Small Head Big Body – Causes and What to Wear

Do you feel abnormal and inferior because you think your head is smaller than normal? You should not be because this is not a very uncommon physical trait. In this article I will discuss small head big body – causes and what to wear.

One of the reasons for the small head with a big body is a health condition called microcephaly. This condition usually occurs when the growth of the brain is less than normal. Brain growth determines the growth and eventually the size of the skull. In humans, brain growth starts while the baby is still in the womb and continues during infancy.

If certain conditions affect brain growth, an infant’s head will be smaller than the average head size. If you think you have a small head, you can do certain things to make it less noticeable. Tying your hair prevents it from taking away inches from your head.

Read on to learn more about the causes of small head big body conditions and what you can wear to make it less obvious.

Small Head Big Body – Causes and What to Wear

small head big body

Common Cause of Small Head Size in Adults

One of the common causes of small head size in adults is microcephaly, which makes the brain grow smaller than its normal rate. The growth of the brain determines the growth and size of the skull.

Conditions Affecting Infant’s Growth During Pregnancy

While the fetus is still inside the womb, its brain starts to grow. It continues to grow during infancy. If conditions affect that growth, the brain will become smaller than normal. That will have a direct effect on the size of the skull. If the brain is smaller, the skull, or head size, will also be smaller.

Tie up Your Hair and Wear V-necks

If you think you have a small head size, you can do things to make it less noticeable. You can tie up your hair so that your locks won’t take away inches from your face. Or you can wear tops and dresses with deep necks or V-necks so that the additional skin you are showing will add inches to your face.

Has Nothing to Do with Intelligence

Small head size has nothing to do with intelligence. So, it doesn’t mean that if your head is smaller than the average, your brain capacity is also affected. It is just the size of your skull that is affected and not your capacity to think.

Microcephaly Details You Should Know

Small heads in adults are not uncommon. However, those who have this condition seldom bother to know what it is called, how it can happen, and why.

What Is Microcephaly

Microcephaly is the primary cause of small head big body syndrome. It is a condition that makes the head size of an individual smaller than those who are of the same age and sex.

Get the circumference of the largest area on the top of the head to measure head size. A standardized chart determines if a certain person’s head is smaller or bigger than normal size.

Causes of Microcephaly

This condition can exist if the brain cannot grow at an average rate. As science has discovered, brain growth influences the growth of the skull. Brain growth begins as the fetus develops in the womb. It continues during infancy and onwards.

But if certain conditions affect brain growth, the head size will be smaller than normal. Some of these conditions include severe malnutrition, genetic disorders, and infection:

1. Insufficient Nourishment While Pregnant

If the baby’s mother does not take all the required nourishment while pregnant, she will not be able to provide the proper nourishment to the baby’s needs inside her womb. In cases of severe malnutrition, the baby’s brain growth might get stunted.

2. Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders may also cause the underdevelopment of the baby’s brain. Many genetic disorders can lead to microcephaly. They include the following:

  • Down syndrome
  • Seckel syndrome
  • Trisomy 18
  • Trisomy 21
  • Cornelia de Lange syndrome
  • Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
  • Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
  • Cri du chat syndrome

3. Infections

Certain infections can cause microcephaly in the fetus or an infant. These infections include the following:

  • Congenital rubella
  • Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  • Congenital toxoplasmosis
  • Methylmercury poisoning
  • Uncontrolled phenylketonuria (PKU) in the mother
  • Taking certain drugs during pregnancy, particularly phenytoin and alcohol

Zika virus, if it has infected the pregnant mother, can also cause microcephaly in her baby. This virus is found in some countries like Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil, and other countries in South America, the South Pacific, Africa, and the tropical regions of Asia.

Average Head Size

You may be wondering about the average head size of people if there is such a thing. Yes, there is an average head size for Homo sapiens.

A study conducted in the United States revealed that the head circumference of the average adult head is around 22 and 1/2 inches in males and 21 and 3/4 inches in females.

How do you measure your head? You need to use a tape measure to determine your head size. Put the end of the tape measure at the back of your head at its center. The tape should be below your hairline and just above your ears.

Get your head’s circumference by using a tape measure. Wound it around the top of your head. Then, note the measurement. That is the circumference or size of your head. Is it the average size for your sex, or is it smaller?

What to Wear If You Have a Small Head

If you’re sure that your head is smaller than normal, you need to carefully choose the clothes you wear. You may be wondering what dresses you can wear. Here are some suggestions:

Don’t Wear Turtlenecks

While most clothing will not give your head size much attention, turtlenecks do. So, keep away from dresses that will accentuate the small size of your head.

Wear V-Necks and Slightly Deep Necks

You need to wear dresses that will make your face seem larger than it is. You can achieve this look if you wear dresses or tops with slightly deeper necks and V-necks. The added skin on your visuals will make your head seem bigger than it is.

Again, what causes small head big body issues? Microcephaly is the usual cause behind an individual having a small head and a big body. This condition is due to the less than normal brain growth during pregnancy.

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Hairstyles to Wear for Women with Small Faces

small head big body female

If you have a small face, you are lucky because you can experiment with different hairstyles. You can try one of the following hairstyles and see which one takes away the focus on your little face and makes you look stylish:

1. Pixie Cut

There are three pixie cut hairstyles you can choose from. It doesn’t matter which of them you choose because you will be good if your hair is short. You can choose a perfectly styled cut, deconstructed, or shaggy cut.

The pixie cut is one of the top trending cuts for women with a small face. It is also easy to maintain, and you can use a spray or wax to get that natural look.

2. Cornrows

If you have naturally black hair and your face is small, you can try cornrows. They will flatter your face. Cornrows are also good at protecting your beautiful hairstyle.

3. Asymmetric Bob

An asymmetric hairstyle will surely take away the attention from your small face. Especially if you have a gorgeous asymmetric bob, you will draw people’s attention to your attractive hairstyle instead of your small face.

You can keep your hair curled or straight; it does not matter. It will always work well for your face.

4. Topknot

Topknot is a versatile hairstyle that works well with women with small faces. This is an effortless hairstyle; you only need a hair tie or pin, a comb, and a hairspray.

Just don’t complicate it, but make everything smooth and sleek. Don’t make too big a top knot but just the right size. This haircut will make your face look bigger than it is.

5. Bob with Fringe

One of the best ways to un-focus people to your small face is to have a short and sassy bob with bangs or fringes. Many pop stars have tried this hairstyle because it looks good on them.

If you add a new feature such as bangs to your bob, your small face will look bigger than it is. The sections where the bangs end on the side of your face will frame your bone structure. It will give an illusion that your face is wider.

6. Short but Voluminous

Having a voluminous retro curls hairstyle on only one side of your face will make your face look bigger. But if the curls are not that large, have some of the curls on the middle of your face. This hairstyle will make it appear that you have an average-sized face.

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Hairstyles to Wear for Men with Small Faces

Small faces are not exclusive to women. Many men also have small faces. They also need haircuts that can take away too much attention from their less-than-average size faces. For such men, what are the recommended hairstyles?

1. Neat yet Messy Hairstyle

If your face is small and its width is also short, you need a neatly trimmed haircut with the addition of a touch of messiness. This haircut is appropriate for any occasion, whether formal, casual, or semiformal.

It is also good for young men and those in the middle age group. A light beard will beautifully complement this hairstyle.

2. Hairstyle for Curly Hair

If you have dense and thick curly hair but your face is small, have a haircut that will cover up the sides of your face. This will give your face a broader look.

Men of all ages can try this haircut. You can use this hairstyle in the office or for informal outings. Curly-haired men with small foreheads can also try this haircut.

3. Nick Jona’s Hairstyle

If the shape and size of your head are similar to Nick Jonas, you can try his haircut. You certainly could try it, especially if you are within Nick’s age range.

It is a simple but neat buzz haircut that is not difficult to maintain. But it will enhance your jaw and head features effectively. Try it because Nick’s hairstyle has been copied by many men worldwide.

4. Leonardo Di Caprio’s Hairstyle

It may surprise you that Di Caprio’s face is considered by dress and hairstylists relatively small. And yet you didn’t know. Why? Leonardo always makes sure that he has the right haircut that will not accentuate his little face.

So, take a look at the pictures of Di Caprio. You will always see that he always sports a clean-cut hairstyle, neatly combed hair, and the right trimming on the edges that are very easy to maintain.

Is There a Way to Make Your Small Head Bigger?

Some people have forwarded the idea that you can increase the size of your head by eating a certain type of diet. However, we already know that our head size only grows during early childhood and is already set once we reach adulthood.

This theory says you have to add more weight to your body, especially subcutaneous fat. So, add more protein to your diet and eat more calories than what you burn.

Doing a lot of core and abdominal aerobic exercises will also prevent visceral fat build-up in your body and encourage the formation of more subcutaneous fat in your head, feet, and hands.

As this theory speculates, your brain and head may get bigger if you do this. However, this theory also admits that it may take years for your head size to increase. So, it’s up to you whether you will believe this theory or consider it just tongue in cheek.

Frequently Asked Questions

small head big body syndrome

The small head big body is a topic that will resonate with those who think their heads are smaller than the average. Consequently, they will have questions that need to be answered. Here are some of the most often asked questions about this topic.

Why Is My Head Smaller Than the Average?

Perhaps during your childhood, or even while you were still inside your mother’s womb, something happened to you or your mother which affected the normal growth rate of your skull. That’s why your head is now smaller than the average.

What’s the Reason Why My Head Is Smaller Than Normal?

One of the most common reasons your head is not normal in size is microcephaly. This is a condition where the brain cannot grow normally. The growth of your skull depends on the growth of your brain.

Your brain grows while you are still inside the womb of your mother. It continues during your infancy and is already set when you reach adulthood. There are health conditions that can affect brain growth during these early stages.

What Are the Conditions That Can Affect Brain Growth?

Certain genetic disorders can affect the brain growth of a fetus inside the womb. They include:

  • Down syndrome
  • Seckel syndrome
  • Trisomy 18
  • Trisomy 21
  • Cornelia de Lange syndrome
  • Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
  • Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
  • Cri du chat syndrome

Certain infections can also negatively affect the brain growth of a fetus. These infections include:

  • Congenital rubella
  • Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  • Congenital toxoplasmosis
  • Methylmercury poisoning
  • Uncontrolled phenylketonuria (PKU) in the mother
  • Taking certain drugs during pregnancy, particularly phenytoin and alcohol

What Can I Wear to De-emphasize the Small Size of My Head?

You can wear dresses and tops like V-necks and slightly deep necks. This will show some of your upper body skin, which will give an illusion that your head is bigger than it is. Don’t wear turtlenecks because they will bring more attention to the size of your head.

You can also wear hairstyles that will take away the focus on the size of your head. Some of the hairstyles you can try are:

  • Pixie Cut
  • Cornrows
  • Asymmetric Bob
  • Topknot
  • Bob with Fringe

In Closing: Causes of Small Head Big Body and What to Wear

The typical reason for a person with a small head and big body is a health condition called microcephaly. It happens when brain growth is less than normal.

The growth of the brain also determines the eventual size of the skull. Brain growth begins when the infant is still inside the womb. The skull continues to grow during infancy.

If there are conditions that affect and limit the growth of the brain, the infant’s head will be smaller than normal. You can hide the fact if you think you have a small head.

Tying your hair so it won’t take away inches from your face is one. Wearing dresses with deep necks or v-necks will add more inches to your face.