.

So, if you can’t find Wikibuy on the Internet, try searching for Capital One Shopping.

It is also important to note that Wikibuy is not at all related to Wikipedia or Wikimedia.

How Does Wikibuy Work?

Wikibuy basically works in the same manner as how the Honey app works. You have to create an account and log in to access the app. Navigating it is basically the same as how we navigate any other apps similar to it.

Wikibuy’s Rewards Program

If you link your credit or debit cards to your Wikibuy accounts, you will be notified of local deals. For instance, you may be eligible for a 5% discount when you order from a nearby restaurant for a specified period.

If you use these offers often, you might be able to convert them to credits. These credits may be used for buying gift cards from stores such as Staples, eBay, or Groupon.

Wikibuy Browser Extension

As we have discussed, Honey or Wikibuy is a browser plugin app that offers discounts or coupons for online shoppers. Wikibuy is more ideal for Chrome or Firefox browser users only, whereas Honey is available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera users.

Honey is also available on more than 30,000 popular e-commerce sites and is perfect for Amazon shoppers.

Let’s learn more about the features of the Wikibuy app.

When it comes to Wikibuy vs Honey chrome, Wikibuy is relatively new. Nonetheless, its popularity has been rapidly increasing. Perhaps, it’s also because the trend of online shopping has been rapidly increasing too.

Wikibuy’s Partner Merchants

Wikibuy has hundreds of popular and interesting partner merchants. When you visit the Wikibuy site, you will notice that the merchants are arranged per category.

Some of the categories available are the following:

  1. Apparel
  2. Automotive and Vehicles
  3. Beauty and Health
  4. Books, Movies, and Music
  5. Business Supplies and Services
  6. Department Stores
  7. Electronics Hardware and Audio
  8. Food and Beverages
  9. Hobbies
  10. Home and Furnishings
  11. Pets and Animals
  12. Shoes and Accessories
  13. Software and Online Services
  14. Sports and Fitness
  15. Toys and Kids Gear

Here are also some of Wikibuy’s partner merchants, to name a few:

  1. Lenovo
  2. Hulu
  3. Lancome
  4. Groupon
  5. Bloomingdale’s
  6. Verizon
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue
  8. Swanson
  9. Lindt
  10. Microsoft

Advantages of Using Wikibuy

1. Free Installation

Google how to install Wikibuy so it can direct you to the Download button. For mobile phones, it is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it by visiting either the Google Play Store or the iTunes store.

2. Save Time and Money

wikibuy or honey

Similar to Honey, Wikibuy also allows online shoppers to save time and money. When you search for an item on one website, Wikibuy takes note of this.

It checks users who looked at similar items and notifies you of sites offering lower prices or bigger discounts. That way, you are given the option to choose among the best deals.

Another similar feature with Honey, Wikibuy also features price drop alerts. That way, you don’t have to spend so much time browsing different online merchants to get the best deals.

Which Is Safe to Use: Wikibuy or Honey?

Most of the time, any browser extension is safe to use. However, it is nonetheless recommended always to be cautious when using them. Remember that these extensions collect certain information about you.

As for the Honey and Wikibuy apps, they are both safe to use. If you are skeptical about the way they maintain your personal data, you may review their privacy and security policy.

Despite our efforts to inform you that these apps are legit and not scams, it is always best to be vigilant and do your own research.

If there is one hesitation that Wikibuy users have, it concerns data tracking and sharing. Now that it is owned by Capital One, a bank holding company, users have concerns about whether their personal data are collected and shared with Capital One affiliates.

But then again, if you want to do your own research on this, feel free to review their privacy and security policy. Better yet, contact a Capital One customer representative who can directly address your concern.

Conclusion – Honey vs Wikibuy

Honey and Wikibuy are browser extensions offering coupons and discounts for online shoppers. Wikibuy works on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Honey is available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Honey is also available on more than 30,000 popular e-commerce sites and is perfect for Amazon shoppers.

Both Honey and Wikibuy carry popular brands. They both offer customer loyalty programs. These browser extensions also allow their customers to save both time and money.

They give the best deals so consumers can conveniently enjoy online shopping. But which exactly is more preferred by online consumers? Is it Honey, or is it Wikibuy?

Since Honey has been in the business longer than Wikibuy, many online shoppers have tried and tested it. Honey has also undergone several improvements along the way, and it continues to improve its services to address all the needs of online consumers.

Wikibuy is yet to experience the issues that have already been fixed by Honey. This only shows that Honey already has a track record in running an app such as this.

Suffice it to say that Honey and Wikibuy offer the same services, and online consumers prefer Honey more.

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