Reverse Logistics Expert – Target [Job Description, Roles, Repsonsibilities]

A customer that returns a product to a Target outlet is basically a negative experience. But this returning of an already bought item can be a positive experience if the person handling the returns does their job well. That person is the Target Reverse Logistics Expert.

A Reverse Logistics Expert at Target is an expert in store operations, processes, and efficiency. The role enables a consistent experience to their customers by ensuring that the items being sold at Target are set, in-stock, accurately priced, and signed on the sales floor.

Basically, the job of this professional is the complete opposite of the job of an expert in forwarding and logistics. An expert in forwarding logistics is concerned about getting the goods to their destination. The Reverse Logistics Expert at Target is basically concerned about how the returned products can still be profitable.

Read on to learn more about what a Reverse Logistics Expert at Target is, the nature of the job, and how much it pays. We’ll also discuss the requirements of the job, daily duties, and other relevant information about this position.

Reverse Logistics Expert – Target

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As a logistics person, a Target Reverse Logistics Expert is an expert in the store’s operations, process, and efficiency. This person’s primary job is to provide a consistent experience for Target’s customers by ensuring that products are set, in-stock, priced accurately, and signed on the sales floor.

At Target, this professional should be proficient in all the sections of the store. And they should be able to perform the duties of the store staff in all the store sections.

The Target Reverse Logistics Expert can move goods beyond their usual final destination for different objectives such as proper disposal, capturing value, and re-use. In other words, this professional is primarily concerned not with forwarding the goods but with returned products. And how said products can still be made profitable for the company.

Target Reverse Logistics Expert Pay

Target usually pays their Reverse Logistics Expert $16 per hour. This is based on five (5) Target salary reports for Reverse Logistics Experts.

Factoring in additional compensation and bonuses, a Target Reverse Logistic Expert can get an average total of $16. In the United States, the national average salary for Reverse Logistics Experts is $46,233. This national average is higher than the salary given by Target for their experts.

Basic Job of a Reverse Logistics Expert at Target

A professional who is filling the shoes of an expert in Reverse Logistics has to do a lot of work. But their main job is to create an experience that will make customers say, “I love Target.” Of course, you must be fully qualified to take up this position because it has many responsibilities.

Main Job Description

Here is the actual Reverse Logistics Expert job description of a Target store in San Francisco, California. This list will give you an idea of what this professional’s responsibilities are at Target daily:

  • Process all inbound store deliveries and transfer using the receive application to make sure that inventory is accurate;
  • Process merchandise returns based on the vendor and company guidelines;
  • Accurately process all related paperwork of outbound freight shipments and handle shipping arrangements when required;
  • Responsible for maintaining all documentations and invoices according to the record retention guidelines that pertains to deliveries, all outbound shipments, and environmentally sensitive item management (ESIM) waste pickups;
  • Identify and process ESIMs in the reverse logistics area in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Complete the weekly log of ESIMs. Additionally, handle credits and damaged/defective items accurately and in a timely manner to reduce compliance risk and minimize shortage;
  • Observe processes by correctly focusing on the details. Provide a shopping experience and customer service that satisfy the needs of the guests; and
  • Execute donations, electronics recycling, CRC, salvage and inventory removals in compliance with all DOT regulations and best methods, and transfer orders (store to store and sweeps).

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Reverse Logistics

Target aims to enhance its customers’ experience by using the techniques of Reverse Logistics. So, the person handling this job has to do the following:

  • Tracking of original purchase data
  • Use technology in the product return process
  • Inspect the returned product
  • Process recalled or damaged goods and separate them from returned products
  • Use advanced system to reconcile inventory and returns

Most Essential Tasks

Out of the many responsibilities of a Target Reverse Logistics Expert, there are three essential duties that this person must focus on:

1. Marketing

This expert is tasked with creating secondary markets for the returned but still usable products.

2. Product Acquisition

This professional is also responsible for acquiring the used item from the customer through the manufacturer or the reseller.

3. Actual Job of Reverse Logistics

This expert is also responsible for transporting items to a facility for inspection, sorting out, and final disposition.

In the inspection of the returned goods, this expert will assess the condition of the returned item and make the most profitable decision for their reuse. This expert will also decide if they should refurbish returned item to bring it closer to its original specifications.

Requirements to Be a Reverse Logistic Expert at Target

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Target has several requirements for those who want to work as their Reverse Logistics Expert. Since this is a job for the experts, they require certain qualifications from applicants. There are preliminary and skills requirements:

Preliminary Requirements

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • Previous reverse or receiving logistics experience is preferred but not required.
  • Helpful and welcoming attitude towards customers, team members and co-workers.
  • Ability to resolve and answer customer question on the spot.
  • Ability to work with a team as well as independently.
  • Able to follow a multi-step process
  • Attention to detail
  • Willing to go on flexible working schedule such as night shifts, holidays and weekends.
  • Regular attendance on working days.

Skills Requirements

  • Able to learn and willing to use electronic equipment such as the electronic pallet jack.
  • Can accurately operate and handle cash register operations.
  • Able to scan, handle, and move merchandise safely and efficiently. This will include frequent lifting or moving of merchandise weighing up to 40 pounds.
  • Willing to climb up and down ladders.

Other Personal Qualifications

There are other criteria that Target is looking for in its potential employees. They are the following:

  • Provide service to customers that will make them say “I Love Target.” So, you need to really love to work at Target.
  • You like to work in an energetic and fun environment because it excites you.
  • You have no problem working with a team. Target uses teams to work efficiently and deliver great experience to their guests.
  • Selling, stocking and setting Target products excite you. That’s what you will be doing at Target.
  • You are not after a Monday thru Friday job where you sit in front of a computer each day, all day. You will be busy dealing with customers and guests giving them the feeling that they are most welcome at Target.

Again, what is a Target Reverse Logistics Expert? At Target, a Reverse Logistics Expert is responsible for being proficient in all store areas to complete duties. Their duties include cashiering, stocking, picking, packing, and other ship fulfillment work.

A Reverse Logistics Expert at Target is an expert in store operations, processes, and efficiency. An expert of this kind enables a consistent experience to Target’s customers by ensuring that the items at Target are:

  • Set,
  • In-stock,
  • Accurately priced, and
  • Signed on the sales floor.

Why Does Target Hire Reverse Logistics Experts?

target reverse logistics expert

Target is primarily willing to hire you as a Reverse Logistics Expert because it wants you to contribute to its success. But there are specific reasons why they hire these experts.

Some of the more important reasons are the following:

  1. Target wants you to increase its asset utilization;
  2. The company wants to generate better ROI using the help of its Reverse Logistics Department;
  3. Target wants to reduce its losses and manage unplanned revenue; and
  4. The company wants to improve its environmental sustainability through its Reverse Logistics Department.

Other Reasons Why Target Hires Reverse Experts at Target

Here are some of the more practical reasons why Target hires Reverse Logistics Experts:

1. To Provide Painless Return Process

Many customers are complaining about the hassles of returning faulty or wrong products they bought from stores. So, this situation caused many large e-commerce companies to institute painless return processes in their business.

With more companies incorporating this painless return process in their operations, returns became more common, and customer satisfaction grew. According to Forbes, some industries experienced between 30 to 40% return rates.

On the surface, it may look not good, but it really is not. Retailers, including Target, with observed liberal return policies to their customers, are now enjoying repeat business. Target, for one, is earning the trust of its guests. Thus, this is how a retailer can optimize Reverse Logistics.

2. To Generate More Cash Flow

Target can benefit from these retail returns. Some statistics showed that there is real value in returned merchandise. And reverse logistics experts at Target can efficiently manage their returns.

As a result, they have generated more cash flow from returns that are repurposed. There’s one good collateral benefit in this: Target has improved its customer satisfaction levels.

3. To Find More Effective Use of Returned Products

With the increasing volume of waste products worldwide, there is a need to find more effective ways of disposing of and recycling unused products. This is the social purpose of Reverse Logistics. Specifically, the person finds more useful and efficient ways of repurposing a used product.

In the past, these used and returned products were considered waste and cause degradation to the environment. Now, with Reverse Logistics, there is a growing market for reused and recycled retail products. And the good thing is: the environment is protected.

This is a good result of the increased regulatory restrictions on consumer products. These restrictions emphasized the need for a well-managed and efficient reverse logistics strategy for manufacturers and retailers.

Effect of Reverse Logistics on Customer Experience

Target hires Reverse Logistics Experts because they know that they bring customers back to their stores to buy more. Daniela Forte, the content manager of Multichannel Merchant, says that up to 95% of customers, who were provided with a positive returns management process, are likely to make more purchases with the same store in the future.

On the flip side, customers who were given unhappy returns experiences have a more significant effect on retailers. They are three times more likely to leave their retailers permanently. In other words, negative returns experiences will surely alienate consumers.

Why Target Uses Reverse Logistics

Target uses Reverse Logistics in its store operations because the company is acutely aware that the goal of its supply chain does not stop when a bought item reaches the customer’s door. There are plenty of reasons that can pop up which can induce the customer to return the product.

What are these reasons?

  1. The product was damaged upon delivery.
  2. The customer bought the wrong item.
  3. The customer does not need or want the product anymore.
  4. The product is not what the customer expected. It did not match the advertisement.

If the customer returns or wants to return the items for any of these four reasons, the Reverse Logistics Expert or their team will organize the shipping or return of the item. Then, the returned item will undergo several processes such as:

  1. Testing,
  2. Repairing,
  3. Dismantling,
  4. Recycling, or
  5. Disposing.

In undergoing the Reverse Logistics process, the product will have to travel in reverse through the supply chain of Target before it reaches its final state, whether it will be repaired, dismantled, reused, or disposed of.

Conclusion: Reverse Logistics Expert – Target

At Target, the Reverse Logistics Expert is a professional in-store operation, process, and efficiency expert. They provide a consistent experience to their customers by ensuring that the products that are sold at Target are set, in-stock, accurately priced, and signed on the sales floor.

Basically, the job of a Reverse Logistics Expert is opposite to the job of a Forward Logistics Expert. The job of an expert in forwarding and logistics is to ensure that goods get to their destination. An expert in Reverse Logistics ensures that the returned products are still made profitable for the company.