Ask a Lawyer for Free – No Credit Card [6 Websites]

Getting help from attorneys with your legal issues nowadays will cost you a significant amount of money. Especially if your money situation is tight, the services of a lawyer could become very costly. If you really can’t afford it, can you ask a lawyer for free – no credit card?

The full list of websites where you can ask a lawyer for free – no credit card – are as follows:

  1. ABA Free Legal Answers
  2. Avvo
  4. Quora
  5. Twitter
  6. Reddit

It is possible to get answers to your legal questions from lawyers for free. There are legal groups like Avvo,, ABA Free Legal Answers, and other lawyer websites to get free legal answers.

In reality, it’s difficult to ask a lawyer personally to get legal advice for free. Lawyers need to spend time and money to become one, so their time is expensive.

Avvo and some other lawyer groups can provide real value to those looking for answers on certain legal issues. They use the content marketing model in providing their legal answers for free.

Read on to learn more about asking a lawyer for free – no credit card. We’ll look at the websites where you can get free legal advice and tips on how to get help from an attorney if you can’t afford their fees.

Ask a Lawyer for Free – No Credit Card

ask a lawyer for free no credit card

If you really can’t afford to hire an attorney, you can search for lawyer forums to provide the legal answers and advice that will hopefully apply to your situation. But use what you find in these forums with caution.

Several lawyer groups give answers to legal questions for free. They include Avvo, ABA Free Legal Answers,, and many more. It is also possible to get a free legal consultation, which usually takes 20 to 30 minutes.

You can tell the attorney your problem, and they will tell you if they can represent you or not.

While it is possible to get answers to your legal questions for free, there is a slim chance that you can get a lawyer to help you personally with your legal issues for free. Their time has a value that is anywhere between tens and thousands of dollars per hour.

This is the primary reason why attorney services are costly. You can’t blame lawyers for asking ‘exorbitant’ prices for their services. They have to spend considerable amounts of time and money to be allowed to practice their profession.

Lawyering is a profession that has many layers of requirements before a person can enter its ‘august’ fold. If you really want the best legal advice in your particular situation, the best way is to hire an attorney specializing in your current legal problem.

Where Can You Get Free Legal Advice?

If your money situation doesn’t allow you to hire an attorney’s services, don’t be dismayed. There are many websites you can ask a lawyer a question for free.

Here are some of these websites:

1. ABA Free Legal Answers

The first website where you can ask a lawyer for free – no credit card – is ABA Free Legal Answers. This website is a virtual legal advice clinic. It is a Standing Committee project on Pro Bono and Public Service of the American Bar Association. This is a no-cost service for low-income individuals who meet minimum income requirements.

Only participating states have their own page on this website. Qualified users are allowed to post their civil legal questions to this website in their state. They will receive their answers in their email.

Authorized lawyer volunteers log in to the website in their respective states. They choose the question they want to answer and give legal advice and information.

You can ask a lawyer for free on the website if it is regarding civil law. These lawyers are not allowed to answer questions related to criminal law.

2. Avvo

Another top-ranking site where you can ask a lawyer for free online is Avvo. In 2015, Avvo was honored by the American Bar Association for its innovative delivery of legal services.

This site provides searchers real value at no cost because they use the content marketing model. This strategy works very well because when people are ready to pay for their services, they think of this brand first to help them get out of their legal problems.

In content marketing, people can get clear answers to simple legal questions for free. You’re not asked to pay anything until or unless your legal issues require the personal touch of a real live attorney.

For smart attorneys, this setup gives them a lot of leads. Besides, the design of the website was crafted very well. It is very intuitive to use. The legal answers to the questions are also very well written. This website also offers people a 15-minute phone call with a lawyer for a certain fee.

3. is another website where you can get free answers to your legal questions. This website has a section called “Ask a Lawyer,” where anybody can ask legal questions and get answers from their lawyers’ extensive network.

In answering the questions posed in this section, their lawyers can spend as little or as much time as they want in answering them. This website allows you to ask a lawyer a question online for free. It appears that there is no set number of questions that the lawyers are required to answer.

4. Quora

ask a lawyer for free

If you are not ready to make a paid 15-minute phone call to a lawyer on Avvo, you can check Quora and see if there’s a legal question there that is similar to yours.

This website is where experts in all fields can network and show their abilities and answer people’s questions. That includes legal questions and answers.

Like Google and other search sites, the top and best answers go to the top. In other words, you will get the best answers to the type of legal problems that you have at the top of the list.

Just type in your specific legal question, and pretty soon, you will have an answer specifically addressed to your problem.

For example, someone sent a question saying that their angel investor threatened to file criminal charges if their money was not returned because the recipient filed for bankruptcy. What will they do?

Typically, there will be more than two or three lawyers who will answer this question. For this particular question, 11 answers were recorded. You can find one of the answers here. The answer is 5 paragraphs long.

5. Twitter

Twitter is another platform where you can ask a lawyer online for free – no credit card required.

Lawyers who have Twitter accounts are, on average, very responsive when legal questions are addressed to them directly. While this is true if you don’t have many lawyers following, putting your Twitter account questions won’t yield many answers.

The good thing about Twitter is that a decent and respectful nobody can chat or field a question to a famous person quite easily. So, if you know a lawyer and their Twitter account, you can ask to try tweeting them about your legal concern.

6. Reddit

Reddit is similarly set up as Quora, but it offers anonymity to its users. This arrangement encourages candid responses to questions. However, it is tough to tell if the answers to your legal questions are coming from real attorneys or not.

Again, where can you ask a lawyer for free- no credit card? Your first option is to approach legal groups such as Avvo,, ABA Free Legal Answers, and other lawyer websites to get free legal answers. Alternatively, you can make use of Twitter, Reddit, among others.

Finding Legal Help If You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

When you need a lawyer, but you really can’t pay for their services, you have to do the next best thing: be creative. There’s no problem if it’s a criminal case. If you can’t afford an attorney, the court will provide you one. But if it’s a civil case, then you really have to be resourceful:

Look for Free Lawyer Consultations

Some lawyers provide free consultations. Typically, this is just a quick 20 to 30 minutes meeting where you are allowed to inform a lawyer about your legal problem. The attorney will tell you if they can represent you or not.

After the consultation, you won’t really feel that you are ready to argue your case in court. Still, at least you will get enough legal information that will help you appreciate the legal situation you have allowed yourself in.

You may even get some advice on the direction that is best for you to take. The consulting attorney may also direct you to a lawyer who may be willing to take your case pro bono or, at the very least, at a discounted price.

Reach Out to Legal Aid Groups

There should be some legal aid groups or societies in your local area. They are non-profit organizations founded precisely to help people like you who need legal services but lack the money to pay for a lawyer.

However, you must prove to these organizations that you cannot afford a lawyer to represent you in court. Your chances of getting their help are low if you are earning an above-average monthly income.

A non-profit legal organization established by Congress, the Legal Services Corporation, stated in its 2017 report that 86% of Americans’ civil legal problems in low-income households received insufficient or no legal aid in 2016.

This is even though the LSC was founded to ensure equal access to justice for all American citizens.

In this respect, you can ask for the help of This is a non-profit organization aiming to connect low to moderate-income households with free legal aid programs in their local areas.

Call the City Courthouse in Your Local Area

ask a lawyer a question for free

If you are being taken to court and can’t afford a lawyer, you can call the courthouse. Ask them who they would suggest you could go to. You are not the first person who is being taken to court who cannot afford a lawyer.

You can do this even if you need a lawyer to represent you in a divorce case. According to Andrea Vacca, Vacca Family Law Group owner, “some courts offer free assistance” to those who want to fill out their own paperwork for an uncontested divorce.

Call the County or State Bar Association in Your Local Area

Another option is to call your local Bar Association. You can call them on the second and fourth Fridays of the month, from 9 to 11 a.m. They will entertain your call because it is part of their Attorney Service. They will answer your legal questions for free.

If your busy schedule does not fit in those days of the month, the association will provide you a lawyer for a 30-minute consultation for certain issues for $30.

For usual issues such as personal injuries, unemployment, Social Security, and workers’ compensation, they usually waive the consultation fee of $30.

Go to a Law School

A conscientious graduating law student will have some knowledge about how you can go about your legal situation. They have already spent many years studying and arguing all kinds of court cases. Some of the cases they have argued could be similar to yours.

In other words, another option, if you can’t afford a lawyer, is to visit your local law school. They may have a pro bono program for people like you in which their law students will offer legal advice for free.

Here are some of the law schools that offer pro bono programs:

  • Arizona State University
  • Tulane University
  • American University
  • Howard University
  • Appalachian School of Law, and many more.

Conclusion – Ask a Lawyer a Question for Free – No Credit Card

You can get answers to your legal questions without having to provide the details of your credit card. There are lawyer groups that are willing to help you by giving free answers to your legal problems.

Avvo, ABA Free Legal Answers,, and other websites hosted by lawyer groups.

However, in the real world, you can’t really get an attorney to answer your legal questions for free personally. This is understandable because before they can practice their profession, attorneys must spend considerable time and money before becoming one.

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