Uber Charged Me Twice [Uber Double Charge / When Does Uber Charge?]

Uber is very convenient, but like any service, mistakes can happen. One issue that you might face when using Uber is that they double charge you. What if Uber charged you twice for the same ride?

There are times when your Uber account may show two or more identical charges with the same amount. To check if the charges are valid, go to “History” of the Uber app menu to review your trip history. You can also sign in to riders.uber.com and state your issue. You will get an updated receipt if a trip is charged on your account for whatever reason.

It could also be that what appears to be a duplicate or the same charge on a trip can be just an authorization hold. When you start your trip, Uber may place a temporary authorization hold for your trip’s upfront price as per your payment method. Trips that you cancel are also usually included in this arrangement.

Read on to learn more about Uber charging twice for the same trip, why it happens, how to dispute the double charge, and how to resolve this issue.

Uber Charged Me Twice

uber charged me twice

From time to time, Uber will seem to charge you twice or even thrice the same amount for what appears to be the same ride. To check if this is valid, choose HISTORY in the Uber app menu on your device.

Review your trip history and check if the trips you made match the charges. You can also sign in at riders.uber.com to tell them about your double charge. If Uber changed the trip fare for whatever reason, they would give you an updated receipt.

In some cases, what appears to be a duplicate or an extra charge on your trip is probably an authorization hold. Every time you start a trip, Uber may put a temporary authorization hold for your trip’s upfront price on the payment method you selected. Also included in this are trips that you canceled later.

When does Uber charge your card higher than you expected? There are several scenarios why Uber may charge a customer twice.

Some of the possible situations that can cause an Uber double charge include the following:

1. Authorization Hold

Just like any commercial enterprise, Uber uses a system that enables them to charge their customers for the services they provide accurately. As you board your Uber ride and start your trip, the company may put a temporary authorization hold for the upfront cost of your trip on your preferred payment method.

This setup also includes the trips that you later canceled. When you call their attention to the double charge, they will immediately void the hold. However, it may take a few days before it can be reflected in your account.

You can deduce that the charge is a hold if you will see the following:

  • The amount of the charge is the same as the upfront price they gave you when you requested the ride.
  • The charge is labeled ‘pending.’

Whatever information you may get, you can always check with Uber if you doubt the validity of your trip charges.

2. Revised Receipt

An Uber user noticed that they got two receipts after most of their rides. They assumed that one receipt indicated the basic fare, and the other one that followed includes the extra tip they gave. So, they believe that you are not being charged twice. The other receipt is a revised one because it included the tip.

3. The Other Charge Falls Off Later

There are times that you will see a charge listed twice. But later on, one of the charges may fall off. When you request a trip, Uber will check your bank to ensure that you have funds to cover your trip.

They will make an authorization charge. Later on, after you have completed the trip, they issue the final charge. In most situations, the authorization charge will fall off.

4. Surge Pricing

There are also some times when Uber charges double their regular price. It is not unusual for Uber to use surge pricing to charge their riders during busy days and in busy areas. Even so, as a rider, you will see the price indicated on your app before starting your trip. Some riders believe that charging twice for the same ride is not the practice of Uber.

Possible Reasons for the Uber Double Charge

when does uber charge your card

There are many reasons why Uber may charge you double for the same trip that you have completed. The reasons will vary greatly because of the different situations that have induced the development of the problem:

1. Paid in Cash but Still Billed Later

Take the case of this particular rider. They called Uber for a ride to get them to a medical appointment somewhere. When the Uber car arrived, the driver was confused because the actual trip would take them only a couple of blocks away.

However, the Uber system posted a senseless route to a different state and back. They just ignored Uber’s route and blamed it on Wi-Fi connection issues. When they arrived at their destination, the Uber route system still had not sorted itself out and wasn’t able to charge the correct fare.

The rider has to hurry to make their appointment, so they just paid the driver in cash, generously. The Uber driver promised they would cancel the payment request. However, after a few days, the rider received an electronic notice from Uber telling them that their payment process had failed.

Needless to say, Uber still asked them to pay for the ride. Uber told them that they could not use Uber ride services again if they do not make the payment.

When this ‘Uber charged me twice for one ride’ dispute was being settled, it turned out that the driver was from Afghanistan who did translations for American troops. Something must have been lost in translation while the rider was paying the driver in cash. The trip only cost about $10, but the rider paid the driver $25.

If you are in this situation, you can ask the driver for a receipt, even if just a handwritten one. That will serve as your proof when a dispute develops later on. You also need to be meticulous in recording your trips. There will be times like these that you will need this receipt and trip records to back up your claims.

These incidents occur really far in between. Most Uber rides are problem-free. If this happens to you, respond to it business-like. You can write your side of the issue calmly and send it to Uber. And then wait for their response. This particular story had a happy ending. A consumer advocate contacted Uber on their behalf, and Uber promptly dropped their claim.

2. Glitches in the System

If you are billed twice for the same trip, it might also be due to occasional glitches in the system. Your payment is initially drawn out through your debit card. Uber treats it as an advance payment that will cover most of your trip’s cost.

If the amount is more than what you should pay, they will issue you a refund after a few days. So, you are advised to scrutinize the amount that Uber draws out from your bank account. Connect with them immediately if you think they have overcharged your trip.

3. Lying

This is really not very common. But a rider believes that “Uber will lie, cheat, and steal.” This rider also said that it is not common for Uber to charge riders twice for the same trip. They added that it is common for Uber “to charge different prices for the same trip at the same time.”

So what is the explanation to the complaint, ‘Uber charged me twice’? Also, when does Uber charge your card? When you request a ride with Uber, an authorization hold is placed on your card, amounting to the upfront fare. After completing the trip, the pending payment is converted to a final charge, and your account is debited.

How to Dispute the Uber Double Charge

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The technology used by Uber is very beneficial to riders and passengers. You don’t have to hail a cab, but just tap your device, and the Uber car will come. However, there is no technology that is foolproof.

There are times and situations when you need to dispute the charges that you see on your account. If you find yourself in a situation where you believe Uber has charged you more than what they gave, here are the steps you have to take.

There are two ways you can do it – through your device and through the Uber website.

Dispute the Double Charge Through the Uber App

The app in your mobile device that you use to call for an Uber ride can be used to settle your disputes with the company. This is how to do it:

  1. Find the icon of Uber on the home screen of your mobile device and tap it to open.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner of the Uber app, tap the three lines stacked vertically. On the next screen, choose the “Your Trips” option.
  3. Find the trip you want to dispute. Tap on it to see the details.
  4. Scroll down the bottom and find the Help section. This is where you can choose several options for reporting the issues that you experienced on your ride. Find the “Review my fare or fees” option and tap on it.
  5. On this page, select the reason for your dispute on the charge. Another page will pop up. On this page, add the details of your issue in the empty box that is provided.
  6. Once you have completed the details, click the “Submit” button. Uber will receive your dispute message and act on it.

Dispute the Double Charge Through the Uber Website

The Uber website is there to serve you. Make use of it, especially in settling a dispute over their charges. Here are the steps if you choose this route:

  1. Visit the official website of Uber at https://www.uber.com/tw/en/.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click the Help option at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Once you are on the Help screen, find the Trip Issues and Refunds Section. Click on it, and a drop-down menu will appear. This is the list of all your recent trips with Uber. Click on the trip that you want to dispute.
  5. At the right of the chosen trip, click on the “Review my fare or fees” option.
  6. A screen will appear that will show you a list of options for your issues. Choose one that applies to your problem, and then follow the directions on the screen to input the information regarding your dispute.
  7. Hit “Send,” and Uber will get your submission.

Uber Double Charge FAQs

Here are some questions and answers from Uber that will give you more information as to why there are times when you are charged double for your rides:

Why Did I Get Two Charges from Uber?

Uber normally issues authorization holds. This is their way to improve their protection against fraud due to the unauthorized use of debit/credit cards. Users will see this authorization hold if they add a new payment method to their account. This authorization hold will also appear if you have not used the services of Uber for quite a while.

Why Does Uber Increase My Charge?

Sometimes, Uber implements surge pricing. They do this to adjust the prices of rides to match the demand and the availability of drivers at any given time. There are times where there is excessive demand and very few drivers to satisfy the demand. During such periods, Uber will increase its standard fares.

Can Uber Charge Me Higher than What Was Estimated?

When a trip takes longer than expected because of circumstances beyond the driver’s control, they will adjust the fare accordingly. In such times, Uber will charge you a higher trip cost.

Conclusion: Uber Charged Me Twice for One Ride

Sometimes, your Uber account may indicate two or more identical charges that have the same amount. You can check their validity by going to the HISTORY of the Uber app menu on your device. Review your trip history to see when these two or more charges were recorded.

You can also sign in to riders.uber.com and state your case. In any case, they will give you an updated receipt if they charged a trip on your account for any reason.