With Delivery Courier (DHL) – What Does It Mean?

If you have ordered a consumer item online, you’ll be given a supplier tracking number. If your courier is DHL, then you will at some point see the message from DHL: With delivery courier. What does “With delivery courier” mean?

“With delivery courier” means that a DHL courier has your package, and theyre on their way to deliver it to your address. You can expect to receive the package within that day or at the latest, in the next 2 to 4 days.

This message is similar to the “Out for delivery” message from other couriers. Product suppliers or couriers send this message to their customers when your package is on its way.

Read on to learn more about the “With delivery courier” DHL message and when to expect your package.

DHL “With Delivery Courier”

If you receive a notification from DHL that your package is “With delivery courier,” this means that it is in its final stage of delivery. Meaning, it’s in the DHL courier’s hands, and you’ll likely get it within 1 to 4 days.

If you ordered an item online for yourself, the item’s supplier would give you a tracking number. Moreover, the supplier will inform you of the approximate day the item will be delivered.

After a couple of days, you’ll receive an email or text on your smartphone from the supplier or DHL saying your item is already ‘With delivery courier.’

You can now get excited because your item is now going to your place or your recipient’s address. The message means the thing is already in its last stage of delivery to you or your recipient.

The courier is simply the delivery company. In this case, it is DHL. The courier can refer to the actual delivery man or delivery van of DHL or a third-party courier service. They are the ones tasked with delivering the item to your home or the address of your recipient.

How Long Will It Take After Seeing the Message “With Delivery Courier” (DHL)?

On average, it may take around about 2 to 4 days to receive your package after receiving the “With delivery courier” message. This is DHL’s estimated courier service delivery time for most major destinations around the world.

This length of time depends on the following:

  • The delivery route that the DHL delivery van will take, and
  • Length of time to accomplish each delivery.

An online transaction takes days to be completed. The process starts from when you ordered an item up to its delivery.

So, receiving this message is a positive sign that you will handle the item you have purchased online pretty soon.

Still, it pays to be patient a bit more because the delivery may not come on the same day you receive this message. There’s no reason to get upset if the item does not arrive as you have expected.

The item being in the hands of the courier means that the recipient will get it.

One Reason Why DHL Sends “With Delivery Courier” Messages 

Couriers have a situation that they call ‘ODA.’ This term stands for Outside Delivery Area. It refers to any remote area where they don’t usually reach or areas with no regular operations.

Whenever asked to deliver packages in these areas, they use a third party for the last mile delivery. They choose a third party that has personnel and equipment that can serve these areas.

When a courier company hands over a package to a third party, the package’s status will be changed to “with delivery person” or “with the delivery courier.” If they were the ones handling the last-mile delivery, they would instead say “out for delivery.”

In other words, it would be just semantics. “With delivery courier” and “Out for delivery” basically means the same thing. The difference is that a third party is accomplishing the former, and its delivery personnel is doing the latter.

Seven DHL Employees and Users Explain Its Meaning

To further explain the real-life meaning of the “With delivery courier” – DHL message, let us turn to DHL delivery experts and customers:

1. DHL Employee Miklos Muzik

What does “With delivery courier” mean? The meaning of “With delivery courier” is: the shipment is on its way to the delivery address. This status check means the courier already has the package.

They got it from the warehouse, scanned it into their vehicle, and included it in their daily delivery route.

2. DHL Customer Felix Okoli from Lagos, Nigeria

If you’re expecting a DHL shipment from a foreign contact, a DHL Airway Bill Number will be given to you. You can use this to track the shipment and determine when it will be delivered to your address.

Okoli tracked the shipment by using the tracking number they found on DHL’s official website. It once read, “With delivery courier.” They knew then that the package would be delivered to their address.

3. DHL Customer J-Lee

J-Lee got the following information from DHL upon following up a package shipment:

  • Ship date: 1/3/2018
  • Pieces: 1
  • Total Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Current Status: With delivery courier
  • Estimated Delivery Date: 1/9/2018

This customer said that they are assuming that a different courier will make the actual delivery. They wonder if the package will be delivered that day since they didn’t have any DHL shipment experience before.

They said that DHL usually sub-contracts delivery; therefore, it might not be a DHL truck that will deliver the item. According to this customer, sometimes USPS is the one that actually gives the items.

4. DHL Employee Ilya Bezdelev

What does “With delivery courier” mean (DHL)? This DHL employee says that “With delivery courier” means that a courier received the shipment. They scanned a “With Courier” checkpoint and are supposed to make the delivery.

As soon as the courier finishes scanning the shipments, they’ll leave the DHL facility and start their delivery cycle. Typically, the customer should expect the delivery the day it was inspected “With courier.”

Unless there is an unforeseen situation – like if the customer is not at home or the address is confusing.

5. DHL Customer Jairus H.

This customer wondered what is meant by a DHL message that says “with the delivery courier.” Yahoo answers provided a few solutions to this question.

It could be one of these three things:

  • The “delivery courier” is a DHL driver who will deliver the package.
  • You will receive the item the same day you got the message.
  • It means you will have the package delivered to you that day.

6. DHL Employee Felipe Barousse Boue

This DHL worker says that the package is on its final step before being delivered to the addressed person. A DHL courier, also called messenger in some areas, has the box in their possession.

It is either in their bag or inside the delivery vehicle, depending on the consignee’s address. Additionally, the courier is already off to ply his daily delivery route.

7. DHL Customer Kaoskat

According to this customer, DHL has many ways to deliver a package. Sometimes, private individuals bring the parcel to the Post Office, and the consignee needs to pick it up there. There are times when DHL or somebody it hires will bring it to your doorsteps.

He called DHL to ask how long they would need to wait. On the other end of the line, the DHL staff said that the package was delivered that day. They try to finish residential deliveries by 8:00 in the evening each day.

8. Courier Service Employee Maqsood Ahmed

According to Ahmed, the term DHL “with delivery courier” means the delivery man has left their office for delivery. This phrase could also mean “out for delivery.”

DHL Couriers and Their Duties

DHL couriers are different from standard postal mail service couriers. They are a specialized and individualized express delivery service that offers the following:

  • Tracking,
  • Security, and
  • Speed.

One thing that distinguishes them from ordinary mailing services is their fast delivery times.

For this reason, the service fees of couriers are more expensive than standard mailing services. Their services are confined to delivering parcels, packages, and deliveries of confidential and security-oriented documents. The types of items they deliver justify the cost of the delivery.

Courier service companies have operations on every scale wherever their services are required. They offer their services to customers from towns, counties, districts, cities to national and international customers.

Aside from DHL, other courier companies offer their delivery services to those who need them. They include the following:

  • FedEx,
  • UPS,
  • DTDC,
  • EMS International and many others.

They maintain several fleets of trucks and vans as well as delivery personnel all over the globe.

In providing their delivery services, they utilize modern tools such as:

  • Courier software to provide electronic tracking details,
  • Proof of delivery, and so forth to their customers.

Again, for anyone asking why they see the message from DHL “With delivery courier,” it means that a local DHL courier has your package, and it is being delivered to your address. You can expect to receive the item within that day or at the latest, in the next 2 to 4 days.

What Does DHL Actually Say About Their Delivery Service?

DHL is one of the largest companies in the courier industry. It utilizes courier service companies such as Parcel Monkey to deliver parcels to destinations around the world.

Parcel Monkey can deliver packages no matter where the consignees are. They deliver quickly and at reasonable rates.

If you want to send a package abroad through DHL, they’ll pick up the parcel at your place. Afterward, they’ll handle the shipping themselves. Meaning no third-party courier will be involved.

If you want affordable international shipping, Parcel Monkey will do it with their DHL Express International services. They offer fast and cheap courier service with DHL.

However, they would like you to know whatever courier service you may choose through their quote engine. Moreover, they want you to pack your item very well before sending it to them. By doing so, the risk of damage to the item will be minimized.

It is also essential that you provide them accurate information about the item. You should also include the labels and customs documents given to you when you booked the shipment.

The customs documents they will provide are easy to accomplish and fill out during the booking process. PM also offers advice on any concerns you have through their Live Chat service, should you need it.

You can book your shipment anywhere and have your item delivered abroad using this DHL courier service. When you receive a “with the delivery courier” message, then you can hold the item in your hands very soon.

Conclusion: With Delivery Courier – DHL

“With Delivery Courier” means that a DHL courier has your item, and theyre on their way to deliver it to your address.

This message is simply saying that your item is in the last stage of the delivery process. You can expect to receive the item within that day; however, it could take up to 2 to 4 days.