Skillshare vs Udemy [Full Comparison and Review]

If you are looking for online resources that will help you learn new skills or upgrade your current professional skills, you will eventually be led to two of the most popular choices today, Skillshare and Udemy. So Skillshare vs. Udemy, which is the better choice?

Skillshare offers many courses for curious and creative people on photography, illustration, video freelancing, design, and much more.

Udemy is regarded as one of the leading international marketplaces for learning and teaching a wide variety of courses. Both claim they have millions of members.

Read on to learn more about Skillshare and Udemy, what they offer, and their major differences so that you will be in a better position to determine which one is offering the best deal for your particular needs.

Skillshare Vs Udemy 

skillshare vs udemy

Skillshare is currently offering several courses for people who want to explore photography, illustration, video freelancing, design, and many more.

On the other hand, Udemy is more focused on offering entrepreneur-related courses. Both claim to have millions of users.

One method to gauge a learning institution’s effectiveness is the number of teachers and students that belong to its community. Skillshare claims that currently, it enjoys the support of more than 8 million creators consisting of both teachers and learners.

As of March 2019, this online learning portal offers more than 2,000 free classes and maintains more than 27,000 premium classes.

Meanwhile, Udemy claims that its educational community is composed of 35 million learners and 57,000 instructors. Currently, it is offering around 130,000 different courses. From the time it started operation up to the present time, Udemy has had 400 million course enrollments.

This online learning portal boasts that about 80% of Fortune 100 companies trust them to upgrade their employees’ knowledge and skills. Udemy also enjoys the confidence of more than 7,000 business customers.

What Is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning portal with headquarters in the United States. It serves the people who want to learn new skills or upgrade their present skills through educational videos. They offer their learning courses through subscriptions. Their courses are not accredited.

Instead of lecturing, their courses are more focused on teacher-student interaction. Their main goal is to help people learn a subject by completing an actual project. The majority of their course categories consist of entrepreneurship, lifestyle and technology, design, and creative arts.

Skillshare’s educational platform utilizes the “Group” strategy. It allows Skillshare community members to connect with other creators inside its community to share their works and upgrade their skills to the next level by engaging in prompts and discussions.

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is an online course provider that is also based in the United States. Its open line courses are massive in numbers, as have already been mentioned above. Their courses are intended for new learners and professional adults.

This online learning institution caters to all types of businesses and organizations, positioning themselves to better cope with work’s ever-evolving nature. They maintain top-rated technical and business courses, which are all curated.

Their courses provide businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments the ability to create in-house expertise and satisfy their employees’ needs and desire to develop and upgrade their skills.

Udemy and its staff and its community of learners are not afraid of taking on new challenges. Students in its community love to take Udemy courses.

What Are the Differences Between Skillshare and Udemy?

If you want to know which of these two online learning portals offers the best for your particular needs, you need to know their key differences.

What are the main differences between Udemy vs Skillshare?

1. Course/Class Offerings


Skillshare’s learning platform is offered on a subscription basis. It offers some of its courses for free, but most of its contents are offered in its Premium Subscription plan.

The price of a subscription starts at only $8.25 per month. You can choose to begin with a 2-month free trial.

With the basic plan of $8.25 a month, you will be provided with all the basic things you need to learn or upgrade a particular skill set. This is less than the average price of a course at Udemy. You are free to pause or even cancel your subscription anytime.

Executives from big companies such as Spotify, Google, Github, and well-known TED resource persons, and award-winning logo creators and designers teach online educational platforms. This is the reason why the contents in this portal are solid.

Each course offered at Skillshare has a corresponding project. You will learn the course by actually accomplishing the project. However, most of these courses are only 30 minutes long. Some are even less.

That means you will learn the subject quickly, but you will only learn it in a shallow manner. In-depth learning of the subject may or may not be possible.


udemy vs skillshare

Udemy uses a learning system under a pay-per-class model. Their prices are usually $10 to $15 per course. The length of the majority of their courses ranges from 2 to 5 hours. This is enough time to discuss the subject in depth with no redundancy. Their courses are exceptionally high in quality.

This online platform utilizes quizzes to help students assess their mastery of the topic before moving on. This is very effective in making sure that you have really understood a complex subject’s core concepts.

When it comes to the number of courses available, Udemy’s content library is considerably larger than Skillshare. This is a huge difference for people who aims to master a particular niche topic. In this aspect, Udemy seems to be better than Skillshare.

2. Interface and Ease-of-Use


The registration process at Skillshare is relatively easy. You can create an account by just typing in your email address and your password. Also, you can create an account by using your Facebook or Gmail account.


Registering an account with Udemy is also simple and easy, just like Skillshare. You only need to supply them with your name, email address, and create a password.

Once you have typed in this information, they will send you an email. You need to confirm this email, and you are registered.

3. Price


Skillshare has only one type of paid subscription. The price is $19 per month or $99 per year. If you choose the annual payment, the actual price you will pay is only $8.25 a month. For most people, this Skillshare deal is better.

Once you have paid for this subscription, you will have access to its entire content library. You can also join any course that you like. There is no limit to the courses that you may want to take.


Udemy offers its courses from $19.99 to $199.99. If you want to learn a topic, you have to pay its corresponding course price. This online platform also offers a Business plan, which is not really cheap but compared to paying for a course, it is relatively cheaper.

If you only enroll in a few courses, your cost will not be too high. But if you want to become an expert in a certain area, you will need several courses. This will increase your cost considerably.

For those who need deeper knowledge on a specific topic, the deals offered by Udemy are better, even if they are pricier.

Again, Skillshare vs. Udemy-how do they compare? Skillshare is more appropriate for creative people who want to learn photography, illustration, video freelancing, design, and many more.

At the same time, Udemy is a platform that caters to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs and academically inclined students.

4. Number of Courses

Most students’ big concern when choosing between Skillshare and Udemy is how to filter out the courses that suit them over the hundreds of courses being offered by these platforms. To help you overcome this hurdle, here are some concepts about the courses of both platforms.


There are 16 categories of courses being offered by Skillshare. Aside from its 2,500 free courses, Skillshare maintains more than 25,000 paid courses. All courses are supplied with their class structures, an introductory video about the course and its instructor, and access to resources.

There is also a review section of each course, which consists of the feedback of students who have taken the course. This review section will help you determine if the course is for you or not.


At Udemy, there are 13 categories of courses, and each category is divided into subcategories. Udemy’s number of courses is 6 times bigger than Skillshare’s. Currently, this online platform offers 150,000 paid courses and around 8,000 free courses.

There is also a filtering system at Udemy, which is much more advanced than Skillshare. You can filter out information by level, language, available resources, student rating, duration, and many more. You have more flexibility with the filters used by Udemy.

You can also access the courses and their respective instructors’ video presentations, read reviews from other users, and get a summary of the resources available, e.g., quizzes and assignments.

5. Selling Courses on Skillshare Vs Udemy

udemy vs skillshare for instructors


Skillshare is open to anyone willing to share their knowledge by developing and teaching a course. Right now, this online teaching platform already produces certain courses they call Skillshare Originals, with some successful companies and professionals to launch some remarkable classes.


Udemy is also open to anyone who wants to make an effort to develop a course. But they ask that you meet certain requirements. They don’t accept poor quality 10-minute courses about certain subjects. But if you put real effort into creating a great course, you can sell it on Udemy.

6. Which Is Better for Business?


Skillshare is offering Team plans to customers. This will enable companies to develop premium accounts for their employees to learn and improve their skills continuously. In a Team plan, you will get the entire Skillshare library with more than 25,000 courses.

Buying a Team Plan will also enable the business to use a user management system that effectively controls their Skillshare accounts. The cost of the basic type of plan is $99 per year. It will allow 3 company employees to access the library and services of Skillshare.


Udemy also offers a plan for its business customers. This plan will allow a minimum of 5 company users to access 130,000 of the courses offered by Udemy. The cost of this plan is higher at $360 per year for every user. So, that brings the total for 5 users at $1,800 per year.

7. Customer Support


Customer support of Skillshare is sometimes slightly thinner than that of Udemy. This might be because its course offerings are also thinner than Udemy. But, it is relatively easy to reach out to their customer support. Customer support is somewhat slower if you are using a free account.


It is not easy to get answers to your questions if you contact customer support of Udemy. However, this online learning platform has constructed a well-laid-out knowledge base complete with guides and tutorials on how the platform works.

Thus, it is relatively easy to find any information you need about its term of use and its prices. You can try to reach out by sending them an email to get answers to your specific questions.

Conclusion – Udemy Vs Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning portal that offers varying courses for creative and curious people on subjects that include illustration, photography, video freelancing, design, and many more.

Udemy is well known as a leading international marketplace for teaching and learning many different courses as well. Both learning portals claim they have millions of members.

It really depends on what your current need for learning or teaching is. Skillshare may offer the best deal in one area. Udemy may also offer the best deal in another area. So, it largely depends on your particular needs to assess which one is better than the other.