Laptop Sizes [Standard Laptop Screen Sizes to Choose From]

One of the most important things to consider when buying a laptop is the laptop size. What are the standard laptop screen sizes? What are the best laptop sizes?

Laptop sizes range between 11 inches and 18 inches. The most popular laptop sizes are 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches. Other common laptop sizes are 11.6 inches, 12.5 inches, and 14 inches.

Read on to learn more about laptop sizes (specifically, laptop screen sizes) and how to choose the right size for you.

 laptop sizes

Laptop Sizes

Laptop sizes range from 11 inches to 18 inches. The most common laptop sizes are 13 to 15 inches. Common laptop sizes, in order of most common to least common, are as follows:

  1. 13.3 inches
  2. 15.6 inches
  3. 17.3 inches
  4. 11.6 inches
  5. 12.5 inches
  6. 14 inches

Let’s take a look at the different standard laptop sizes available in the U.S. market:

11- to 12-inch Laptop Sizes

Laptops measuring 11 to 12 inches are the lightest ones. Their weight typically ranges between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds.

These small laptops are great for students since they move a lot from one classroom to another. They can also easily keep it inside their bag. Some people who do fieldwork also prefer small and light laptops too. That way, they can carry it anywhere they go.

If you do video editing, 11 to 12 inch laptops might be too small to see details. So you might want to go for a bigger size.

13- to 14-inch Laptop Sizes

In general, people say that an ideal laptop size ranges between 13 and 14 inches. These laptops typically weigh 4 lbs.

The working class mostly prefers laptops of these sizes. They can carry it around when they have meetings or presentations outside the office. The screen size is not too small, making it convenient when making presentations or other official documents.

15-inch Laptop Size

15-inch laptops generally weigh 4.5 to 6 lbs. Professionals also prefer this laptop size, but it’s something that they won’t carry around every day.

Most of the time, this is preferred by people who do multimedia activities. While they most likely prefer larger laptops, a 15-inch one is more convenient to carry.

17- to 18-inch Laptop Sizes

If you have a huge laptop screen, you can expect a full level of productivity as well. That’s why people who are into multimedia activities prefer laptops with the biggest screen size possible.

Also, big-screen laptops are ideal for watching movies!

Which Is the Best Laptop Size?

Only you can tell which is the best laptop size for you. What’s best for others may not be the ideal one for you — and vice versa. Some people are very impressed with how large laptops can make them very productive. But some people are more productive with compact laptops. This is because they can carry small laptops all the time, which means they can work any time they get the chance to.

Suffice it to say that your productivity depends on your laptop preference. As earlier mentioned, there are several factors to consider when choosing a laptop:

  1. How portable or compact does your laptop have to be?
  2. Will you use your laptop mainly for multimedia activities?
  3. How comfortable are you with your laptop’s screen size?
  4. What type of workstation does your laptop have to sync with?

Let’s tackle each one of these items:

1. How Portable or Compact Does Your Laptop Have to Be?

Some people don’t really like carrying laptops outside the office or their home. But some also prefer to own a laptop so that they can bring it with them if there is an urgent need.

If you are this person, then a big laptop is a better choice than a small one. That way, you can maximize its use when you’re at home. You can watch movies conveniently if your laptop has a big screen. At the same time, a larger screen is undoubtedly more practical when working.

As earlier mentioned, big laptops are also preferred by people in multimedia arts. In fact, it doesn’t matter to them if they are carrying a bulky gadget. What matters most to them is the ultimate experience of using the technical features of their laptop. If you are one of them, then bigger laptops should be your choice.

On the contrary, some people like carrying their laptops with them all the time. These are people who always conduct meetings outside the office. They love meeting people in restaurants. Also, they prefer working in coffee shops. Therefore, they prefer to own small laptops.

In most cases, these people mainly use their laptops to check e-mails. They often use it for their word files, spreadsheets, or even to create simple presentations. Other times, they use it to do research.

Typically, these people don’t mainly use their laptops to play games or watch movies. It is also the choice of most business travelers.

2. Will You Use Your Laptop Mainly for Multimedia Activities?

standard laptop screen sizes

To reiterate, if you are into multimedia arts, a laptop with a large screen size is surely an advantage. In fact, you should get a laptop with the largest screen size if possible. That way, you will have an ultimate viewing experience. You will see images at better angles and work with better details.

Streamers and gamers definitely prefer large laptops. If you are one of them, you surely know that a large laptop is the best one for you.

3. How Comfortable Are You with Your Laptop Screen Size?

In my case, the first thing I consider when looking for the perfect laptop for me is comfort. It doesn’t matter how big or small my laptop is. Its physical appearance also comes second. What matters to me most is how comfortable I am when using it.

I love working alone in a coffee shop. So, at first, I thought I would appreciate a small-size laptop. But I realized that I am not productive with a small one since I usually open several tabs and windows at a time. I usually need to resize several windows, and doing so makes it difficult to read texts.

An 18-inch laptop is too bulky for me. It is not at all ideal if you love to walk around while carrying a heavy laptop inside your bag. So, an ideal one is a medium-sized laptop. In my case, I have a 14-inch laptop that I can conveniently carry anywhere all the time.

If you are like me, then choose a medium-size laptop.

However, what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean that it will also work for you. Don’t rush when buying a laptop. Find out what’s the most comfortable one to use. Remember, superior comfort translates to productivity.

4. What Type of Workstation Does Your Laptop Have to Sync With?

You have to take into consideration your workstation before buying a laptop. Is there enough space for a big laptop? Will you be connecting it to another monitor?

Some people prefer an 11-inch laptop with the best technical features. They typically connect it to a bigger monitor and even connect a keyboard so they can work conveniently. That way, if they need to bring their laptop somewhere, they won’t need to carry a bulky gadget with them. At the same time, the laptop won’t take so much workspace.

Again, what are the standard laptop sizes? Laptop sizes range between 11 inches and 18 inches. The most popular laptop sizes are 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches. Other standard laptop sizes are 11.6 inches, 12.5 inches, and 14 inches.

Other Important Things to Consider

By now, you already know how important it is to consider the size when buying a laptop. Laptop sizes range between 11 inches and 18 inches. Typically, laptop manufacturers offer products in three different sizes, which are 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches. But some vendors sell laptops with such sizes as 11.6 inches, 12.5 inches, and 14 inches.

But there are other important things to consider when choosing the ideal laptop for you. Among these are the following:

  1. Operating System
  2. Battery Life
  3. Keyboard and Touchpad
  4. Specs
  5. 2-in-1 Laptops
  6. Brand
  7. Budget

1. Operating System

There are different operating systems to choose from when buying a laptop. The most popular ones are Windows and Chrome OS. But if you intend to buy a MacBook, its operating system is macOS.

Windows is known to be the most flexible operating system. Its latest version runs on all laptop models, unlike the others. It also has the capability to switch from tablet to desktop mode and features the Cortana digital assistant.

In general, the MacOS has similar functionality to Windows. It’s just that MacOS is an exclusive operating system for MacBooks. With macOS, you can sync your other Apple gadgets, such as your Apple Watch. You can also sync the contents of your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

2. Battery Life

Another important consideration aside from laptop size is the battery life. If you’re a digital nomad or someone who often works remotely, then battery life is significant to you. If you do fieldwork most of the time, you wouldn’t want your laptop to get drained in the middle of a meeting.

Typically, manufacturers indicate the battery life of their products on the packaging. But if you want accurate information about it, it is advisable to check out customer reviews.

3. Keyboard and Touchpad

Do a trial before buying a laptop. Some keyboards don’t seem to be compatible with our fingers. What’s convenient for me to use might not be convenient for you. So, it’s better to try using it first before making a decision.

Check out the touchpad, too, if you find it comfortable to use. Some users don’t like a highly sensitive touchpad, while some find it more convenient to use.

4. Specs

The RAM, hard drive, processor, and graphic chip are only some of the specs you should consider when buying a laptop. Most people are not familiar with these specs. If you are one of them, it’s best to find time to do some research on all these:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • RAM
  • Storage Device (SSD)
  • Display
  • Touch Screen
  • Graphics Chip
  • Ports
  • DVD/Blu-ray Drives

5. 2-in-1 Laptops

standard laptop sizes

There are laptops categorized as 2-in-1 laptops. These are hybrid devices that can be used as a typical laptop or as a tablet.

There are 2-in-1 laptops wherein you can detach the screen from the keyboard. But there are also products wherein the hinges can be bent back 360 degrees.

Some people prefer this, especially those who love reading e-books. It’s basically like having a MacBook and an iPad in one device. These laptops have the same standard laptop screen sizes; they just convert from laptop to tablet.

6. Brand

The best brand doesn’t necessarily mean it offers the most expensive products. This is because the best brand for you may not be the best for others.

Also, check out customer reviews all the time. These are very helpful when choosing the ideal laptop to buy.

7. Budget

You will already find a quality laptop even if your budget is only about $200. Typically, this is a small-size one that can allow you to work on spreadsheets, word documents, and even create presentations. This is ideal, too, if you only use your laptop to check and reply to emails.

But there are also laptops worth as high as $3000. If this is your dream laptop, you have surely started saving up for it.

Whichever laptop you choose, make sure that you will allot enough budget for it.

Conclusion – Standard Laptop Screen Sizes

Laptop sizes range from 11 inches to 18 inches. Generally, laptop manufacturers offer products in three different sizes, which are 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches. But some vendors sell laptops measuring 11.6 inches, 12.5 inches, and 14 inches.

When choosing the ideal laptop size, always remember to consider several factors such as comfort when using it, your workspace, and your budget, among many others. Don’t buy impulsively just because it looks attractive and is in demand.

Ask yourself, “Does this laptop address all my needs and match my requirements?” If the answer is yes, then that’s the best laptop for you.