Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath but Straight on Top?

You are not alone. Most people have roughly four different types of hair patterns on their heads. If you ask yourself: “Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top?” you need to read this article.

Your inherited genes could be why your hair is curly underneath but straight on top. This is the common reason for those who have this hair type. It is the result of your parent’s genes interacting with each other. If they have a mix of straight and curly hairs, your locks will be similar.

It’s quite normal to have this mixture of straight and curly hairs. The gene for curly hairs is not dominant. It usually remains dormant. But when it is activated, it will change the shape of the hair follicle. When this happens, it will change the hair that grows from it.

Read on to learn why your hair is curly underneath but straight on top, what you can do about it, or how you can live with it.

Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath but Straight on Top?

why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top

1. Inherited Genes

You can trace the present state of your hair back to your inherited genes. Your parents have different genes, and when these genes interact, you will have your type of hair texture. If parents have mixed straight and curly hairs, their children will naturally have similar hairs.

This hair condition is quite normal. Genetics is the one responsible for this hair condition. The gene for curly hair is not normally dominant. It will stay dormant until it is activated by something.

When that happens, it will change the shape of the hair follicle. Then the hair that grows from it will also change.

You can blame your genes for the state of your hair. But that’s not the only reason why your hairs are straight on top but curled underneath.

2. Damaged Hair

You may be asking yourself: “why is my hair curlier underneath?” Your hair is constantly exposed to varying conditions that affect its health and integrity.

You can also do things to your hair that can damage your hair. For each kind of hair damage, there is a specific reason. Hair damage can result in your hair having different textures.

Chemical Treatment

If you always treat your hair with chemicals such as bleaches, dyes, color creams, and such, you will eventually damage the outer layer of your hair. People who habitually create multiple coloring sessions for hair toning touch-ups are the ones who usually have this problem.

While they are doing their touch-up sessions, only the top hair layer gets most of the attention since it is the one that displays the colors. They are not aware that they are hurting their hair and making its texture uneven.

Heat Styling Tools

Hairstyling tools such as flat iron, curling iron, and similar tools are used by many to alter their hairstyles temporarily. With these heating tools, they can easily make their curly hairs flat or make their flat hairs curly.

You may have also used these hair heating devices from time to time. However, if you will use them more frequently than before, you are exposing the protective layers of your hair to possible damage.

Overuse of these hair heating tools can alter the natural texture of your hair strands. In addition, when you use these hair heating gadgets, you tend to spend more time strengthening the top layers of your hair in your desire to make it look perfectly straight or curled.

If you do this, you are frying the outer layers of your hair. This will leave the hair strands very dry and strongly resistant to hair products that encourage the formation of curls or to become straight, whatever the case may be.

Over-Combing or Over-Brushing

The proper use of hairbrushes and combs is to organize unruly hair. They can detangle your hair so you can style it effortlessly. However, if you are not careful, you will tend to overbrush or over comb your hair. That’s not good.

If you habitually do this, you can damage your hair cuticles, especially those at the top layers. Over-brushing your hair can damage it to the extent that there will be different curl patterns all over your hair.

Exposure to Extreme Temperature

Extreme weather can affect our bodies, including our hair strands. Overexposure to cold or hot temperatures can adversely affect the integrity and health of your hair. For instance, if your hair is exposed to UV light radiated by the sun, it will scorch your hair and alter its texture.

Cold weather can also damage your hair. Overexposure to extremely cold temperatures will dry out your hair strands. They will become resistant to styling. The top layer takes the brunt of the damage because it is the layer that is most exposed to extreme temperature.

3. Uneven Hair Length

Normally, the hairs on your head have different lengths, depending on where they grow on your head. Longer hair strands are heavier than shorter hair strands. That’s natural because of their increased volume.

Hairs with longer strands have more difficulty retaining their natural curls because of their extra weight. Those who have long hairs at their crowns notice that the texture of the hairs at the top of their head has a more relaxed texture.

4. Not Covering Your Head While Sleeping

If you have curls all over your head before sleeping and upon waking up, you find that your curls have lost their definition and volume, you did not cover your head before you slept.

Most likely, you have straight hair, but some strands are curly. Why? When the curls on the top layers of your hair come into physical contact with your pillow and other nearby sleeping surfaces, they will lose their patterns.

5. Uneven Application of Hair Treatment

If you are trying to get curls on your straight hair, you typically use hair treatments. While your hair is being treated, the top layer is the one that usually gets more of the chemicals. The hair roots will receive only a small amount, if it even receives any amount at all.

So, there is a difference between the amounts of chemicals received by the top layer and the roots. This will result in a difference in curl patterns between these two sections of your hair. It is what you will observe if you use keratin treatments or other kinds of hair bleach to achieve different hairstyles.

Again, why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top? Your hair’s texture is mainly due to inherited genes. If you have parents with straight and curly hair, then your hair can be both.

How to Fix Your Curly Hairs Underneath

why is my hair curly at the bottom but straight on top

How to fix half curly half straight hair is the order of the day. You need to even out the textures of your hair. If you want your hair texture to be even throughout your head, you need to use the following practical solutions. These fixes are not difficult to perform. They are easy to follow:

1. Hydrate the Curls

If you want to straighten out the curls on your hair, you need to hydrate them. You need to soak them wet. You can tip your head up to apply hair hydrating products close to your scalp. Hopefully, this will wake up the curls and straighten them out.

2. Practice Healthy Hair Care Routine

Having healthy and strong hair is half the battle won. You can have healthy and strong hair if you practice a healthy hair care regimen.

It is not that difficult because all you have to do is cleanse, shampoo, condition, moisturize, and trim your hair regularly. That’s what you should have been doing in the first place.

The frequency by which you will perform this healthy hair care routine will depend on the texture of your hair. You have to discover the effective schedule that will give you the best results. When you find the optimum schedule, stick to it.

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3. Use the Best Hair Products You Can Afford

Use the best products for your hair type if your budget allows. The safest and the most effective hair care products are those that are silicone and sulfate-free. Silicone can add weight to your hair and cause unwanted curls on your locks.

If you have nothing but a silicone-based hair treatment, then use the one that contains water-soluble silicones. At least, it will not cause as much build-up.

On the other hand, Sulfate can cause your hair to dry out. Once the top layer of hair dries out, their curls will turn out straight. You can find products that can straighten your hair at sephora.com.

4. Trim Long and Flat Hairs

You can reduce the weight of your flattest hair section by trimming off a few inches. When the overall length of this section is reduced, the hair strands will draw up. It will cause the curls to become tighter and have more definition.

If you are afraid this section will lose strength, trim it gradually. In due time, the hair texture at the top layer will be able to blend with the layers underneath. This will also eliminate split ends, which inhibit curl retention.

5. Use Holding Gels

There are holding gels that are strong enough that will help to retain your curls much longer. If you put a little more of them at the top hair layer of your head, you will be able to maintain your beautiful curls as long as possible.

Twirling your curls around your fingers while applying the holding gel will result in your curls holding their forms far longer than usual.

6. Apply Root Lifters and Curl Activators

The part of your hair that supports the full weight of your hair is the hair roots. If you give them enough nutrition, the volume of your hair will increase, and your curls will become more distinct.

In the same manner, curl activators can rejuvenate your curls and also make them more defined. So, if you want your hair curled through, these are the two products you should be using.

7. Always Moisturize

If you are observant, you will not fail to notice that your curls have more definition while they are still wet compared to when they are fully dried.

This should be enough to convince you that moisturizing your hair will retain the ‘wetness’ of your top hair layer. Moisturizing your hair now and then will surely help maintain your beautiful curls.

8. Don’t Wear Ponytails

You should avoid ponytails if you want to even out the texture of your hair. This is advice coming from experienced hairstylists. Their reason is that this hairstyle can distort the front strands of your hair.

When this happens, your curls will fall out. Once you stop doing ponytails, your curls will gradually return.

9. Wear Curl-friendly Hairstyles

Curl-friendly hairstyles like twist-outs, braid-outs, and roller sets, are great for those who want to fix their multiple hair textures. If you struggle with your different hair textures, trying these hairstyles will solve your problem.

These hairstyles are also limitless in terms of versatility. You can adjust the tightness and the length of your curls the way you want. Try them on dry or wet hair and see the difference they will make in your overall appearance.

10. Use Heat

Face a mirror and look at your hair. Try to choose between straight or curly hair. Which one would you prefer? If you like your hair straight all over, then use a flat iron to keep the top layer of your hair straightened up.

But if you want curly hairs, then use a curling iron so the surface layer of your hair can match the pattern and texture of your natural curls.

How to Encourage Curls On Top of Your Head

why is my hair wavy underneath but straight on top

Usually, the weight of the hair will stretch the curl. This can result in flatter roots. Your curls will have no bounce or volume when hair roots are flat. Many people have this problem. So, how can you encourage the development of curls on the top of your head?

1. Lift the Roots

There are hair products with formulations that can lift hair roots. Choose a good root lifting product that you can apply to your hair roots so curls can develop on your top.

2. Don’t Use Heavy Hair Products

Some hair products increase the weight of your hair. They will weigh your curls down if you use them. This can also lead to dull hair roots. Use lighter leave-in conditioners instead. You can also use water-based hair products instead of heavier hair butter.

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3. Clip Your Curls

Get some duck clips, and then grab your curls from their roots. Then clip them upwards. This is an effective way of creating the volume that you want. Apply an appropriate hair curling product to the roots. Hold the roots in place and cover them while wet.

Once your hair has dried, remove the clips. You will notice that your curls will retain the position that you designed. More importantly, you will have no flat roots.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you would like to know the answers to the most often asked questions about our topic today. Keep on reading, and you might get the answer you are looking for:

Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath but Straight on Top?

One of the primary reasons is genetics. Your hair is a product of the combination of the genetics of your mother and father. Their genes interact with each other. One of the results is your unique hair texture. If your parents have a mix of straight and curly hair, your hair will be like theirs.

Is It Normal for Hairs to Be Curly Underneath But Straight on Top?

Yes, this hair texture is quite normal. The gene for curly hair is not dominant. It remains dormant until something activates it. When it is activated, it will change the shape of the hair follicle. The hair that grows from it also changes.

Are There Other Reasons Besides Genetics?

Yes, there are several reasons aside from your inherited genes. These other reasons include:

  • Damaged hair
  • Overuse of hair treatment chemicals
  • Overuse of hairstyling tools
  • Over-brushing or over combing
  • Exposure to extreme temperature

In Closing: Reasons Why Your Hair Curls Underneath but Straight on Top

One of the main reasons your hair is curly underneath but straight on top is your inherited genes. This is the most common reason for people who have this hair type.

It is the natural outcome of your parent’s genes interacting with each other. If they have a mix of curly and straight, your locks will be similar.

To have a combined curly and straight hair is quite normal. The gene for curly hairs is not dominant. For most people, it remains dormant. But when this gene is activated, the shape of the hair follicle will change. As a result, the hair that grows from it will also vary.

Your inherited genes could be why your hair is curly underneath but straight on top. This is the common reason for those with this hair type.