Is Ketchup a Smoothie Since Tomato Is a Fruit?

Ketchup is a favorite condiment around the world. Since ketchup is mainly made of tomatoes, which is technically a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?

Ketchup is not a smoothie because the tomatoes used to make it are cooked to thicken their viscosity and concentrate their flavor. Since ketchup needs heat to cook, it is classified as a sauce rather than a smoothie.

The ingredients in smoothies are never cooked. A smoothie is a puree of fresh fruits, often blended with other liquids.

Bottles of ketchup are indeed made of blended tomato concoctions. But that doesn’t make them smoothies. The tomatoes used in ketchup are cooked and then blended with other ingredients to give them the taste that most people love. They also have longer shelf lives. 

Read on to learn more about ketchup, why it isn’t considered to be a smoothie, and other interesting details about ketchup that you may not know.

Is Ketchup a Smoothie?

is ketchup a smoothie

Try drinking a glass of ketchup just like you would like a smoothie, and you will know if it is a drink or not.

Ketchup is not a smoothie because the tomatoes in the ketchup are cooked to thicken its viscosity and concentrate its flavor. A smoothie is made from a puree of fresh fruit that is not cooked.

If the tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie? While tomato is a fruit, that does not make a blended tomato ketchup a smoothie. You should consume the smoothie right away, or it will spoil.

Whether it is in a bottle or a packet, ketchup can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature if the package has not yet been opened.

A smoothie is meant to be a special drink or beverage. Smoothies are usually made by blending raw fruit and other vegetables. They have a liquid base which can be just water or sometimes dairy products like yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, and ice cream.

Is Ketchup a Jam?

Ketchup is not a jam either. It is basically a sauce or a condiment. Typically, you can make a jam using fruit preserves. Specifically, you should heat the fruit or its juice and some sugar to thicken the resulting product.

Jams are normally stewed fruit with lots of sugar and pectin that thickens it and makes it gel. Jam is a condiment for toast or used in baked goods.

Ingredients of Ketchup Vs. Smoothies

Ketchup Ingredients

There are different kinds of ketchup made by different food manufacturers, each with its own particular flavors. One ketchup maker such as Heinz by themselves has around 50+ ketchup flavors.

Whatever these flavors are, bottles of ketchup are basically made of just a few ingredients. Therefore, all ketchup is fairly similar in compositions. Some of the basic ketchup ingredients are:

  1. Tomato paste,
  2. White vinegar,
  3. Sugar or some other kind of sweetener, and
  4. A few spices.

In a hundred grams of ketchup, it will most probably have 22 grams of sugar. Therefore in a typical 400-gram bottle of ketchup, there would be 88 grams of sugar. This is about 7 tablespoons of sugar in just one bottle.

Smoothie Ingredients

The ingredients of a smoothie depending on what type of smoothie you want to make. There is really a wide range of ingredients that are used to make smoothies.

Here are some basic ingredients of a smoothie:

  1. Milk,
  2. Sugar or other sweeteners,
  3. Cream,
  4. Ice cubes,
  5. Water,
  6. Coconut water, and
  7. Fruit juice or juice blend.

After the base liquid ingredients, a smoothie maker may choose from a wide array of edible fruits and vegetables to make their own concoctions.

The typical fruits used in making smoothies are the following:

  • Mangoes,
  • Apples,
  • Strawberries,
  • Peaches,
  • Papayas,
  • Melon,
  • Pineapple,
  • Blackberries, and many more.

Smoothies are always served fresh and cold. If not, they would be as tasteless as a bland glass of water.

General Characteristics of Ketchup

1. Longer Shelf-life

To make ketchup, you have to cook the tomatoes and the other ingredients included in the recipe, plus some preservatives. Thus, ketchup has a longer shelf life, especially when manufacturers bottle it or place it in a sachet aseptically.

2. Has Tomato as Main Ingredient

Most people use ketchup as a table condiment or as a sauce to enhance their eating taste. In basic terms, ketchup usually refers to tomato ketchup since tomato is its main ingredient and is the fruit that is associated with its red color.

3. Homogeneous Blend of Cooked Ingredients

Ketchup may also refer to a homogenous blend of several ingredients, just like a smoothie. However, to make ketchup, you have to cook the homogenous blend. On the other hand, you don’t have to cook smoothies.

4. Has Food Preservatives

To extend its shelf life, ketchup makers include food preservatives in their recipes.

5. Aseptically Manufactured

Manufacturers produce this aseptically to ensure they will last long in storage, whether at room temperature or inside a fridge. The flavor of ketchup does not change drastically over time unless pathogens contaminate the contents.

General Characteristics of Smoothies

1. Cold

In general, smoothies are cold, unlike ketchup which needs to be cooked. You can make a smoothie less cold by minimizing the use of ice cubes. You have to cook Ketchup first. Then, cool it down to room temperature before bottling or placing it in sachets.

2. Think and Creamy

In reality, there is no clear definition of a smoothie. But everybody agrees that it is a thick and creamy drink made from pureed raw fruit, some vegetables and made sweeter by the addition of sugar and some dairy products.

3. Blended Ingredients

You have to blend these ingredients using an electric blender to make them homogenous. Afterward, you’ll get a thick, sometimes foamy, beverage. This is a treat or a healthy drink, depending on the person drinking it.

In short, it is basically a drink and not a sauce like ketchup, although ketchup is also a homogenous blend of several ingredients.

But that’s the only thing that is similar between these two different consumer products. Take note that manufacturers make bottles of ketchup from cooked, not raw tomatoes.

4. Not All Smoothies Are from Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that not all smoothies are from fresh fruits and vegetables? Some mix cooked potatoes into their smoothies. Others add oats, rice, peanut butter, and other processed ingredients.

5. Consume Immediately

You have to consume the smoothies almost immediately. No one in his right mind will add food preservatives to the blend. You should not store it for a long period. Once you make a smoothie, you intend to consume all of it in just a few minutes.

6. Beverage or Healthy Drink

Smoothies are regarded as beverages and drinks. They are not used as sauces to enhance the taste of food. Smoothies can also be considered a meal, even a complete meal, since you can blend protein, vegetables, and fruits in one glass.

These smoothies are considered health drinks. A person will be regarded as somewhat foolish if they treat ketchup as a healthy food. Additionally, you would sometimes use a straw to consume a smoothie. Do you see people use a straw to sip their bottles of ketchup?

Again, is ketchup a smoothie? Ketchup is not a smoothie, although its main ingredient is tomatoes. Unlike a smoothie, it needs to be cooked to thicken and concentrate its flavor. Thus, it qualifies as a sauce.

As you know, a smoothie does not require cooking and is usually blended with fruits or vegetables with milk.

Why Is Ketchup Not a Smoothie?

Here are some reasons why ketchup cannot be a smoothie:

1. It Has a Different Consistency

Ketchup is not a smoothie because the definition of a smoothie is a thick, smooth drink made of pureed fresh fruit mixed with milk, ice cream, or yogurt. There is no ice cream, yogurt, or milk in any of the popular brands of ketchup sold in the market today.

While the smoothie is thick, ketchup is a bit thicker. It is easy to sip a thick smoothie with a straw. You can perhaps use a straw to sip ketchup from a small saucer, but it won’t be easy.

2. It Contains Vinegar and Salt

If you are making a smoothie, the most unlikely ingredient that you will include is vinegar. The smoothie will most likely have about one or two tablespoons of sugar or any alternative sweetener.

Ketchup contains considerable amounts of vinegar and salt. As some health buffs say, this is not good for your health.

Vinegar and salt are never used in making smoothies – unless you are trying to create a sour-salty-tasting new smoothie concoction. But will it be patronized by the average American who is fond of sweets?

3. Ketchup Is Consumed Differently than Smoothies

You can’t consume ketchup the same way you can consume a smoothie. Most smoothies are offered in glasses for drinking or sipping. Ketchup is poured into a small saucer to be used condiment-style.

They are for dipping fried food and not for drinking. Smoothies are consumed in beverage quantities, while ketchup is consumed sparingly in condiment amounts.

4. It Is Not a Health Food

People generally consider smoothies as healthy food, especially those that are blended with vegetables and proteins. It is unusual to find a person who rightly considers ketchup as a healthy food because it contains ingredients that will be harmful to your health when consumed in large amounts.

While bottles of ketchup have tomato contents with traces of lycopene in them, they are minimal compared to the other ingredients in the mix.

5. Ketchup Will Last Much Longer than a Smoothie

When you order a smoothie, you are expected to finish it off in just one sitting. Smoothies are not meant to last for weeks.

If you ordered a large glass of smoothie and aren’t able to consume all of it, you can store the remainder in the fridge to consume it maybe tomorrow – but not next month. It may spoil after the next day.

Ketchup is completely different concerning shelf life. Its vinegar and salt contents enable it to last longer. Salt and vinegar act as preservatives. If the ketchup maker adds other food preservatives to the mix, ketchup will last for months – when stored in the fridge.

Unopened, a bottle of ketchup can last for two years. Even opened ketchup bottles will last for about a year if they are properly stored in the fridge. If left at room temperature, the ketchup inside the bottle will last for one month.

On the other hand, Smoothies, even if stored in the fridge, won’t last a week. You will see its contents slowly oxidizing. Pretty soon, you have a glass of spoiled smoothie that is dangerous to consume.

6. Ketchup Is Cooked

Ketchup is a cooked product. It is ready-to-eat food. When you order a smoothie, the restaurant staff will prepare it using raw food such as fresh fruits and mix it with ice, milk, water sugar, and so forth. You can’t buy a ready-to-eat smoothie in the way you can buy a bottle of ketchup.

Ketchup History – How Did We Get Ketchup?

The history of ketchup goes way back to the 17th century. It was the Chinese who first invented this food product, which they called ke-chiap, the meaning of which is ‘brined picked fish.’ So, it was fish and not tomatoes which were the original progenitors of ketchup.

English settlers in the 18th century got their taste of ‘ke-chiap,’ which they call ‘kicap’ made from Malaysia. They created their own version of the condiment by using shallots and mushrooms.

The early ketchup was not even made of tomatoes. Tomatoes only became its main ingredient in the early 19th century. At that time, they used a sour tomato blend to make ketchup. Later in the mid-1850s, the sweet taste of ketchup began to be favored by people.

Later on, in 1742, English immigrants brought this concoction to the United States. It was here where people removed the fish sauce and used tomatoes instead. As it developed through the years, ketchup acquired the sweet and salty flavor that most people love today.

Conclusion: If Tomato Is a Fruit, Is Ketchup a Smoothie?

Ketchup cannot be considered a smoothie because its ingredients are cooked to make it thicker and concentrate its tomato flavor. Smoothies are never cooked. No matter what their ingredients are, smoothies are always served cold.

Since ketchup needs to be cooked, it qualifies as a sauce and not a smoothie. A smoothie is not cooked but is made of fruit puree mixed in a blender and some dairy products.