Japanese Guys [Dating Tips and How to Win Their Heart]

Many women are interested in dating or even marrying a Japanese guy. In fact, Japanese men are one of the topmost attractive types for women. But what exactly do women like about Japanese guys?

Japanese guys have several positive traits that women find attractive. Among these are their punctuality, perseverance, diligence, politeness, and cleanliness. These are traits that are innate in them, both personally and professionally.

Read on to learn more about the characteristics of Japanese men, Japanese guy dating tips, and how to win the heart of a Japanese guy.

Qualities of Japanese Guys

Japanese guy

Japanese guys have quite a lot of positive characteristics that women indeed find attractive. 7 of these traits are as follows:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Hardworking
  3. Diligence
  4. Politeness
  5. Cleanliness
  6. Healthy Diet
  7. Physically Active Lifestyle

Let’s look at each trait in more detail below:

1. Punctuality

Being punctual is a natural quality of Japanese people in general. You will notice this even when you use their public transportation. Trains, buses, and other public transportation arrive on time. They will even issue a public apology if they reach a few seconds ahead of schedule.

For the Japanese people, not being punctual creates a wrong impression. That’s why punctuality is one of the most vital traits of Japanese men.
So, if you intend to date a Japanese guy, make sure not to be late on your first date. This way, you wouldn’t leave a wrong impression on him.

2. Hardworking

Japanese men are known for being hardworking. They don’t merely get things done. Instead, they would even go the extra mile to be able to deliver high-quality results.

Karoshi” is how to describe the work attitude of Japanese guys. This Japanese term means “death by overwork.” While “death by overwork” seems exaggerated, the time is merely used to explain that Japanese men always strive for excellence when working.

This is the reason why during breaktime, Japanese men are normally seen taking a nap. You don’t only find them napping in the office. Some take naps on benches along the street. This occurrence is culturally accepted in Japan.

3. Diligence

Like in other countries, companies in Japan provide days off for their employees. Nonetheless, Japanese workers do not like taking days off. In fact, they hardly do so.

Japanese people are known for their diligence. So, if you will someday end up with a Japanese guy, you will surely be amazed at his persistence.

4. Politeness

Reigi tadashii” is how Japanese people refer to politeness. As part of the Japanese culture, you will often see them bowing their heads to greet one another and show politeness.

Originally, bowing the head was merely used to greet each other. But in this day and age, bowing the head is also their way of showing respect, appreciation, gratitude, and other positive emotions. The longer the time you remain bowed expresses the depth of your emotions.

So, if you are out on a date and your Japanese date suddenly bows his head, he is merely expressing his appreciation for you.

5. Cleanliness

In Japan, schools hardly have any janitors. That’s because students are taught to clean the campus all by themselves. Students wipe desks, chairs, and boards.

They sweep the floor, take out the garbage, and water plants. This is a regular occurrence for 30 minutes a day. When they grow up, it will all be normal for them to keep their surroundings clean.

That’s why most Japanese men have clean homes. They also have clean work areas and even clean vehicles. It is not because they have obsessive-compulsive behavior. But it is merely because cleanliness comes out naturally in them.

6. Healthy Diet

Japanese people have always been known to maintain a healthy diet. It may be because they are health conscious. But more than anything else, eating healthy has still formed part of the Japanese culture.

So, if you want to end up marrying a Japanese guy, your home will undoubtedly be filled with healthy foods all the time. If the rice has not been a mainstay on your dining table, be prepared to eat natural rice every day once you live with a Japanese man.

Not to mention the fact that he will never grow tired of preparing sumptuous dishes that include seafood, vegetables, and fruits, among others.

7. Physically Active Lifestyle

With a Japanese partner, you will not only begin to have a healthy diet. You will indeed begin to have a healthy lifestyle in general. Dating Japanese guys will not only encourage you to eat healthy because they will also enable you to work out with them.

Most Japanese men, if not all, have been raised with an active lifestyle since childhood. A report once released by the World Health Organization indicates how almost 100% of Japanese children go to school by walking or riding a bike.

So, don’t be surprised if your Japanese guy prefers walking. He would rather walk 5 kilometers than travel by car.

What Japanese Guys Like in Women?

When it comes to Japanese guys’ preferences, there are some common traits that they look for in a girl. If you’re planning on dating a Japanese guy, here are some of the qualities that you must possess to win his heart:

  1. Take Care of Your Skin
  2. Maintain a Petite and Slim Body
  3. Make a Move
  4. Respect and Understand the Japanese Culture
  5. Be Feminine

1. Take Care of Your Skin

In Japan, it seems like having beautiful skin is considered the epitome of beauty. If you have noticed, there are quite several excellent beauty products made in Japan. To them, good looks symbolize purity.

Since beautiful skin is common in Japan, Japanese guys notice it outright if they do not have fair skin. This, of course, turns them off. So, if you plan on dating and marrying a Japanese guy, you must consistently take care of your skin.

2. Maintain a Petite and Slim Body

As earlier mentioned, Japanese people give utmost importance to beauty. A Japanese guy is not only particular about a woman’s skin and beautiful face. He is also particular about a woman’s slender body.

In general, Japanese men love women with small frames. They are particular about weight. In fact, if you weigh more than 110 pounds, some Japanese people already consider that fat.

However, things have also changed through the years. Now, not all Japanese men are strict about their weight preference. More than anything else, a Japanese man will now observe whether his date maintains a healthy diet or not.

If you love junk food, you better improve your eating habit now!

3. Make a Move

Japanese men are naturally shy. During your first date, he might not even be a good conversationalist. You might even find him quiet at times. But this does not mean that he does not like you.

If you experience this, don’t be shy to make the first move to start a conversation. Ask questions about him. Talk about things he is interested in. Every time he speaks, maintain eye contact. Assure him that you are interested in what he is saying. A Japanese guy loves a good listener.

4. Respect and Understand the Japanese Culture

If you’re a foreigner, it’s important to learn about Japanese culture and tradition before dating a Japanese guy. That way, you will somehow have an idea of how to deal with your date. It is important for Japanese men that you respect their culture and their country in general.

In fact, even if you come from an Asian country, you are not exempt from learning the Japanese culture. You’ll be amazed at how different the culture of Japan is from your own country.

5. Be Feminine

Japanese men highly prefer lady-like women. If you are a boyish-type woman, you might want to think twice about dating a Japanese guy. Or, if you are serious about dating one, you may want to start practicing lady-like gestures and behavior.

Again, women find Japanese guys attractive due to their politeness, punctuality, diligence, cleanliness, perseverance, among other qualities. Japanese men also practice these qualities in their workplace.

Marrying a Japanese Guy

Marrying a Japanese guy is a great decision, especially if you get along really well with your partner. However, there are other considerations you must take note such as:

  1. Language barrier,
  2. Culture shock, and
  3. Homesickness, among other things.

You may not encounter any problem when it comes to dealing with your Japanese husband and in-laws. But you might find it difficult to deal with the outside world in general.

The following are several occurrences you will encounter when marrying a Japanese guy:

1. Obtaining a Spousal Visa

Just because you are getting married to a Japanese citizen, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to obtain a spousal visa. The application process is extensive, and that includes a long waiting period.

However, once you obtain one, it allows you to have more work options than when you merely get a conventional working visa. A spousal visa enables you to apply for work in any industry that you prefer.

Whereas, with a conventional working visa, you are restricted from looking for a specific type of work.

2. Registration of Marriage

When you get married, you have to submit your marriage registration. The process undergone by a Japanese couple is the same as the process experienced by an interracial couple.

As a foreign spouse, you will have to secure a certificate indicating that you have already met all marriage requirements by the law of your country as well as the law of Japan.

3. ID and Insurance Registration

Had Japan not abolished the alien registration card system in 2012, you would have to apply for one. But in the new immigration control system, you will instead be obtaining a resident card, which the Japanese Immigration Bureau issues.

As a resident cardholder, you become entitled to apply for a pension plan and health insurance administered by the Japanese government. It’ll also allow you to get a certificate of residence released at local city offices.

4. Language Barrier

dating a Japanese guy

It’s not surprising at all that you and your Japanese guy understand each other, even if you don’t know a lot of Japanese words. But that is not enough reason to give you the confidence to deal with the rest of Japan.

If you are moving to Japan, it is advisable to learn the Japanese language extensively. Doing so will help you quickly adjust in terms of living in a foreign land.

5. Respect for Your Partner’s Culture

When it comes to the high technology industry, Japan’s success gives foreigners the notion that Japanese people live in a highly modern society. Once you live there, you will be amazed that fax machines are still commonly used in the country.

Japanese people are highly traditional. They prepare healthy foods the way their ancestors did. They highly value punctuality, and they don’t like to be with rowdy people.

Conclusion – Japanese Guy

Japanese guys possess several positive characteristics that women undoubtedly find attractive. Among these are their punctuality, diligence, perseverance, politeness, and cleanliness.

These are traits that Japanese guys naturally apply not only personally but also professionally.

If you’re serious about winning your Japanese date’s heart, these are the traits you must possess:

  1. Take Care of Your Skin
  2. Maintain a Petite and Slim Body
  3. Make a Move
  4. Respect and Understand the Japanese Culture
  5. Be Feminine

You should learn to understand and respect the Japanese culture. It will also mean a lot to him if you exert an effort to learn the Japanese language and adapt to the Japanese culture. Besides, doing so isn’t bad since Japan has a great culture and many positive traits.

For all you know, adapting to the Japanese culture will make you an even better person.

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