How Long Do MacBook Pros Last? [Plus Care Tips]

How long do MacBook Pros last? MacBook Pros typically last longer than other laptop brands. They should last longer because they are typically more expensive. In this article, I’ll describe how long MacBook Pros last for and tips for making them last as long as possible.

How long do Macbooks last? MacBook Pros generally last for about 7 to 8 years. This assumes you don’t drop it on a hard floor, get it wet, or show it any other form of abuse. The latest model of MacBook Pro that is used lightly can last up to 10 or 11 years.

A MacBook Pro costs more than your average laptop. So, it is not wrong to expect that it will provide you long years of service. But its service life will also depend on how you will use it and how you will take care of it.

To make your MacBook Pro last a decade or more, follow these 5 important care tips:

  1. Keep It Clean
  2. Do Regular Maintenance
  3. Exercise the Battery
  4. Back up Your Important Files Regularly
  5. Prepare for Hardware Upgrades

Read on to learn more about how long MacBook Pros last for and how you can extend their service life.

How Long Do MacBook Pros Last?

If your MacBook Pro is shown great care, you will be able to use it for a long time. Admittedly, the build quality of the latest Macs is not as good as before. But they should still last long if they are not abused and are cared for properly.

It is not unusual for new Macs to last around 7 to 8 years. If you break down the lowest price of a new 2020 MacBook Pro, which is about $1,700, you would be paying around $212.50 per year. That’s a good price if you consider that you will continue to get updates for the next five or six years after buying the item.

Usually, you will be able to use your MacBook for more than five years. However, its hardware may become too old to run software that will be introduced at that time. If you use it only for emails, shopping, internet surfing, occasional games, and chatting, you can use your Mac much longer, say up to 10 to 11 years.

However, if you will do website development or similar types of work on your MacBook Pro, its usable years will only be up to a maximum of five. If it is your daily workhorse, you may need to replace its battery every three years.

Factors That Determine If a MacBook Pro Will Last Long

The longevity of your latest MacBook Pro will really depend a lot on you. Your personal computing habits and the type of work you do on your laptop will greatly affect your new laptop’s service life. How long or how short the life of your MacBook Pro will largely depend on:

1. How It Is Used

Do you use it for work or just for entertainment? If you use your laptop for daily work, you are subjecting all its components, such as the processor, screen, keyboard, power source, and battery, to continued stress and strain.

Sure, these components are designed to withstand constant workloads. But the stress and strain they receive every day will take a toll and shorten their designed life expectancy. For instance, if you do your daily work on your laptop, you will need to replace its battery every 2 to 3 years.

Also, you need to consider at what age your Mac will begin experiencing issues like a degraded battery that can no longer hold its charge, random shutdowns, and other problems. If these issues persist, you may need to get a new MacBook Pro when the time comes.

how long can you expect macbook pros to last for

2. How It Is Maintained

Machines that are run by electricity and produce heat must always be regularly cleaned and maintained. How often you clean and dust your laptop will have an effect on its life. For instance, if you are not in the habit of cleaning and dusting your laptop, some of the accumulated dust on the keyboard and the open vents may eventually enter the machine.

Dust can interfere with the efficient performance of laptop components. You may not notice it at the start, but eventually, the problems start to reveal themselves.

Cleaning should not only be done on physical dust but also on the apps and programs installed on the laptop. If you’re not into the habit of cleaning, deleting, and backing up your programs, your laptop will have more issues that will affect its service life.

3. How It’s Stored When Not in Use

Do you leave your laptop just lying around when you’re not using it? If you reside in a dusty place, this practice will be detrimental to your laptop. As mentioned in point #2, dust will accumulate and can enter the insides of your laptop.

Don’t Worry, MacBook Pros Can Take It

MacBook Pros are built to last long if they are taken care of. An owner of a MacBook Pro has had accidental water and coffee spills on his laptop, but he can still use it for years. His laptop was not damaged.

With the right kind of battery management, the laptop’s battery is still going strong after five years. He charges the batteries when it is down to 30 percent and pulls them off from the socket when the charge has reached 80 percent. This MacBook Pro owner found that this practice has somehow extended the laptop battery’s life.

He also revealed that he does not use his laptop lightly. It’s his primary working tool and does a lot of heavy photo editing on the machine. He uses all the programs in the Adobe Creative Suite every day to edit images and photos. But he admitted that he insanely takes care of his laptop by regular cleaning, deleting, and backing up everything.

How You Can Prolong the Life of Your New Macbook Pro

You can definitely lengthen the service life of your brand new MacBook Pro. Here are things that are not so difficult to do to extend the life of your MacBook Pro.

1. Keep It Clean

Keeping your MacBook clean at all times is the very first thing that you should always do. By maintaining its cleanness, you can also help it run at cooler temperatures. Running at lower temperatures will enable your computer to live longer.

A MacBook Pro is easy to open. Just get the right screwdriver and turn the laptop on its back to loosen all the screws on the back cover. After opening the cover, be careful not to hit any of the internal components.

Start to dust away. Be sure to get rid of the dust that has accumulated in the intake and exhaust vents. Don’t forget to dust the display screen, keyboard, and trackpad.

2. Do Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your laptop will help in prolonging its life. It will also help you discover possible issues before they become bigger and more expensive to repair. One thing you should perform is disk maintenance.

Regularly run Disk Utility, specifically the Disk First Aid, to keep the drives at peak performance. Also, you can use it to verify and repair problems.

Run your laptop on Safe Mode occasionally, too. It will keep your laptop in good shape. This app will run a few tests and will also delete fonts and kernel caches that may cause strange behavior if one of them becomes corrupt.

3. Exercise the Battery

Don’t get the habit of always running your laptop while plugged into the convenience outlet. Once in a while, let its battery run it. Always keeping the battery at full charge for extended periods will result in a loss of its overall capacity, which will then shorten its life. There’s a reason why your laptop is equipped with a battery. To prolong the battery’s life, run it from time to time.

4. Back up Your Important Files Regularly

No matter how meticulous you are in terms of taking care of your laptop, there will come a time when a failure occurs. You need to have a backup of all your important files and archives of critical data should there be a need to upgrade your MacBook Pro.

5. Prepare for Hardware Upgrades

After some years of using your MacBook Pro, it will seem to get tired and slow down. You will have already used much of its resources since you first bought it. That means you will need to increase its available resources. You will need bigger disk space, additional RAM, or faster storage. Upgrading your MacBook Pro will surely extend its life.

Signs You Need a New Mac

We’ve answered ‘how long do MacBook Pros last’ or ‘how long do Apple laptops last’; next, let’s look at signs you need a new Mac. Your new Mac won’t last forever. And it doesn’t matter how much you take care of it, as it will someday breathe its last. So how do you know when that someday has come? Look for these signs:

how long will a macbook pro last

1. Your MacBook Pro Is Becoming Unreliable

If you are experiencing sudden shutdowns and you have tried to fix the obvious reasons, but the problems persist, maybe your laptop has already reached the end of its life.

2. Software Issues Are Becoming More Frequent

If your laptop’s OS frequently freezes where everything becomes unresponsive, your MacBook Pro is becoming outdated. Make sure you have enough free space. Try to fix the problem using the SMC and PRAM reset. If this does not fix the issue, try reinstalling macOS and check if the problem is solved. If the issues are still there, you will need to upgrade your Mac.

3. Your Laptop Can’t Run the Latest Version of macOS

Apple usually releases a new OS version every September/October of the current year. If your computer can’t accept and run the latest macOS, it has become obsolete. In addition, if your laptop cannot run the apps that you need to use, it’s time for a MacBook Pro upgrade.

4. The Components of Your MacBook Pro Are No Longer Powerful Enough

Today, the technological requirements to complete modern tasks have considerably gone high. For instance, if there’s limited RAM in your laptop, it will prevent you from running several applications simultaneously.

If your MacBook Pro is very slow in editing a 4K video, its CPU is already experiencing information overload. Often, the overall system performance of your laptop will also suffer. If you can’t upgrade the RAM and other critical components of your laptop, it is a clear sign that you need the latest MacBook Pro.

5. You Are Running Out of Storage Space

The latest apps and files continue to gobble up space in your storage disk. If you are constantly struggling to find free space in your MacBook Pro, maybe it’s time for a disk upgrade. Adding an external hard drive could do the trick. It will also help if you can free up some space on your laptop. But you can’t dismiss the fact that your current Mac is maybe on its last stretch.

6. If Your MacBook Pro Suffers Serious Physical Damage

If something physically serious happens to your laptop, like it fell from a desk, which damaged its hard disk, or a piece of rock shattered its screen, and the repair costs are so astronomical, you may consider retiring it and buying a new one.

Consider This – All Macs Become Obsolete

You may want your present MacBook Pro to last forever. But don’t you know that Macs become obsolete at some point in time? Considering that the support Apple provides its OS is only around eight years, you should consider it a fair time scale for you to replace your laptop.

Apple does not provide parts for MacBooks that are over seven years old. So, you should really take care of your MacBook Pro if you want it to stay alive for more than its prescribed life.

Conclusion – How Long Do MacBook Pros Last?

So, to recap, how long do MacBook Pros last? If you will not abuse your brand new MacBook Pro, don’t mess with its internals, and don’t drop it hard on the floor, it should last for well up to eight years.

If it’s the latest model and you will only use it for entertainment, occasional gaming, emailing, and social media postings, it should last you more like 10 to 11 years.