Why Are AirPods so Expensive?

AirPods are dependable, easy to use, and offer decent sound quality. However, many are hesitant to buy them because they are expensive. Why are AirPods are so expensive?

There are various reasons why AirPods are so expensive. Apple Inc. manufactures them, and Apple products have always been known to be costly.

Due to Apple’s persistence to consistently offer high-quality products, much is spent on materials, design, and development. This higher cost means the AirPods are more expensive to buy.

AirPods are expensive because the sound quality is excellent. With Bluetooth, you can pair them with your smartphone and TV. It is easy to use Siri with AirPods. They stay in your ears instead of falling out.

Read on to learn more about AirPods, their features, and why they are so expensive.

Also, take a look at the reviews of AirPods to see what others say about them:

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Why Are AirPods so Expensive?

why are AirPods so expensive

There are several reasons for the high cost of AirPods. Apple products have always been known to be costly. They have maintained a reputation for offering high-quality products.

They spend much on the materials, design, and development of each of their products. Hence, the high cost of AirPods.

Some consumers say that AirPods are way more costly than their competitors, considering they are wireless headphones. There are, however, consumers who say that AirPods are worth their cost.

Evidently, not everyone comprehends what makes AirPods more costly than the earbuds of other brands.

Despite how expensive some consumers claim them to be, they nonetheless buy them due to their quality. Many attest to how easy they are to use, how quick they pair, and how stable they are. AirPods are also known to be more durable than their competitors and to have excellent sound quality.

But how expensive are AirPods? At present, standard Airpods with a charging case cost around $129. There’s also the $199 option, which comes with a wireless charging case.

To know more about their quality, let’s take a look at the features of the two versions of AirPods released by Apple in the market.

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Launched in 2016, the Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case has the following features:

  • Seamless switching from one device to another;
  • The convenience of accessing Siri by saying “Hey Siri”;
  • Efficient set up for all your Apple devices;
  • One-tap setup;
  • Wireless Charging Case;
  • Turns on and connects automatically; and
  • It has a universal fit that provides all-day comfort.

One-tap Setup

The AirPods feature a one-tap setup. It then automatically turns on and connects seamlessly. AirPods have sensors that can detect if they are in your ears or not. When you remove them from your ears, they automatically pause.

Efficient Set up for All Your Apple Devices

It is effortless to connect your AirPods to your iPhone. You can even connect two sets of AirPods to one iPhone and listen to the same playlist simultaneously. Furthermore, you can use Siri to announce messages.

Either you want to listen to music or listen to the sound when you play games, the AirPods’ H1 chip provides a stable wireless connection. This chip plays a big role in providing high-quality sound.

Wireless Charging Case

These AirPods have a wireless charging case. It has the ability to charge for more than 24 hours. This means that you can charge your AirPods multiple times in one day. It is important to note that AirPods typically last for approximately five hours per charge.

If AirPods are charged for 15 minutes, this equates to 2 hours of talk time and 3 hours of listening time.

The latest model of AirPods was released in March 2019.

Consumer Feedback

Existing users confirm how these AirPods fit the ears perfectly. Indeed, it is a one-size-fits-all product. Athletes particularly love this product as they can jog and do all other exercises with the AirPods on.

They are lightweight but don’t wiggle around in the ears. They don’t feel loose at all. Furthermore, it eliminates the struggle experienced when using wired headphones.

Users can also attest to the AirPods’ excellent sound quality. Most importantly, users can prove how durable this product is. Besides, Apple has always been known to offer the most durable products.

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Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro was released in the U.S. in October 2019. Its features include the following:

  • A wireless charging case that exceeds 24 hours of battery life;
  • Siri can conveniently be accessed by saying “Hey Siri”;
  • Setup can easily be done for any of your Apple devices;
  • Automatic tuning of music based on the shape of the user’s ear;
  • Resistant to both sweat and water;
  • Three silicone tips of different sizes for a customizable fit;
  • Has a transparency mode to allow you to hear and connect with the world around you; and
  • Noise cancellation to help you concentrate especially when talking to someone on the phone.

Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode Features

Whether you want to use the noise cancellation feature or switch to its Transparency mode, it can be all done conveniently. All you have to do is to press and hold your AirPods’ force sensor.

Wireless Charging Case

The wireless charging case is capable of charging a pair of AirPods multiple times. This is because the charger can last for more than 24 hours. With one charge, a user is given a listening time of 4.5 hours.

Shorter Stem

how expensive are AirPods

This version of AirPods has a shorter stem. It has a black airflow grill and features a mic both inside and outside the AirPods. The charging case is shorter but made of the same thickness.

It is important to note that you don’t tap the Apple AirPods Pro to make it work. Instead, you pinch or squeeze them. Other times, you press and hold them:

  • 1 pinch/squeeze will allow you to play, pause or answer calls;
  • 2 pinches/squeezes will allow you to skip forward tracks;
  • 3 pinches/squeezes will allow you to skip backtracks; and
  • Pressing and holding will allow you to switch from noise cancellation mode to transparency mode.

Consumer Feedback

An AirPods Pro user says that the AirPods are particularly useful for people who jog around the neighborhood. Using the transparency mode, they don’t have to worry about being run over by a car on the street.

They can conveniently hear cars honking while listening to their playlist. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about damaging the AirPods due to sweat as they are water and sweat-resistant. Evidently, the AirPods Pro product is ideal for sports enthusiasts.

Another user claims that the in-ear feature of AirPods Pro does not make it as comfortable as the in-ear AirPods. However, it makes you less worried about them falling off your ears and, worse, lose them.

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Again, why are Airpods so expensive? First, Airpods are quite expensive because Apple Inc. manufactures them. And Apple Inc. has always been known for spending on materials, design, and development of producing high-quality products.

What Makes AirPods so Expensive?

Why is Apple AirPods so expensive? Various factors can explain this. First, Apple Inc. manufactures them, and Apple products have always been known to be costly.

Due to its consistent efforts to offer high-quality products, much is spent on each of its products’ materials, design, and development. Hence, the high cost of AirPods.

If you think you have reviewed all the features of AirPods, think again. You might have missed one feature or two.

To assist you, here are several AirPods tips and tricks that you may have not yet discovered:

1. Status Light in the AirPods Charging Case

The charging case features a status light located between the spaces intended for your AirPods. If it turns green, it means that the AirPods are charging.

If it turns amber, it means the AirPods are almost fully charged. If the light flashes white, then your AirPods are ready to set up and connect to a device.

If the status light flashes amber, it means that you have to set up the AirPods.

2. Pairing Airpods with Non-Apple Devices

While AirPods are ideal for Apple devices, they can nonetheless be connected to non-Apple devices. To do so, put back the AirPods inside the case, close it, and flip it back open.

Then, quickly press and hold the button at the back of the charging case until it starts blinking white. Once the AirPods appear in the Bluetooth settings of the non-Apple device, you may start pairing them.

3. Changing Your AirPods’ Name

You have the option to change the name of your AirPods. All you have to do is go to the Settings app, tap Bluetooth, and then tap the blue “i” icon next to AirPods. When you see the “Name,” tap it to change your AirPods’ name.

4. Saving Battery Life by Using Only One AirPod

Should you want to save battery life, it is possible to use just one AirPod. You may keep the other one inside its charging case.

Don’t worry about sound quality. Even if you are using just one AirPod, you will hear both the left and right sides of stereo audio. Apple intentionally designed the AirPods that way.

Also, if you want to go back to using both AirPods, put the other one back in your ear. They are designed to reconnect automatically.

5. Sharing Phone Calls and Music with a Friend

When Apple promoted the AirPods in November 2017, they talked about the AirPods’ capability to share music with a friend. In the same manner that you can make a phone call with a friend too.

6. Finding Your AirPods When Lost

why are Apple AirPods so expensive

Some consumers are hesitant to buy AirPods because if they are careless, the chances are that they would lose theirs. Losing something costly is just plain unacceptable. But, lo and behold, Apple Inc. thought of addressing this concern long before you even realized this loophole.

Even if Apple made sure that the AirPods would fit your ears well and would not fall off, there’s still a big chance that you would misplace them.

The “Find My iPhone” feature of your Apple device can actually help you find your misplaced AirPods.

7. Connecting Your AirPods to Your Mac

AirPods do not only connect to iPhones. It connects to other Apple devices such as your Mac. Open the Bluetooth settings of your Mac to have them connected.

8. Checking Your AirPods’ Battery Status

If you place your AirPods inside their charging case with the lid kept open and then placed it beside your iPhone, a popup will appear to notify you of the battery status. The popup notification indicates the battery status of each AirPod and the battery status of the charging case.

You may also check the battery status by opening the Notification Center of your Apple device. Then look for the Batteries widget. This widget notifies you of the battery status of all your synced Apple devices.

Your Apple Watch can also tell you the status of your AirPods’ battery. But if you want the most convenient of all, activate Siri and say, “Hey Siri! AirPods battery.”

9. Setting the Microphone to One AirPod Only

If you want to activate the microphone of your left AirPod, you may do so by adjusting the microphone settings. Go to:

  1. > Settings app
  2. > Bluetooth
  3. > blue “i” icon next to AirPods under “My Devices.”
  4. > Microphone

Conclusion – Why Are Apple AirPods so Expensive?

There are several reasons for the high cost of AirPods. They are costly because Apple Inc. produces them, and Apple products have always been costly.

Apple Inc. has always maintained its reputation for offering high-quality products. They spend much on the materials, design, and development of each of their products. Hence, the high cost of AirPods.

There are two types of AirPods available in the market today. They are the:

  • Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case; and the
  • Apple AirPods Pro.

If you have tried the Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case and enjoyed them, you will surely enjoy the Apple AirPods more. But, of course, choose the pair that meets your requirement.

Apple products have always been known for their durability. Some of the features of the AirPods may exist in other earbuds or competitors. But what Apple Inc. can mainly be proud of are two things: the convenience they bring and the durability of this innovation.

Undoubtedly, these AirPods can last longer than their competitors. Moreover, you will rarely — or hardly — experience connectivity issues. AirPods work smoothly, all because of the high-grade materials used to produce them.

This ultimately means that even if AirPods are costly, they are definitely worth it.