OTR Mobile Review [Speed, Cost, Is It Worth It?]

Wi-Fi connection is sometimes one of the problems you encounter while on the road. This issue is most likely worse when you go to rural areas. This article will provide an OTR Mobile review to check if it is an ideal device for travelers like you. But first, what is OTR Mobile?

OTR Mobile delivers a wireless Internet connection ideal for rural areas, truckers, travelers, and RVers across the United States. It uses dynamic IP addresses that can place a particular location outside of the local area.

Read on to learn more about OTR Mobile and its features.

OTR Mobile Review

OTR mobile review

OTR Mobile provides a wireless Internet connection perfect for rural areas, truckers, travelers, and RVers across the United States. It makes use of dynamic IP addresses that can place a particular location outside of the local area.

In this day and age, being “connected” is a necessity. People always want — or need — reliably fast internet access. That’s why OTR Mobile came up with the idea of providing portable unlimited internet, specifically for those who find it difficult to get an internet connection consistently.

Who are these people that OTR Mobile wants to cater to? They are families going out on vacations, long haulers, business travelers, and RVers, among many others. Basically, these are people who will most likely encounter connectivity issues. OTR Mobile was born to address these issues.

In this article, we will find out if OTR Mobile can truly deliver what people need.

Features of an OTR Mobile Device

An OTR Mobile device is a gadget that you can conveniently take anywhere you are. It can be connected to multiple devices. So, if you are traveling with family or friends, you can all connect to one OTR Mobile device.

Let’s first talk about three important features of the OTR Mobile device. These are speed, dynamic IP address, and accessibility:

1. OTR Mobile Speed

In terms of speed, users can attest to its reliability based on a wireless LTE connection. However, speed heavily relies on several factors that can affect usage positively or negatively. These factors include network traffic, tower proximity, and network coverage, among others.

OTR Mobile can’t guarantee the exact speed as it all depends — and varies — per location. But what OTR Mobile can assure is that, on average, their customers enjoy speeds ranging between 15 and 35 Mbps. 

OTR Mobile has plans that allow speeds of up to 100 Mbps. But some locations can only get 50 Mbps on average. Still, 50 Mbps is not at all bad, especially in areas where the WiFi signal is really a problem.

2. Dynamic IP Address

OTR Mobile boasts of its use of dynamic IP addresses. These IP addresses can place your particular location outside of the local area.

3. Accessibility of OTR Mobile

For now, OTR Mobile services only cover 50 U.S. states. Services are still not provided in other countries.

How to Use an OTR Mobile Device

Once you receive your order, all you have to do is visit their website www.otrmobile.com/activate to have it activated. In case you can’t seem to figure out how to go about it, use the website’s chat feature instead. That way, you can talk to an OTR Mobile tech representative and guide you until you have completed the activation process.

In my case, I used the site’s chat feature and was asked to provide my account number. In less than 30 seconds, the tech support representative was able to activate my device. But he asked me to wait for about an hour for its full activation.

I decided to check on its status even before it reached 60 minutes from the time I finished talking to the tech support representative. To my surprise and excitement, my device was already completely registered and connected. I connected my smartphone and did not encounter any technical issues.

To check how strong the connection was, I turned on my laptop and connected it too. Using my old internet connection, I only had two bars of service. But when I connected it to my OTR Mobile device, the download speed went up as high as 10 Mbps.

Using OTR Mobile, I can now stream high-definition videos fast and smoothly. I can also download and upload large work files.

How Much Does an OTR Mobile Device Cost?

When it comes to cost, it is slightly lower than its rivals. I was not charged a signing fee or any other additional charges except for the shipping fee.

The plans offered by OTR Mobile can be turned on or off whenever you want. But it’s best to leave it on all the time. Otherwise, you will have to get a new SIM card each time you want to turn it back on.

In my case, I opted for auto-renewal to prevent deactivation. At the same time, I wouldn’t have to call the OTR Mobile hotline each month.

Is an OTR Mobile Device Worth It?

OTR Mobile services work great at home and even while on the road. The poorest signal I have experienced was one to two bars when I stayed in a remote area. Nonetheless, I got a fairly good download speed and streaming quality.

OTR Mobile Portable Devices

OTR mobile

By now, you already have a clearer idea of what OTR Mobile offers. It delivers wireless Internet connection ideal for rural areas, truckers, travelers, and RVers across the United States to reiterate. It uses dynamic IP addresses that can place a particular location outside of the local area.

There are three types of OTR Mobile plans:

  1. Red Evolution Plan,
  2. Blue Evolution Plan, and
  3. Pink Evolution Plan.

Let’s first talk about the two plans that come with portable devices. These are the Blue Evolution Plan and the Pink Evolution Plan:

Blue Evolution Plan

The Blue Evolution Plan includes the Velocity 2 product. It features the ZTE Velocity 2 MF985 portable device with 200GB. You can get fast mobile Internet speeds even if you connect a maximum of 10 devices.

If you choose the Velocity 2 portable device under the Blue Evo Plan, the initial cost will include the device itself. It will also include a month of service as well as the activation fee.

Once you receive your order, you are given a trial period of 15 days. In case you decide not to get the service, you are free to cancel your order and get a refund.

This portable device is rechargeable. Just like any other gadget, avoid over-charging it to prevent battery damage.

Pink Evolution Plan

You can also get the Velocity 2 product under the Pink Evolution Plan. It features an unlocked ZTE Velocity 2 MF985 device. Like the Blue Evo portable device, you can also connect a maximum of 10 Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets to this device.

Similarly, you will be given a trial period of 15 days once you receive your order. If you opt not to proceed with it, you can cancel it to get a refund.

This Velocity 2 product is basically the same as the one under the Blue Evolution Plan, as it is also rechargeable. Avoid over-charging it, too, to prevent battery damage.

If you opt to choose this product, the initial cost will include the portable device, the activation fee, and one month of service.

The subscription fee, however, is different from the one offered under the Blue Evolution Plan. The Velocity 2 product under the Pink Evolution Plan is lower.

What Mobile Network Does OTR Mobile Use?

OTR Mobile used to be an AT&T unlimited data reseller offering a wireless 4G LTE connection. In 2020, it decided to take a major shift away from an AT&T-based plan and move to a T-Mobile unlimited plan. This time, OTR Mobile offers its services with 5G access.

For existing OTR Mobile users under the AT&T plan, they still have the option to continue it. But the downside is, they will most likely encounter a substantial price increase.

It is also possible for existing users to shift to the T-Mobile plan. They have to contact an OTR Mobile representative so they can have their device unlocked. That way, they can insert a T-Mobile SIM card using the same device.

T-Mobile Based Plan

OTR Mobile promises unlimited data for its customers. But, of course, usage must still be following the fair use policies of T-Mobile. This means that issues may arise in terms of continuous usage of over one TB per month.

Despite the limitations specified by T-Mobile’s fair use policies, OTR Mobile still offers a promising service. Besides, the service is not intended for commercial use with multiple clients connecting to a single device. Instead, it is intended for people on the go. It is also intended for people living in rural areas.

5G Inclusion

OTR Mobile users under T-Mobile-based plans will have access to a wireless 5G connection. This service will most likely consist of the 600Mhz (Band 71) 5G network that T-Mobile launched in 2019.

Equipment Unlocks and Compatibility

Due to this change, OTR Mobile promises to unlock devices that some originally ordered under the AT&T-based plans. If people bought the devices directly from OTR Mobile, these would be unlocked free of charge. However, devices bought elsewhere may still be unlocked by OTR Mobile but with a refundable fee.

Device Compatibility & Band 71 Significance

When shifting from one carrier to another, one of the major issues encountered is device compatibility.

In general, there is a fair cross-compatibility between T-Mobile and AT&T devices. The problem is that most AT&T devices, if not all, do not support T-Mobile’s key frequency Band 71. This key frequency band is T-Mobile’s primary band that has allowed it to extend its coverage map outside urban areas significantly.

While those OTR Mobile users under AT&T have the option to continue their plans, they will not be able to enjoy the features of the T-Mobile network. Band 71 can impressively reach extremely rural areas. Apparently, this is ideal if you often travel in these areas.

How to Get a New SIM Card

Because of OTR Mobile’s shift from AT&T to T-Mobile, those with AT&T plans who wish to shift to T-Mobile plans are required to have a new SIM card and to unlock their device.

OTR Mobile can ship the new SIM cards for free under certain conditions. For instance, if you are a mobile traveler, OTR Mobile might not be able to ship if your location is far.

To clarify this, contact an OTR Mobile representative immediately.

Options for New Equipment

OTR mobile products

OTR Mobile has not only launched T-Mobile plans. It has launched and will launch several equipment options that are compatible with T-Mobile plans.

Among these are the following:

  • Netgear LB11210 LTE Modem: The Netgear LB1120 LTE Modem is OTR Mobile’s most basic option. This forms part of the new equipment options and is compatible with some T-Mobile plans. However, it is categorized as a 4 LTE modem and does not support Band 71.
  • PepLink Max BR1 Mini: PepLink Max BR1 Mini features an LTE Category 4 Modem and does not support Band 71. It can, however, be used for several T-Mobile plans.
  • PepLink Max Transit Mini: The PepLink Max Transit Mini is a router compatible with all T-Mobile plans. Moreover, it supports LTE Band 71. It also comes with an LTE Category 4 modem.

These come as a set that includes the device itself, a SIM card, a charger, one month of service, and activation.

If you opt not to get a new device, you can have your existing one unlocked. Just get a new SIM card if you intend to shift to T-Mobile.

Conclusion – OTR Mobile Reviews

OTR Mobile provides a wireless Internet connection perfect for rural areas, truckers, and RVers across the United States. It makes use of dynamic IP addresses that can place a particular location outside of the local area.

The services provided by OTR Mobile are highly recommended for people on the go. If you are a business traveler or even a leisure traveler, an OTR Mobile device will definitely come in handy.

If you find it difficult to get a good signal in your residence, using OTR Mobile could help solve your Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

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