Is Postmates Worth It? Should You Work for Postmates?

Online ordering and delivery service is becoming more normal each day. Postmates is one of the most popular delivery services, and many want to become a Postmates driver or courier. Is Postmates worth it?

Postmates is a legit way to earn money by delivering restaurant meals, groceries, and other items to consumers. Regular earnings are based on the deliveries that their delivery drivers complete. But aside from that, Postmates also offers a variety of incentives for them.

So if you are wanting to make some extra money, Postmates is worth it. It is worth becoming a Postmates driver or courier for the money you make and the popularity of the service.

Read on to learn more about why Postmates is worth it and how much you can make as a Postmates driver.

Is Postmates Worth It?

is Postmates worth it

If you are asking, “Is working for Postmates worth it?” Then, the answer is yes. Postmates is a legit way of earning money by delivering goods, groceries, and other items to consumers.

Regular earnings are based on the deliveries that you complete. But aside from that, Postmates also offers a variety of incentives for you.

You may be a full-time employee seeking extra income or a college student needing funds for your tuition fee. Perhaps, you are unemployed seeking full-time positions. Whichever circumstance you may be in, you are welcome to join the Postmates team as their delivery driver!

As a delivery driver or courier, which is also called a Postmate, you will be categorized as an independent contractor.

This means that you are not entitled to a minimum wage and other benefits enjoyed by full-time employees. Nonetheless, you have the opportunity to earn more than what others earn.

Let’s take a look at how Postmates works and gauge if you are perfect for this job.

Am I Eligible to Become a Postmates Delivery Driver?

Unlike full-time employment, you do not need to graduate from a four-year course to become a Postmate. However, there are requirements you need to meet to qualify as a Postmate.

You must be,

  • Of legal age or at least 18 years old;
  • A permanent resident or a citizen of the United States;
  • Living in or near a Postmates market;
  • A valid driver’s license holder; and
  • An owner of a functional bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, truck, or car with valid vehicle insurance and/or other documents

Having previous professional delivery or driving experience is an advantage. However, this is not a prerequisite. For as long as you can drive, you abide by all traffic rules and regulations, and you meet the above-mentioned requirements, then you can become a Postmate.

Postmates’ Application and Hiring Process

The application form requires you to input information such as:

  1. Basic personal information such as your name and contact details;
  2. Type of vehicle and mobile device that you own;
  3. Social Security number;
  4. Driver’s license; and
  5. Your consent to conduct a background check. The background check will include your driving history, among other things. 

You will be notified once you pass the background check. You’ll then be asked to upload a profile photo and wait for your Postmates package, which will be delivered to you.

This package contains a delivery bag and a prepaid debit card. Once you receive the card, you are required to complete some tasks, including signing into your Postmates Fleet app account.

How Do I Schedule and Make Deliveries for Postmates?

Once you are given the go-signal, you can start working as a Postmate! To get your very first assignment, indicate in the app that you are available.

1. Use the Postmates App

The app is pretty easy to use. Once delivery is assigned to you, the complete list of orders will reflect on the screen of your mobile device. It will also include the place where you will pick them up.

2. Call the Merchant

In most cases, the merchant has already prepared the items before your arrival. However, this might not be the case all the time. So, please call the merchant first to know the status of the order.

3. Pick Up the Order

Once you arrive at your pick-up point, do not forget to ask for an itemized receipt from the merchant so that you have proof in case you encounter any dispute regarding the order’s accuracy.

4. Payment and Delivery

Some customers pay in advance through the Postmate app. In which case, you coordinate with the merchant only to confirm the orders. There is no need to exchange any funds. You pick up the complete items from the merchant and deliver them to your customer.

Then, you get paid via the app before moving on to your next delivery assignment.

Some customers prefer paying upon delivery of the items. In which case, you’re required to pay the merchant upon picking up the items. You deliver the items to your customer, who will then pay you.

Once this is done and you receive your earnings via the app, you can now move on to your next delivery assignment.

In case you need to pay the merchant and run out of funds, it should be easy for you to transfer funds from your bank account to the Postmate app. Online banking transfers are real-time and should only take you a minute or two to complete the process.

How Do I Get Paid By Postmates?

is working for Postmates worth it

Postmates will pay you for each complete delivery. The breakdown will include a variable pay for each of the following:

  1. Completeness of the pickup process
  2. Successful dropoff process
  3. Time spent while waiting for the merchant to process the order.
  4. Distance between the pickup and dropoff points

Aside from that, you also receive 100% of the tips given by your customers.

Postmates caters to all kinds of merchants, including cash-only merchants. But Postmates has been trying its best to encourage all merchants to practice cashless transactions. While this is not yet fully implemented, you will find yourself accepting cash-only transactions from time to time.

In which case, you may seek assistance from the Postmates Support Team and ask to pawn such delivery assignment off on Postmates itself. This means that you do not have to use your own money to pay for those deliveries, even if the merchant seems to pressure you to do so.

Again, is Postmates worth it? Postmates is a legitimate company that delivers goods to customers with the help of its delivery drivers. It’s a legitimate way of earning money. Thus, worthy of adding to your list of income-generating apps.

Advantages of Working for Postmates

By now, you already know that Postmates is a legit way to earn money by delivering goods, groceries, and other items to consumers. Your Postmates earnings are based on the deliveries you complete.

To answer your question, “Is driving for Postmates worth it?” in more detail, below are some of the incentives Postmates offers.

Here are some of the advantages that Postmates has for its delivery couriers:

  1. No need for a car to become a Postmates’ Delivery Courier
  2. Potential to earn big
  3. Delivery fees increase with delivery distance
  4. Earn more with the Blitz Pricing feature

1. No Need for a Car to Become a Postmates’ Delivery Courier

If you have a truck or a car, or any other acceptable four-wheel vehicle, you may use it to complete your Postmate deliveries. But what if you do not have any four-wheel vehicle? Can you still become a Postmate?

The answer is yes. If you have a motorcycle, you can become a Postmate, and if you only have a bicycle, you still can become one! This way, even those who don’t own cars can earn money!

2. Potential to Earn Big

Becoming a Postmate allows you to earn big — and even bigger than other office-based workers. For instance, there are Postmates delivery drivers that earn US$25 per hour or even more, and that does not include tips yet.

Here’s one tip for you: if you think that your earnings will be small in the beginning, then you might be wrong about that. There are many perks for new delivery drivers, which means that you have the chance to earn big as a first-timer!

However, it all depends on you too. Unlike workers who have an 8 to 5 job and have a fixed income, you work at your own pace as a Postmate and earn based on your performance.

So, if you work hard, smart, and with discipline, there is a big possibility that you will earn high and even become Postmates’ top performer. But if you work only if you feel like working, do not even ask why you are not earning anything.

3. Delivery Fees Increase with Delivery Distance

One of the factors that Postmates takes into consideration is the distance. They make sure that their delivery drivers and couriers are compensated fairly. For instance, for long-distance deliveries, delivery fees are quite higher.

This means you will receive higher pay too. There is a likelihood, too, that you will be given higher tips.

This kind of scheme is effective in encouraging delivery drivers to accept order assignments that are out-of-the-way.

4. Earn More with the Blitz Pricing Feature

is driving for Postmates worth it

Blitz Pricing is one of the features that highly benefits delivery drivers. Postmates makes sure that you will be compensated well during rush hour and even during bad weather conditions under this feature.

With Blitz Pricing, Postmates expect to serve more customers, as there are more delivery drivers on the clock.

Step-by-Step Guide in Using Postmates Fleet App

Postmates have two different apps. One is for the consumers, and the other is for you, called the Postmates Fleet app. So, to accept and complete deliveries, the appropriate app for you is the Postmates Fleet app.

1. Access the Postmates Fleet App

You are not a regular employee of Postmates, and, therefore, you can work at any time of the day for as long as your schedule permits. Start working by simply accessing your app and sliding a button so you can start accepting orders.

2. Wait for Delivery Request

Wait until a delivery request pops up on your screen, then click “Accept.” A map will then appear on the screen. It will inform you of the quickest route to reach your pickup point.

3. Pick Up the Order

The merchant may have already been informed of the orders. So that by the time you reach your pickup point, the items have already been packed.

There are instances too in which you are the one who needs to place the orders or shop for the items. In which case, you will also be well compensated for the time you spend doing so.

If the customer pays his orders via the app, all you have to do is pick up and drop off the items. Otherwise, you need to use the prepaid card sent to you by Postmates to complete the online transaction.

4. Use App to Know the Shortest Route for Delivery

When delivering the items to the customer, use the app to know the fastest and shortest route to reach the dropoff point. Check if there are messages from your customer too. He might be informing you of some specific instructions that will help you complete your delivery in no time.

Conclusion – Is Postmates Worth It?

Postmates is a legit way of earning money by delivering goods, groceries, and other items to consumers. Regular earnings are based on the deliveries that you complete. But aside from that, Postmates also offers a variety of incentives for you.

The incentives offered by Postmates are not offered by other online ordering and delivery service providers. This makes it more enticing for people considering becoming Postmates’ delivery partners.

If you are unemployed and have difficulty looking for a job, this might be the job for you. Perhaps, you are a college student who needs to raise more funds for your tuition fee.

Well, this job may be for you too. Or, if you have a full-time job but have time for another job, you might want to try becoming a Postmate.

Postmates will not only allow you to earn money, but it will also allow you to expand your network.

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