Sons Who Treat Their Mothers Poorly – What to Do?

We can spend all day listing everything our mothers do for us and how much they mean to us. But what happens when a mother is mistreated by her son? Why are some sons so mean to their mothers?

It’s difficult to say why some sons are mean to their mothers. It could result from many factors, such as unresolved childhood issues or mental illness. Whatever the reason, it’s also important to remember that the relationship between mother and son is very complex.

Read on as we explore the issue of sons who mistreat their mothers, why sons behave this way, what it does to their mothers, and what mothers can do about it.

Why Do Sons Forget Their Mothers?

sons who treat their mothers poorly

Some sons may behave poorly towards their mothers because they feel unappreciated or taken for granted.

Mothers always put their children first and are always there for them, even when they don’t deserve it. This can lead to sons taking their mothers for granted and forgetting to show them appreciation.

Other times, sons may be mean to their mothers because they are going through a tough time in their own lives and take it out on the people closest to them. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.

When sons are mean to their mothers, it takes a toll on her emotionally and mentally. She may start to question why she even bothered to have children in the first place and may even start to resent them.

This can lead to many fights and arguments between the two, which will only worsen things.

In some cases, sons may even verbally or physically abuse their mothers if they are feeling particularly angry or frustrated. This is a severe issue that should be dealt with immediately.

What Can a Mother Do About a Son Treating Her Badly

1. Talk to the Son

Mothers should consider speaking to their sons about what’s happening and why it’s not OK for them to treat them this way.

2. Write a Letter

Another way to help sons understand how much their behavior hurts is for their mothers to write them letters. Mothers must try not to get angry as they write the letter. Instead, they should write from the heart and focus on being honest about how their son’s behavior makes them feel.

But mothers shouldn’t expect an immediate change in their son’s behavior after sending the letter. This is more about helping their son understand where his actions come from so that he can make better choices about treating others around him in the future.

3. Seek Help

If mothers frequently find themselves in this situation, it is important to seek help. This may mean talking to a therapist or counselor who can help them deal with their feelings and figure out how to best cope.

Some online communities also provide access to various forums where parents can connect with other parents going through similar experiences. These forums are designed as safe spaces where parents can ask questions and get helpful feedback without fear of judgment or criticism.

4. Reach Out to Law Enforcement (If Necessary)

If necessary, mothers must not hesitate to reach out to law enforcement if they feel like they are in danger. No one deserves to be treated poorly, no matter the circumstances.

Types of Dysfunctional Mother-Son Relationships

Mother-son relationships can be complicated, and the specifics of a dysfunctional one vary widely. Here are some types of dysfunctional mother-son relationships:

1. Oedipal

The Oedipal mother-son relationship is one in which the son perceives his mother as a sexual rival. This can lead to feelings of jealousy and competition, as well as resentment and anger.

2. Enmeshed

An enmeshed mother-son relationship is one in which the boundaries between the two are blurred. The son may feel like he can’t live up to his mother’s expectations or that he must take care of her emotionally. This can lead to anxiety and feeling suffocated by the relationship.

3. Distant

A distant mother-son relationship is one in which there is little emotional closeness or intimacy. The son may feel like his mom doesn’t understand or care about him. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Dysfunctional mother-son relationships can be challenging to overcome, but with the right support and guidance, they can become healthy and loving again.

15 Reasons Why Sons Disrespect Their Mothers

why do sons treat their mothers badly

You might have heard the old saying, “Mother knows best.” But why do some sons have difficulty listening to or respecting their mothers? Here are some reasons why this happens:

1. The Mother Is Too Hard on Her Son

When a mother is too hard on her son, he will begin to disrespect her. It will make him feel like he is not good enough or has done something wrong. This can cause the son to become angry and resentful towards his mother.

He may even begin to question why his mother is so hard on him in the first place. This can often lead to increased bad behavior, such as lying or stealing money from his parents’ wallets.

2. The Son Fears His Mother Is Taking Away His Independence

That might sound strange, but it makes sense, considering how much time mothers spend helping their sons grow up.

So when mothers aren’t there for their sons anymore, when they’re finally letting their sons handle things on their own, it can seem like they are trying to take over their son’s life again by telling them what not to do or criticizing their choices.

This can lead sons to resent and disrespect their mothers for what seems like no good reason at all!

3. The Mother Is Constantly Questioning Her Son’s Abilities

This reason is related to #2. If a mother constantly questions her son’s abilities, it can cause a lot of resentment in the relationship. A son may feel like his mother doesn’t trust him and that she thinks he’s incompetent.

She may also cause him to feel like she’s trying to control his life. Again, this will lead to resentment, negatively affecting their relationship.

4. The Mother Calls Her Son “My Child” All the Time

A son may feel that his mother doesn’t acknowledge him as a grown-up if she constantly refers to him as “my child.”

This can cause confusion and frustration for the son and may lead to disrespectful behavior. Parents need to encourage their children to individuate and find their own identities to develop healthy self-esteem and respect for others.

5. The Son Is Jealous of How Well His Mother Gets Along with Her Husband

Some sons are jealous of their mother’s relationship with their spouse. They feel they’ve been pushed aside and want to make it known that they’re still important in their mother’s life.

Other times, a son might act out because he wants attention from his mother. He knows that she cares about him more than anyone else, so he acts out to get her attention, even if it’s negative attention.

Again, why do sons treat their mothers poorly? A son who treats his mother poorly might feel too restricted or micromanaged, or he’s going through some issues. Mothers should talk to their sons gently. This way, they can mend their relationship.

6. The Mother Might Have a Relationship with Another Man

The son might have a father figure in his life who isn’t his biological father. This could be because the mother cheated on her husband or because she remarried and her new partner adopted or had another child.

7. The Mother Always Puts Her Son Down

This is a huge reason why sons disrespect their mothers. The mother will constantly tell her son that:

  • He will never amount to anything;
  • She doesn’t believe in him; and
  • He should give up on his dreams.

This can cause the son to feel like he is not worth anything, which leads to him disrespecting his mother and other people around him.

8. The Mother Always Tolerates the Son’s Mistakes

In this case, the mother has a soft heart, so she always forgives her son. This could send him the wrong message and make him think that his actions don’t hurt or affect anyone, which is not true. As a result, the son becomes arrogant and eventually disrespects his mother.

9. The Mother Doesn’t Respect Her Son

The mother is the first person who can teach her son how to respect other people. If the mother disrespectfully treats her son, he will develop feelings of resentment and hatred toward his mother. This will lead him to disrespect other women as well.

10. The Son Grew Up in an Abusive Environment and Resented His Mother for It

When a son grows up in an abusive household, their relationship with their mother is often strained. The son may feel like their mother never did enough to protect them or that she didn’t do enough to stop the abuse, even if she did try.

They may also resent her for not leaving the abuser when they had the chance.

11. The Mother Doesn’t Admit Her Mistakes and Feels Perfect

Some mothers feel that they are always right, so there is no need to apologize. They do not want their sons to see them as weak or imperfect. They want to be perfect in their eyes.

But this can lead to many problems between a mother and son because he will feel like she is always right.

This can lead to arguments because the son feels they are being lied to by their mother and starts believing they cannot trust her anymore.

12. The Mother May Not Have Been There for Her Son When He Needed Her

This might be because she was too busy working or emotionally unavailable. The son may have felt abandoned by his mother or that the mother was uninterested in him. When a son feels this way about their mother, they may be less likely to respect and listen to her later in life.

13. The Mother Is Always Critical and Constantly Brings Up Her Son’s Mistakes

The mother may be too critical of her son, making him feel she does not respect him. He may also feel that she is too controlling in how she handles his life, which can make him feel suffocated by his mother.

When this happens, children tend to distance themselves from their parents because they no longer feel loved or respected by them.

14. The Mother Is Constantly in a Hurry and Has No Interest in Listening to Her Son

This can be very frustrating for the son because he does not have a chance to express his feelings to his mother. The mother may also be too busy and only spend time with her son when she is forced to do so by circumstances.

15. Son Gets Blamed for Mother’s Problems

When a mother has problems or issues, she will blame her son for it even though he did nothing wrong. In these situations, the son may be left feeling confused and angry.

This makes it difficult for the son to trust his mother because he will always doubt whether or not he has done a good or bad thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Sons Who Treat Their Mothers Badly

why is my grown son so mean to me

Why Do Sons and Mothers Fight?

Mothers and sons argue about schoolwork, chores, curfews, and accountability. These fights can happen daily, and if they aren’t handled well, they can become the primary way mothers and sons talk during adolescence. Control is the issue at the heart of this conflict.

Why Do Sons Ignore Their Mothers?

Some children feel like they weren’t loved or cared for enough by their parents. Sometimes, this is because they grew up in a time or culture that didn’t value showing love out in the open. Sometimes, it’s because their parents had trouble showing how they felt.

What Is a Toxic Mother-Son Relationship?

A manipulative, overprotective, abusive, or controlling mother makes for a toxic relationship between a mother and son. This kind of behavior can hurt the son’s mental health and affect his life as an adult.

What Is a Normal Mother-Son Relationship?

A mother must show her son that she loves him without being too much. The son also needs to do his part by ensuring he keeps healthy boundaries with his mother and maintains a balance between his mother and spouse.

How Do I Deal With a Selfish Son?

Pointing out the opposite is the most effective method of curing selfishness. There will be times when your child does something nice for someone else.

When you see him being kind or giving, praise him. Tell him what he did and why it was the right thing to do.

Why Is My Son So Ungrateful?

Children can be rude because they haven’t lived long enough to know what else is out there. When kids are young, it’s a good idea to teach them to care for other people. Let them donate toys they don’t need.

Conclusion – Sons Who Poorly Treat Their Mothers

The relationship between a mother and her son can be a solid one. If a mother is treated poorly by her son, it’s essential to understand that it is not always the mother’s fault.

Many factors contribute to this strained relationship, and mothers should not take it upon themselves to shoulder all the blame.

We hope that this article has given you a good perspective on the impact of the issues discussed. Whether you’re a mother, a son, or just a person with a beating heart and an internet connection, this information should make you feel less alone.

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