Can You Dye Your Hair When It’s Greasy – Plus Tips

Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy? Perhaps your hair is naturally greasier than others. Perhaps you are wanting to dye hair that is greasy because you haven’t washed it in a while. In this article, I’ll describe whether you can dye your hair when it is super greasy.

Can greasy hair be dyed? You can dye your hair when it is greasy; however, it will not look as good as dyeing clean, non-greasy hair. When dyeing greasy hair, the roots won’t get fully dyed. Also, it will be harder to dye gray hair.

Most hair experts recommend shampooing your hair the day before you want it dyed. Mild baby shampoo works great at cleaning your hair before you get it dyed. 

Of course, it’s preferable to have your hair washed and all the oil from the hair roots removed. But if you really need to dye it immediately, you have to do certain things out of the ordinary.

Read on to learn more about dyeing greasy hair and tips to follow.

Can You Dye Your Hair When It’s Greasy?

You can still dye your hair even if you feel that it is super greasy. But normally, hair experts recommend shampooing your hair a day before dyeing it. However, if there’s an urgent need, it will help if you use mild baby shampoo.

While you can dye greasy hair, you won’t be able to get your desired results. The roots and your gray hair will not be dyed as good as when they were clean and not overwhelmed with oil. If your scalp is really dry and dandruff is present, use a mild shampoo to remove the oil before dyeing your hair.

Hair colors are still friendly to unwashed hair for a few days. But if it is super greasy, rinsing it quickly before applying the hair dye will really help. If possible, it’s better to wait 24 hours for your hair to dry before coloring it. However, if the need is very urgent, just dry your hair completely using a hairdryer, and then dye it after.

That being said, hair does not really need to be very clean before it can be dyed or colored. A small amount of grease or oil will not affect the dye’s ability to change the color of your hair. Even if your hair is too greasy, you can still dye it. However, it affects how long your hair color will last.

No Hair Is Too Greasy to Dye

There’s no hair that’s too greasy to color. However, hair dye chemicals may not work 100 percent if your hair is super greasy. If you haven’t washed your hair for quite a while, there will be too much oil and dirt (possibly dandruff) on your hair and scalp.

One result is that you will end up with uneven hair color. If your hair is already graying, uneven hair color will be very visible. But if your hair gets too shiny just one day after washing, rinse it quickly before applying the hair color.

Normally, you should wait 24 hours after washing your hair before you can apply the hair dye. It is the standard recommendation if you want to get the best results. There will also be a small buildup of oil in your scalp that will mitigate the harmful effects of the hair dye chemicals on your skin.

Before applying hair color, it is wise to check the box if you are allowed to use a hair conditioner. Additionally, if you need to wash your hair before dyeing it, do it carefully. If you have sharp nails and you’re not careful, you can leave small scratches and cuts on your scalp.

If there are small cuts on your scalp, the chemicals in the dye can irritate your skin. In this regard, it’s better to leave some grease in your hair and scalp to protect your skin against these chemicals.

You Need to Prepare Your Oily Hair

is it okay to dye your greasy hair

Can you dye greasy hair? Of course, you can. But changing the color of oily hair is a bit difficult. The oil or grease normally produced by your scalp forms a barrier that prevents the hair dye from reaching your hair follicles. The end result will not be to your liking: you will have uneven colored hair.

However, you can avoid this consequence if you prepare your greasy hair before applying the hair dye. As mentioned earlier in this article, wash and condition your oily or greasy hair 24 hours before applying the hair color. A conditioner will strengthen your hair against the chemicals of the dye.

You also need to apply a small amount of baby powder to your scalp. Leave the powder on your scalp for a few minutes. Some of the powder will absorb some of the oil on your scalp. Using baby powder will make the dye more effective in coloring your hair. Wipe your scalp with a dry towel to remove the remaining powder on your scalp. Now, you can start dyeing your hair.

Is There Any Difference Between Hair Being Clean and Being Oily Before Dyeing?

If you think having greasy hair is disadvantageous, you are not quite right. It is really very beneficial to your hair in the long run. Some hairstylists think that having ‘dirty’ hair is good because natural oils protect the hair against harsh chemicals.

The grease on your hair and scalp has a protective function. When you comb and brush your hair, there will be less breakage and damage to the hair, and your scalp will have less irritation. If your hair has more oil, it has more protection against the harsh chemicals of the hair dye.

Typically, after applying the color, your hair will be washed. Hair toning will then follow. In this way, the hair buildup will not interfere with how long and how effective the dye will remain in your hair.

In reality, some hairstylists believe that dyeing clean hair is relatively more difficult than coloring greasy hair. Hairstylists will have a hard time taming your hair, especially if you want them to do a balayage on your hair. A newly washed hair tends to have more flyaways.

It will be more challenging to straighten down those baby hairs and get them colored. In fact, if your hair is very clean, your hair specialist will have to give it a hairspray and dirty it up a little bit before he can start applying the dye.

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How to Dye Your Greasy Hair

Now we know that some hair experts believe that there is no problem in dyeing greasy hair. In fact, they say that dyeing oily hair is more advantageous because of the natural oil coating on the hair strands.

So, can you dye your hair when it’s greasy? Yes, you can. But you also need to know how to do it effectively. Consider the following tips:

1. Wash and Condition Your Hair

One day before applying the hair dye, make sure to wash and condition your hair. The conditioner will strengthen your hair. Moreover, the hair strands will be healthy and can withstand the harsh chemicals of the hair dye.

2. Avoid Dry Shampoo

Do not use dry shampoo a day before dyeing your hair. Using this kind of shampoo can make the color look uneven after bleaching your hair.

3. Don’t Brush Your Hair

If your hair is super greasy, some hair experts recommend not to brush your hair before dyeing it. They say it is not good for those who have greasy hair. One reason they give is that when you comb your hair, it will stimulate your body’s system to produce more sebum in your scalp. This sebum production will result in greasier hair.

Resist the temptation to comb your hair as much as you can. If you can’t avoid the urge to comb your hair, use a comb with wider teeth to untangle your hair strands.

4. Use Baby Powder

Baby powder is very effective in the process of bleaching greasy hair. Before dyeing your hair, apply a small amount of powder on your scalp and greasy hair. Be sure to blend the powder on the hair shafts and down to their roots. Let the powder stay on your scalp for a few minutes.

The baby powder will absorb the oil in your hair and leave it refreshed. It will let you apply the hair dye easily to your hair. Wipe away any excess powder using a dry towel or cloth. If you have to use a comb to remove the powder, use one with wide teeth.

is it alright if you dye your hair even if its greasy

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Will My Scalp Be Affected by the Hair Dye?

When you apply the hair dye, it is not only your hair that will be touched by the dye. The dye will also inevitably make contact with your scalp. So, this is a valid question. If you strictly follow the directions indicated in the hair dye’s box, the effects will be minimal.

It will also depend if the contents of the hair dye are composed wholly of organic substances. Permanent hair dyes are mostly made of stronger chemicals. Thus, you must be careful in using them.

Most hair dye products will tell you to apply the dye first on a discreet part of your skin to check for any allergic reactions. If you have no allergic reactions, then the product is safe for you to use. But if you develop itchiness or redness on your skin, you can’t use it on your hair and scalp.

Follow the instructions on how to apply the dye correctly on your hair, especially its timing. Don’t let the dye stay longer on your skin or hair for more than the prescribed duration.

Choose the Right Hair Dye for Greasy Hair

Each of us is a distinct individual. When it comes to hair dyeing, what works best with one does not mean it will also work best for the other. Your hair is different from mine. In other words, if you want to dye your hair, choose a dye that will work best with your hair type.

There are hair dyes intended for greasy hair. And if you have oily hair, you can use this type of hair dye. If you are hard put to finding the right hair color, ask your personal hairstylist. He should be able to show you what’s good for your hair and what’s not.

There’s another option that you need to consider. Do you want the dye to be ‘permanent’ or just ‘semi-permanent’? While there are really no permanent dyes, in the sense that they will last forever, the lasting effect of the dyes vary – from short terms like six shampoos to longer terms of 24 shampoos.

You should also understand that permanent hair dyes contain many more chemicals than semi-permanent hair dyes. That means you will be subjecting your hair and scalp to chemical risks if you use permanent hair dye.

And if you are using other hair products, aside from a hair dye to enhance the look of your hair, you are increasing the chances of your hair becoming even greasier. When dyeing your hair, you may want to reduce the application of other hair products.

Conclusion – Can You Dye Super Greasy Hair?

So, to recap, can you dye your hair when it’s greasy? Yes, you can dye your hair even when it is greasy. However, it will not produce the desired effects on the roots. Most hair experts recommend shampooing your hair the day before you want it dyed.

However, if you really want to color your hair right away, it will help if you will use mild baby shampoo. Normally, you should have your hair washed and shampooed before it is dyed. But if you truly need to touch it up immediately, just follow the tips given in this article, and your hair will be fine.

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