Classic Beauty – What Does It Mean?

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The ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ cliché may sound corny, but it’s true. Beauty is entirely subjective. In this article, I will discuss classic beauty –what does it mean?

To define ‘classic beauty,’ you have to look at a well-proportioned and symmetric face with delicate and soft features. There is no disproportionate feature such as thick lips, big eyes, etc. It should have an elegant sculptural aspect to the face with some soft traits.

You can see if it’s a classic beauty if there is perfect symmetry and balance of the facial form and facial features. That means there is no facial feature that jumps out. The forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin are well proportioned with each other. They are not close to each other, nor are they far apart.

Read on to learn more about what classic beauty means and what you can do to achieve this look.

Classic Beauty – What Does It Mean?

classic beauty
Audrey Hepburn

Well-proportioned and Symmetrical Facial Features

What is classic beauty? If you want to know what classic beauty is, you have to look at the person’s facial features. You need to consider if the facial features are well-proportioned, symmetrical, soft, and gentle. The face should have no disproportionate features such as big eyes or thick lips.

Mostly Refers to Women

Classic beauty is mostly applied to women, but you can also apply this standard to men. A person can have classic beauty if there is perfect symmetry and balance to their facial features. There should be no facial feature that jumps out.

The forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin shouldn’t be overly large or small. They should not be too close to each other or too far apart. While beauty is subjective, these things are objective.

So, if you consider the balance and symmetry of the facial features, you can tell if you are looking at a classic beauty or not.

Classic Beauty Definition Differ Depending on Culture

Additionally, classic beauty can also be related to culture. Every society in this world has an accepted standard of what beauty is. One culture’s aesthetic concepts can differ from another society’s beauty standards.

In other words, classic beauty in the United States might be different from classic beauty in Mainland China.

Interestingly, some women are said to be beautiful because of a flaw in their facial features. There are some women with large noses. And yet somehow, their large noses enhance their charm and beauty.

They can’t be considered classic beauties if you use their technical definition.

Looks That Conform to the Normal Standards of Beauty

If most of your friends say that your beauty is classic, then your looks must have conformed to all the normal beauty standards in your social circle and culture. But that doesn’t mean that when you go to another society with different norms, they will look at you like a classic beauty.

Classic Beauty – Is It a Compliment?

Having Classic Beauty Is a Compliment

You may think that if your friends tell you that your beauty is classic, that is a compliment. Yes, you are right, because they compare your beauty with the other great beauties in your society and other beautiful people in your history.

What Is the Difference Between Classic Beauty vs. Modern Beauty?

The thing that differentiates classic beauty from modern beauty types is that it is a kind of beauty that is timeless but is still current.

That does not mean you are following all the latest trends but what it means is that while beauty standards change from year to year, your beauty can keep up with the ‘trend.’

Classic Beauty in Ancient Greece

Let me give you an example. In ancient Greece, they had a concept of what classical beauty was. However, they have a different standard of beauty then.

For ancient Greeks, classic beauty was displayed by full-figure women, men with hairless bodies, redheads, red cheeks, tiny feet, curly hairs and locks, and women with white lead lipsticks.

Fast forward to our time now, you can see how far evolved society and cultures have defined ‘classic beauty. The point is: if your friends call you a classic beauty, they are giving you a huge compliment.

Classic Beauties from the Ancient Past May Not Be Considered Classic Beauties Today

However, remember that your classic beauty may be vastly different from the classic beauty of times past. Those with classic beauties from the ancient past may not be considered classic beauties today.

How to Achieve Classic Beauty

It might surprise you, but you don’t have to be born with the facial features commonly associated with classic beauty. You can imitate the look and make it appear as if it is your own. You can achieve classic beauty by doing the following:

1. Don’t Use Too Much Makeup

Makeup is used to enhance a thing that is lacking. But true beauty glows from within. Using too much makeup will overshadow your attractive assets. Proper use of makeup is what you need to know if you want to achieve a classic beauty look.

You need to use deep red lipstick, kohl-rimmed eyes, and light rosy cheek face powder. These kinds of makeup have always been regarded as classical through the years.

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2. Acquire Thicker Eyebrows

Compared to thin eyebrows, thicker eyebrows will give you a more refined look. In many cases, thicker eyebrows will also make you appear younger. So, make your eyebrows thicker. But make them proportionate to the size of your face.

3. Focus on Your Hair’s Natural Texture

When caring for your hair, try to achieve a polished look that radiates vitality. You don’t have to spend hours caring for your hair to get the results that you want. But strive to create a hairstyle that looks great on you. Your hair is where you make a personal statement so take good care of it.

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3. Know Your True Skin Complexion

You need to know your real skin complexion. Your eye color will indicate whether your skin tone is warm or cool. On average, brown and blue eyes point to a warm skin tone. Hazel and green eyes indicate a cool skin tone.

Use this information to choose your hair and makeup properly. For warm skin tone, the best is warm-toned clothing. If you want to be stylish, wear cool shades.

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4. Create and Maintain a Neat Appearance

One of the characteristics of classic beauty is its clean and neat appearance. Simplicity is the key to maintaining this type of beauty. Complicated dresses stretch the meaning of clothes and may take away the attention from your projection of classic beauty.

Try wearing LBDs or little black dresses. They are commonly associated with classic beauty because they are simple, orderly, and project understated glitz. Blue jeans that are not worn out too much also exude timeless quality.

In choosing colors to wear, consider your body type. White and black dresses are always timeless, mainly if you cover them with outerwear such as jackets and coats that catch people’s attention right away.

5. Stick to Classics and Avoid the Latest Trends

Classic women don’t usually wear fashionable outfits. They almost always choose classic dresses. But they can still look fantastic. How? They achieve the classic look by wearing bold items, such as an aviator glass over a bright scarf, and simple dresses in bright blue or black.

6. Make Sure You’re Clean All the Time

Don’t ever go out unwashed. Body smell combined with hair undone puts off other people. They will avoid you like the plague. People don’t want to be around people who do not care how they appear to others.

Classic beauty is accentuated by how clean and neat the person is. So, never go out without taking a bath or a shower. Keep your hair clean by shampooing and conditioning it. Have a breath of fresh air by always brushing your teeth.

Use a skin regimen based on your skin type to maintain healthy skin. Even in ancient times, clean skin always accompanies classic beauty.

7. Choose a Classic Beauty That You Can Copy

Yes, you have a unique personality, but it can continually be enhanced if you have a person who exudes classic beauty that you can use as your pattern.

So, choose a person or a celebrity with the following classic beauty traits:

  • Confidence – this trait means being true to yourself.
  • Happiness – people are attracted to those who are happy.
  • Positivity – you can’t help undergoing bad times, but you should always be able to bounce back.
  • Personable – this trait demonstrates kindness and being approachable to others.
  • Effortlessness – doing things, not in a stressful way but being patient and persistent. This makes it appear that everything is being accomplished without too much effort.
  • Intelligence – knowing about current events and forming your own opinions, but not forcing your opinion on other people.

Again, what does having classic beauty mean? Having classic beauty means your beauty meets your culture’s beauty standards. For example, Elizabeth Taylor is classically beautiful despite her notable eyes.

Why Classic Beauty Is Meaningful

what is classic beauty
Sophia Loren

Classic beauty has lots of meaning because it does not only demonstrate effortless and natural beauty on the surface but also it radiates personal integrity, charisma, and class. The defenseless vulnerability contrasts it.

Another way of defining classic beauty is timeless elegance. It is a statement about the beauty of the person’s soul, apart from their flawless physical attributes. The word ‘classic’ gives more importance to subtlety than blatancy. It is unassuming and not arrogant.

Classic beauty is quiet but solid confidence coupled with a calibrated feminine intuition. A woman of classic beauty inspires admiration and commands respect. Her beauty is ageless and eternal. It can never go out of style.

Women like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Hedy Lamarr, Anna Karina, and more recently, Nicole Kidman, Monica Belucci, Charlize Theron, and many others are among those who are gifted with classic beauty.

Products That Can Help You Be Classically Beautiful

Certain classic beauty products can significantly help you achieve the look you want in achieving classic beauty. Many women have already proven the effectiveness of these products in creating the classic beauty look that they desire:

1. Noxzema Classic Clean Cleanser

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This is a deep cleansing product that you can use as a face wash. The Noxzema Classic Clean Cleanser comes in cream form and has a eucalyptus scent.

You will like this product because it can remove dirt and oil from your face without drying your skin. It will leave your skin soft, smooth, and clean.

2. Shisheido Original Eudermine Revitalizing Essence Skin Softener

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This product will hydrate, soften, and rejuvenate your skin. The Shisheido Original Eudermine Revitalizing Essence Skin Softener comes in lotion form and prevents skin dryness.

This product will immediately hydrate and improve your skin because of its very effective moisturizing power. After using this product, your skin will be soft and smooth to the touch.

3. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous

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If you are looking for a mascara to create a classic beauty look, this is the product that you need. The L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Waterproof Mascara is effective as mascara because it is clump-resistant and can build enough volume.

This mascara comes with intense black pigments.

4. Clinique Almost Lipstick

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To achieve a classic beauty look, you will need lipstick to help you achieve this look. This product is the Clinique Almost Lipstick. It comes in black honey color. You will like it because your lips will have a sheer, satin black honey finish when you apply it.

5. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

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You also need face powder to help you achieve the classic beauty you want. A good product for this purpose is the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, Translucent.

You will love this product because it can hide your fine lines and wrinkles with extra translucent coverage. This loose powder is lightweight but long-lasting. You won’t feel the weight even if you have full coverage on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is classic beauty mean
Marilyn Monroe

In anticipation of the many questions you will ask about classic beauty and how you can achieve it, here are the answers to the most often asked questions about this topic:

What Is the Meaning of Classic Beauty?

To define classic beauty, you need to observe the individual’s facial features. If the person’s facial features are symmetrical, well-proportioned, soft, and gentle, then that person has classical beauty.

Usually, classic beauty applies to women. However, it can also apply to men. Classic beauty also means there should be no facial feature that stands out. The person’s forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin should not be overly small or large. They also should not be too close or too far from each other.

Many people believe that classic beauty is timeless. It goes with the current style but retains some of the proven standard styles of the past. Classic beauty is subtle and not arrogant.

How Can I Distinguish Classical Beauty from the Rest?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That cliché is always true wherever you go. So, what is beautiful in a certain society may not be beautiful to another society or culture. In other words, it is your culture that distinguishes classical beauty from other beautiful persons in your country.

How Is Classic Beauty Different from Modern Beauty?

What makes classic beauty different from modern beauty is that it is a type of beauty that is timeless but still current. That does not mean classic beauty follows all the latest trends.

It means that while beauty standards change from year to year, classic beauty can keep up with the ‘trend.’ That’s why some people call classic beauty timeless beauty.

How Can I Achieve Classic Beauty?

You can achieve classic beauty by doing certain things. What are those things?

  • Don’t use too much makeup
  • Acquire thicker eyebrows
  • Concentrate on your hair’s natural texture
  • Know your real skin complexion
  • Create and maintain a neat appearance
  • Stick to classic styles and avoid the latest fashion trends
  • Practice hygiene all the time
  • Choose a person with classic beauty to emulate

In Closing: What Does Classic Beauty Mean?

Overall, you can tell if a woman has classic beauty if her face is well-proportioned and symmetric and her facial features are on the elegant and gentle side. There should be no disproportionate facial features like big eyes or noticeably thick lips.

The face should have an elegant sculptural aspect with some delicate and soft traits to be considered classic beauty. You can do things if you want a classic beauty look. Classic beauty is not only inborn. You can achieve it.