Too Much Makeup – How Much Is Too Much? [With Example Pictures]

Women wear makeup to hide their skin imperfections, enhance their features, or feel good about themselves. For these reasons, wearing makeup is a good thing, but sometimes too much of a good thing becomes bad.

Yes, you can actually wear too much makeup. How do you know that you went overboard with those eyeliners, blushes, and lipsticks?

You’re wearing too much makeup when:

  1. There are foundation marks on your collar.
  2. You need to wipe down your phone after placing it on your cheek
  3. Your skin breaks out suddenly
  4. You spend a lot of time removing your makeup
  5. People do not know your real skin color
  6. Your eye makeup makes you appear to have a black eye
  7. Your fake eyelashes hit your brow bone
  8. Eyebrows that look like they’ve been tattooed
  9. A blush that is way too bright or dark
  10. People don’t recognize you without makeup

Read on to learn more about knowing when you have too much makeup and examples of celebrities who wear too much makeup.

Too Much Makeup

too much makeup

A survey done in 2017 shows that 41% of women in the U.S. with the ages between 30 and 59 wear makeup daily. About 25% of them wear makeup about 3-5 times a week. So, it’s safe to say that putting on makeup is part of many women’s daily routines. However, there’s a distinct line between just the right makeup and looking like you’re getting ready for Halloween.

Too much makeup is actually a very subjective topic. We’ve come up with the following signs that say you are wearing too much makeup:

1. You Get Foundation Marks on Your Collar

Whatever kind of foundation you’re using (liquid, cream, or powder), if you often get stains on the collar of your clothes, it’s probably too much foundation. One pump of liquid foundation will usually be enough to cover your entire face.

Two to three dips of your brush for cream and powder foundation will be enough. If your foundation looks cakey and has lumps after you’ve applied it, it definitely is too much.

2. You Need to Wipe Down Your Phone

It’s too much makeup when you notice that your phone needs to be wiped down after using it because there’s a thin film of foundation or blush on it. Yeah, you can always wipe down your phone, but if this happens often, it’s a sign that you’re wearing too much makeup.

3. Your Skin Breaks Out Suddenly

Too much makeup can lead to blocked pores and skin irritations. Yes, all that foundation and powder you are putting on will feel cakey and block your pores. Blocked pores will result to having blackheads and pimples and can lead up to acne. Let your skin breathe and go makeup-less once in a while.

4. Taking Off Your Makeup Takes a Lot of Time

A basic makeup remover should be able to remove the makeup you have on. Yes, sometimes you need to go a bit heavy around the area if you’re using waterproof makeup, and that’s ok. However, if it takes you three to five rounds of micellar water, oil cleanser, and foam cleanser, it is too much makeup.

5. People Do Not Know Your Real Skin Color

Is that bronzer you have on your contoured face your real color, or is are you as pale as a sheet without makeup on. If people can’t tell your real skin color on, try going easy on the makeup.

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6. Your Eye Makeup Makes You Appear to Have a Black Eye

The smoky eye makeup enhances most women’s eyes. And, yes, it takes practice to perfect this look. Start with lighter, softer shades until you perfect it, and then move up to the dark colors. Go easy on the eyeliner too.

7. Your Fake Eyelashes Are Hitting Your Brow Bone

Your eyelashes should look and feel natural. They shouldn’t be too heavy that they weigh down on your eyes. They also need to look natural, following the shape of your eyes.

8. Your Eyebrows Look Like They’ve Been Tattooed

A well-shaped eyebrow frames the face. The key is to make it look naturally thick and bushy. An unnatural, drawn-on eyebrow can make your whole face look fake.

9. Your Blush Is Way Too Bright or Dark

Your blush needs to look like you’re naturally blushing. Avoid using a blush that’s darker than your lipstick. Again, the key is to make it look natural and not like someone just slapped your cheeks.

10. People Don’t Recognize You Without Makeup

You know it isn’t good when people accidentally see you without makeup on, and they look like they don’t know you. It’s probably time to start wearing less makeup when this happens.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Wear Too Much Makeup

To give you an example of how much makeup is too much makeup, let’s take a look at some well-known people who are perfect examples:

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie is in her early 20s, but her youthful glow gets covered up with all the makeup she puts on. She actually looks at least ten years older when she has on makeup. Maybe having her own makeup line makes her put all that makeup on.

2. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been putting on layers of foundation for years. She’s been seen multiple times looking “orangey” with her bronzing and tanning makeup. She actually has beautiful features, and less makeup will make her look more natural.

3. Taylor Momsen

The Gossip Girl star loves to go heavy with the eye makeup that makes her baby face look so much more mature. She may want to appear older, but her make-up actually makes her look like a 10-year old who got access to her mom’s makeup kit.

I can imagine how difficult it must be to take off all that eye makeup at the end of the day.

4. Nicki Minaj

girls who wear too much makeup

Minaj is known for always going over the top, and her makeup is not an exception. Moreover, Nicki herself has said she is prone to getting breakouts because of all the makeup she uses. I think it’s time to go easy on the makeup and let your skin breathe, girl.

5. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson’s look is metal goth, and he’s been known to wear revolting makeup. He’s had this look for decades, and seriously, it’s just too much makeup. He uses heavy foundation, heavy liners, and dark lipstick.

The heavy foundation often shows the creases on his skin. If you’re going to wear foundation, at least try to work on not showing the creases.

6. Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O’Day, a singer for Danity Kane, loves to pile on makeup. She often looks unnatural with a thick layer of foundation and plenty of bronzer. She’s in her mid-thirties, and using lighter makeup will suit her better.

7. Jared Leto

Jared Leto could be a poster boy for “Guyliner” with his penchant for black eyeliner. He actually looks like a teenage emo kid (which he isn’t) with all that black eyeliner crayoned around his eyes.

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is actually wonderful without makeup, but she chooses to use tons of it. She actually doesn’t leave the house without any makeup on. Too bad because she doesn’t really need makeup and is only hurting her skin for doing so.

9. Khloe Kardashian

Maybe it’s because the Kardashian’s have their own makeup line, and so the past couple of years, Khloe has been seen wearing heavier than her usual makeup. Like her sister, though she definitely looks better with less of it.

10. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has been vocal about using grocery store makeup. Nothing really wrong with that, is there? Just the fact that she tends to pile it on heavily. It’s actually difficult to know what Gwen really looks like because she’s always seen with heavy makeup.

What Happens When You Wear Too Much Makeup

Wearing all that makeup can never be good for your skin. Problems can actually arise from wearing too much makeup.

We’ve put a list of things that can happen when you wear too much makeup all the time:

1. Clogged Pores

Our pores are there to release natural oils from our body, called sebum. This moisturizes our skin naturally to keep it supple and healthy. Makeup covers our pores so that it becomes more difficult for sebum to be released.

This can irritate the skin and breakouts. Makeup usually contains comedogenic or pore-clogging ingredients.

Makeup covers our pores, so the more we put it on, the harder it is for our pores to breathe. When the pores on our faces are covered up, it can lead to skin irritation and breakouts.

2. You’ll Be Prone to Skin Infection

Facial hygiene doesn’t stop with cleaning your face. You need to make sure that everything you use for applying makeup is clean, including your makeup case or bag. Bacteria can thrive in makeup and makeup tools.

These makeup tools touch your face and come into close contact with the openings in your face – eyes, nose, and mouth. If the bacteria enter your body through these openings, you could get an infection.

Make sure that all your makeup tools are cleaned properly after you use them. Also, never share any makeup tools with anyone.

3. You May Develop Wrinkles Prematurely

Wrinkles may develop when we keep touching our skin, especially around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, and when you apply eye makeup, you tend to pull and rub that area, and your lids may lose elasticity and cause wrinkles to form.

What you can do is use a good eye cream at night to help fight aging and wrinkling. But then again, it’s always best to lessen your use of makeup.

4. You’ll Need Longer than Necessary Time to Clean Your Face

woman with too much makeup

A lot of makeup will require a lot of makeup cleanser, makeup facial foam, and makeup wipes, plus a lot of time to take it all off. You want to leave your face squeaky clean at night so that your pores have time to breathe.

When you wear no makeup, you need to wash your face with soap and water, and you’re good for bed. When you wear a lot of makeup, taking it off feels like you’re doing a chore before going to sleep.

5. You May Be Judged by People

Makeup has always been a hot topic. Is it too much? Is it just right? People will say, if it makes you feel good, put it on. And, when you do put it on, people will say it’s too much. You will be inevitably be judged. My position here is to find a balance.

Wear makeup if it makes you feel good, but also know when too much is indeed too much. Also, be aware of the ingredients you are putting on your face and avoid the products that can be harmful. Basically, you need to learn how to feel good about yourself, with or without makeup.

Conclusion: Too Much Makeup

“It’s too much makeup” is actually a very subjective statement. Someone might consider light blush and a dab of lip gloss too much, while someone else may think that’s what’s too much is having on tons of makeup for a village of 30.

Below is a list of signs that you are wearing too much makeup:

  1. There are foundation marks on your collar.
  2. You need to wipe down your phone after placing it on your cheek
  3. Your skin breaks out suddenly
  4. You spend a lot of time removing your makeup
  5. People do not know your real skin color
  6. Your eye makeup makes you appear to have a black eye
  7. Your fake eyelashes hit your brow bone
  8. Eyebrows that look like they’ve been tattooed
  9. A blush that is way too bright or dark
  10. People don’t recognize you without makeup

For your reference, here are the top 10 celebrities who usually wear too much makeup:

  1. Kylie Jenner
  2. Christina Aguilera
  3. Taylor Momsen
  4. Nicki Minaj
  5. Marilyn Manson
  6. Aubrey O’Day
  7. Jared Leto
  8. Kim Kardashian
  9. Khloe Kardashian
  10. Gwen Stefani

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