Windows 10 Pro Vs. Pro N – What Are the Differences?

Microsoft Windows 10 is available in 12 editions, each with different features and suitable for various devices. One of the most popular operating systems is Windows 10 Pro. There is also Windows 10 Pro N. Windows 10 Pro vs. Pro N – what are the differences? 

Windows 10 Pro comes with multimedia applications, such as Skype, Video, Voice Recorder, and Music. On the other hand, Windows 10 Pro N does not have Windows Media Player and pre-installed multimedia apps. Windows Pro N is the operating software’s edition designed for Europe. 

Read on to learn more about Windows 10 Pro and Pro N to decide what version suits your needs and preferences.

Windows 10 Pro Vs. Pro N 

windows 10 pro vs pro n

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most popular operating system to date. It has been released in various versions to introduce tweaks and improvements depending on what the users need. Two of these versions are the Windows 10 Pro and Pro N.

The biggest difference between Windows 10 Pro and Pro N is the multimedia capabilities. Aside from Windows Media Player, the former also has Voice Recorder, Skype, TV, Video, and Music. 

Windows 10 Pro N is an exclusive version of the operating system in Europe. N means not with media player. It has all of the most important functions that are present in Windows 10 Pro except multimedia technologies. 

Why Is Windows 10 Pro Not Available in Europe?

The anti-competitive practices of 2004 set by the European Commission prohibit Windows 10 Pro in Europe. The antitrust law establishes healthy market competition by providing anti-competitive products. It provides users the freedom to choose. Plus, it opens the market to competition instead of a monopoly. 

By having built-in apps in the original version of Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft is forcing its users to use such programs. This also provides Microsoft an unfair advantage by gaining a monopoly in the market. In turn, this limits the potential of other app vendors.

To continue operating in the European market, Microsoft offers another version. This version is the Windows 10 Pro N. It does not have the traditional multimedia functionalities, including Skype. 

Can You Download Multimedia Apps in Microsoft Windows Pro N? 

If you are from Europe and an avid user of Microsoft, there’s nothing to worry about. While the multimedia features are not naturally present in the platform, you have the option to download them. All you have to do is visit the Microsoft Store and look for the specific apps you want to use. 

Can You Use Microsoft Windows Pro N Outside of Europe?

Even if you are not from Europe, you can use Microsoft Windows Pro N. This is for people who have other preferences for multimedia applications instead of the ones Microsoft offers with Windows 10.

All About Windows 10 Pro 

Windows 10 Pro is a step-up from Windows Home. You can enjoy the features of the latter. More so, you can enjoy additional features and business tools, including the following: 

Windows Information Protection

With employees using their devices at work, there is a higher risk of data breaches. The latter is common with the use of emails, social media, and the cloud. It protects enterprise information and prevents leaks while providing a seamless user experience. 


This is a built-in encryption program that provides a layer of protection to the users. It is a proprietary and user-friendly program that prevents changes without the necessary permissions. Microsoft claims it has no backdoors, ensuring that it is safe even if it is a closed-door application. 

Remote Desktop

With this feature, users can work from almost anywhere. This application will connect a computer to devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It allows virtual access to the files that you have on your computer, even without physical access to the latter. 

System Requirements

If you are thinking of installing Windows 10 Pro, make sure that you meet the following minimum system requirements: 

  • Processor: At least 1 GHz
  • Memory: At least 1 GB RAM for 32-bit and 2 GB Ran for 64-bit 
  • Hard Disk Space: At least 20 GB 
  • Video Card: At least 800 x 600 
  • Connectivity: Requires internet connection 

What Makes Windows 10 Pro Stand Out?

Looking for compelling reasons to download Windows 10 Pro? Below are some of the benefits that are worth highlighting: 

Secure Multifactor Authentication

This feature adds a layer of security, minimizing the chances of unauthorized access to private files. Aside from using a password, it requests another code through a call, text, or Microsoft Authenticator. 

Seamless Interface

Microsoft makes sure that using this program is as seamless as possible. User experience is top-notch. You can save time through the single log-in feature across multiple devices. 

Manage Even Mobile Devices

Using Windows 10 Pro is not exclusive to computers. You can use it on compatible mobile devices and expect the same notable features. 

All About Windows 10 Pro N

windows 10 pro n vs pro

With Windows 10 Pro N, you won’t enjoy the same multimedia functionalities you will find in Windows 10 Pro. This means that there is no built-in feature for the following:

  • Playing CDs,
  • Making video calls,
  • Streaming music, and
  • Storing media files.

You can still use such features, but you have to download separate apps. You can do this in Microsoft Store or any of its competitors. 

Below are some of the most useful features that you can enjoy with the Windows 10 Pro N, which are also available in Windows 10 Pro: 


One of the most important Windows productivity tools will let you use your mobile phone as a computer. It provides a continuous experience from PC to mobile. You can even use your phone’s screen as a virtual trackpad. 

Game DVR

Windows 10 Pro N is not just for business. It is also good for gaming, and this feature is one of its highlights. It will allow you to record your best moves and show them off to your friends. 

Remote Log-In

This is one feature that will simplify the user experience while also ensuring security. It allows users to sign in on their account remotely, even without accessing their computer personally. 

As for the system requirements of Windows 10 Pro N, they are the same as Windows 10 Pro. 

Missing Media Functions 

As we have earlier noted, the biggest difference between Windows 10 Pro N vs. Pro is that the former does not have multimedia capabilities. Below are some of the specific features that are missing: 

Windows Media Player

A media library and player, it is for playing audio and video and viewing pictures. Newer versions also allow ripping and copying music. Its most recent version is Windows Media Player 12, which is available in Windows 10 Pro and not in Windows 10 Pro N. 

Movies & TV

This is Microsoft’s media player. It will allow you to store your favorite TV and movie shows in one account. They are accessible remotely on different devices. All that you need to do is to log in to your account. You will need to download the content from Microsoft Store. 

Voice Recorder

From lectures to interviews, this will allow recording that you can access through an audio file. Aside from recording, it also allows editing of the files. You can also trim, rename, and share the recordings. 


This is one of the biggest apps that is not pre-installed in Windows 10 Pro N, but you can download it as an add-on. It is a personal and business communication tool for free calls and chats. 

Alternatives Worth Considering 

If you have Windows 10 Pro N, you can download the missing multimedia apps. However, if you do not like the Microsoft programs, you can also consider different alternatives:

Windows Media Player

  • Wondershare UniConverter: More than video playback, it also allows other functions. You can edit video files, download YouTube content, and transfer videos. It supports more than 1,000 video and audio files. 
  • VLC Media Player: This free multimedia player supports different video formats, includes CDs and DVDs. It has a user-friendly interface, so it is easy for almost anyone to use. 
  • GOM Player: If you are looking for an alternative with advanced functions, this is a good choice. This free app plays different codecs. Another good feature is its screencast support, which means that you can connect your device to a television if you need a bigger screen. 

Movies & TV 

  • Netflix: If you don’t mind paying a subscription, Netflix is one of the top alternatives. It is available in different countries, with content varying depending on your location. From the latest films to eye-opening documentaries, you will enjoy endless content. 
  • Tubi: For those looking for a free alternative to Movies & TV, this is a remarkable choice. It offers unlimited streaming. You will even find top-rated content that Netflix does not carry. 
  • Popcorn Time: Another free streaming app, it has an almost limitless selection of titles. There is something for every taste. It relies on sequential protocol instead of P2P. If it is unavailable in your location, consider using a VPN. 

Voice Recorder

  • Audacity: Its ease of use is one of its biggest selling points. You can choose from a wide array of effects depending on the edit that you want. It even has an analysis feature. The app allows high-quality recording, but make sure to use a good microphone. 
  • Wavosour: Another free audio recorder and editor supports VST files and allows the playback of different audio formats. You can even export data in the form of text files and generate statistics. 
  • AudioDope: Like the other two, it does more than record audio. It also allows audio editing, with functions like copy, paste, and trim. It also has tools like a noise generator and frequency analyzer. 


  • WhatsApp: One of the biggest benefits of this app is that you do not need an account. All that you need is to have a valid mobile number. It is also popular because of its end-to-end encryption, which ensures the highest level of privacy. 
  • Zoom: COVID-19 is the main reason for the surge in this Skype alternative’s popularity in recent months. It has a freemium model and supports a plethora of functions for business users. 
  • Viber: Whether you would like to send a text message, make a call, or share files, Viber is another alternative to consider. It is more common as a mobile app, but you can also use it on your desktop. 

Other Versions of Microsoft Windows 10

windows 10 pro vs windows 10 pro n

Aside from Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro N, Microsoft Windows 10 has other versions, including the following: 

1. Windows 10 Home

This is the best version for most users. It is compatible with Microsoft’s new voice assistant and Edge browser. 

2. Windows 10 S

It is a version that targets education users, especially those with low-end devices. This version streamlines security and performance.

3. Windows 10 Mobile

This Windows operating system offers a full pack of features for smartphones and tablets. 

4. Windows 10 Enterprise

It is built for large businesses, offering features like state-of-the-art security. You can enjoy easy deployment and exceptional security.

5. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

It has almost the same features as the former option, except that Microsoft optimizes it for mobile use. 

Conclusion – Windows 10 Pro N Vs. Pro

Windows 10 Pro is a global version that comes with built-in multimedia functionalities. On the other hand, Windows 10 Pro N is a European version that seeks to prevent monopoly. Moreover, it does not have multimedia functionalities, including Windows Media Player and Skype. The European Commission ruled that Microsoft should not have a monopoly of the market. 

While Windows Pro N does not have built-in media apps, you can download them if you wish. You can get these apps straight from the Microsoft Store. More so, if you want another version, then you can download it from other vendors. 

Again, for your reference, here are your Windows 10 options:

  1. Windows 10 Home
  2. Windows 10 S
  3. Mobile
  4. Windows 10 Enterprise
  5. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

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