Leggings Under Shorts – How to Wear? Should You?

Leggings are a staple of today’s modern wardrobe. They’re comfortable, cute, and can be paired with just about anything. But what happens when you want to wear leggings and undershorts? If you’re a fan of wearing leggings under shorts, you probably wonder if it’s OK.

While there’s some opposition to the idea, you could wear leggings under shorts. Leggings are a great way to keep your legs warm, but you can also wear them under shorts and other garments to give you extra warmth. This is especially useful during the winter months when it’s cold outside, but you still want to wear shorts.

Aside from keeping your legs warm in the colder months, it’s easier for you to move around without worrying about your legs getting caught in something. Wearing leggings under shorts also add a little more style and flair to an otherwise boring outfit!

Read on to know if wearing leggings under shorts is OK and how to do it correctly, so you don’t look silly.

Wearing Leggings Under Shorts: Is It a Thing?

leggings under shorts

Like most fashion questions, there isn’t one right answer for everyone. Different people will have different opinions on whether or not it’s OK to wear leggings under shorts. Some people think this look is just fine. But others believe that there’s no place for leggings under shorts (or skirts).

However, leggings under shorts were a thing in the ’90s. Tights with patterned prints and leggings under shorts became popular in the ’90s as a style and comfort fashion item. Pop stars and grunge gods even rocked them.

You couldn’t get away from the ’90s trend for a time there! It was ’90s grunge fashion, complete with the edgy layered look. This fashion style was fun and warmer way to wear in the winter.

Shorts with leggings show a hint of modesty cutely and fashionably. Leggings have the added benefit of allowing you to mix and match different lengths. Additionally, you can wear flip-flops, some of which cannot be worn with tights.

Why You Should Wear Leggings Under Shorts

Leggings under shorts are a simple way to add extra comfort and style to your look. Women can wear them with high-waisted shorts or even short skirts. On the other hand, men can wear them during exercise or workouts:

1. Style and Comfort

Wearing leggings under shorts is a great way to stay comfortable while out and about. It can be challenging to discover the perfect pair of pants that are comfortable enough for all-day wear and still look good, but leggings can help solve this problem.

I also think that wearing leggings under shorts is a great way to make sure that your lower half looks slim, toned, and lean.

Leggings are perfect for hot summer days because they allow air circulation around your legs and feet. They also give you more room than jeans or other pants to get maximum comfort from them.

2. Versatility

Another reason why wearing leggings under shorts is essential is for their versatility. Ladies can wear them with almost any clothing style, including dresses and skirts. They can even pair it with blouses or button-downs as well.

For men, they’re easy to move in. Men can go for a run or play a soccer game without getting in the way. And when they’re done working out, they still look good because their outfit transitions seamlessly into streetwear.

3. Keeps You Warm

Wearing leggings under shorts is the perfect way to stay warm while running around town. You can pair them with your go-to pair of shorts or even put on a pair of boots and go for a hike.

How to Wear the Leggings Under Shorts Outfit

Leggings and shorts aren’t for everyone. And it’s not a good idea to use it on all occasions. Wear something else if you’re worried about how people may react to your outfit.

Venues and events, such as business meetings and formal dinners, are best avoided when dressed to impress. Following dress codes for formal occasions like weddings, job interviews, and other professional gatherings is essential.

Avoid wearing leggings under shorts, especially if you travel or live in a conservative area. Dances, pubs, and certain schools and colleges may allow you to wear such attire.

If you want to try wearing leggings under shorts but don’t know where to start, here are six tips for making sure that your look is flattering and pulled together:

1. Avoid Color Clashing

Your leggings’ pattern and style will determine which type and color you should pick for your top. This applies to your footwear as well. Avoid color clashing at all costs. Shorts and leggings that don’t match your shirt can leave a bad impression.

If your leggings are dark, you shouldn’t wear a bright shirt with them. However, don’t wear leggings that are entirely dark or bright. If your shorts and leggings have different colors, match your top as closely as possible to the hosiery.

2. Put on a Suitable Top

Your leggings may look great with a good top you already own. However, it’s considered inappropriate if it doesn’t reach your bottom. Bridge the gap by wearing a little skirt or a sweater. It’s also fine to wear a nice pair of shorts.

Shorts will appear “faulty” if you wear a shirt obscures them. If you have to wear a long top, go with button-down clothing like a cardigan or a shirt with sleeves. Do not wear tunics or peplum hems.

3. Wear Shorts in the Correct Size and Style

Shorts that aren’t too short or too tight are a good idea. Dress up by wearing shorts that reach just below your groin. Even tight denim shorts look great. Compression shorts or cycle shorts, on the other hand, will not be stylish. Shorts that are too baggy aren’t ideal, either.

Avoid wearing transparent legwear if your shorts are overly short. Opt for thick, opaque leggings instead. Ensure your shorts are long enough if your leggings are semi-transparent. Just try to imagine that you’re not wearing anything under them.

4. Create a Contrast with Your Shorts and Leggings

Choose a pair of shorts in a neutral shade for patterned leggings. If your leggings have a solid color, consider wearing printed or brightly colored shorts to contrast with them. If you’re going somewhere with lots of sunshine, you might get away with wearing all bright colors.

Consider pairing your shorts with patterned leggings if they are decent enough to go without hosiery. Textured, fishnet, or sheer are all great options for these. You can also pair lace leggings with dark shorts for a more stylish look.

5. Complement Your Outfit with the Right Shoes

Try on a few pairs of shoes in front of the mirror to see which ones look best on you. Wearing shorts with a pair of high heels will help elongate your legs, while leggings look great with various boot styles.

If you want a more casual with a feminine touch, opt for flat shoes like ballerina flats or flip-flops. To make your legs look longer, avoid wearing visually large shoes. However, you can wear whichever shoes you like as long as they go with the outfit’s carefree vibe.

6. Get Ready to Stun

Be confident when you leave the house. It’s a bad idea to wear an attire that makes you feel self-conscious when people look at you. It’s important to show others that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing when walking or sitting down.

If you want to be stylish, you must defy fashion rules. It’s not a big deal if you’re dressed unconventionally. Your demeanor should mirror that of a fashion model in a new trend.

Again, is it OK to wear leggings under shorts? Wearing leggings under your shorts is acceptable. Get plain-colored leggings, and pair them with not-so-tight denim, black, or white shorts. Wear casual shoes to make you look cute and casual.

So, Should You Wear Leggings Under Shorts?

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Yes, some people say that leggings don’t belong under shorts, but I’m here to say that you should wear them if you want to. Wearing leggings under shorts is OK if your shorts are long enough to cover your bottoms and thighs:

1. Adds Color and Personality

It’s a great way to add color and style to your look. You can go for bright colors or try something more muted like navy or gray. Either way, it will give your outfit a little more personality and pizzazz than just wearing shorts by themselves.

2. Super Comfy

Leggings are just more comfortable in general — they’re stretchy and move well with your body, so they won’t feel restricting or bulky under your shorts.

You can wear them any length of shorts, from knee-length to capri-length! Also, it’s the most comfortable, practical way to keep your legs warm during the summer months.

3. Great as a Cover-Up

And if it’s really hot out and you’re worried about showing too much leg, if that’s something that concerns you, then leggings are a good way to cover up without feeling like you’re hiding behind a blanket all day long.

Leggings Under Shorts in Men

Provide Men with Both Comfort and Modesty

When working out, men sometimes wear a type of compression under their shorts — for the same reasons that women use sports bras. These types of compression shorts, whether short or mid-length, provide men with both comfort and modesty while moving around.

Generally, when men wear leggings under shorts, it’s usually for self-confidence and modesty. Guys want to be comfortable whenever they’re wearing leggings, compression tights, and other types of legwear.

Allows Freedom of Movement While Providing Support

The best sprinters in the world are highly muscular people who run in one-piece singlet-style running suits. These suits function similarly to leggings, allowing male athletes the freedom of movement while still providing support.

These men have found what they were looking for in compression short for the most part. These shorts sit just above the knee or mid-thigh. And under their uniform shorts, these same men usually wear full-length leggings throughout the colder seasons.

Stylish and Cool

The idea of guys wearing leggings under shorts is a bit controversial. It’s not socially acceptable to show off your legs, especially if you’re a guy.

But if you’re looking for a way to stay cool, look stylish, and avoid sweating through your shorts on long summer days, then leggings are an option worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions – Leggings Under Shorts

leggings under shorts look

Is It OK to Wear Shorts Over Leggings?

For athletes, modesty is the common reason they wear shorts over their leggings. Others are put off by how exposed the tight leggings can be. Using shorts as a top layer allows the athlete to feel like they are leaving something to the imagination.

Why Do Athletes Wear Leggings Under Shorts?

Increased blood flow is one important benefit of wearing leggings, tights, and other types of compression gear. Athletes need this because it increases blood flow to the muscles, increasing muscular oxygenation.

Should Leggings Be Tight or Loose?

When it comes to leggings, they should fit like a second skin. In other words, there must be no sagging or wrinkling. If your leggings are sagging or falling, they’re too loose, or you’ve gone up a size too far.

What Kind of Tops Should You Wear with Leggings Under Shorts?

You can wear button-down shirts, jackets and sweatshirts, tees and tanks, cardigans and sweaters, comfortable casual tops, crop tops, and even dressy tops.

What Decade Wore Shorts Over Leggings?

Wearing shorts and leggings was a thing in the ’90s. This outfit was everywhere you looked. Grunge gods and famous pop stars wore them.

When Did Leggings Under Shorts Become Popular Again?

Leggings had a “comeback” in 2005, especially in indie culture. It featured capri-length leggings worn with shorts, miniskirts, and even dresses for women.

Consequently, leggings are becoming increasingly fashionable, particularly when paired with oversized, long sweaters, miniskirts made of denim or plaid, short shorts, and short dresses.

Do People Still Wear Leggings with Shorts?

Yes, people still wear leggings with shorts. This fashion combo shows a cute and casual look. You can put on a pair of leggings, either plain or with patterns, and pair it with some denim, black, or white shorts.

However, the shorts must not be too tight to blend in with your leggings. Complete your look by wearing casual shoes.

Who Started the Leggings Trend?

Joseph Shivers, a chemist, invented Lycra or spandex in 1958. The first Lycra leggings were produced in 1959. Designers such as Mary Quant and Emilio Pucci matched leggings (formerly known as slim, stretchy pants) with 1960s mod shift dresses.

Conclusion – Wearing Leggings Under Shorts

Remember that it is truly all about your comfort and preferences when choosing an outfit.

You may wear both shorts and leggings in the right conditions and circumstances. But whatever your decision, always feel confident! The secret to looking great is to be comfortable and happy.

Also, wearing leggings under your shorts won’t shock other people if you follow our suggestions above. Who knows? You might even attract them to a new fashion trend!

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