Is Norton Antivirus Good? Is Norton Safe?

You can’t stop those who create and spread computer viruses and malware from doing what they do. But you can equip your computer with antivirus protection such as Norton. But is Norton antivirus good? 

Norton antivirus protection is good. Many antivirus reviewers have given it a good rating. This antivirus program has one big advantage compared to its nearest rivals: it bundles an identity theft protection feature called LifeLock to its antivirus software.

There are antivirus reviewers who also stated that Norton Mobile Security is the most user-friendly, the most feature-rich, and fastest Android antivirus software that they have tested.

Read on to learn more about Norton antivirus, its features, other antivirus products offered by Norton, and other related information.

Is Norton Antivirus Good?

is Norton Antivirus good

Many reviewers of antivirus programs have given Norton antivirus software good ratings. One reviewer said that the Norton AntiVirus Plus received remarkable scores in independent lab tests.

They said that they found that this antivirus software has many useful security features on their own tests. Another reviewer said that Norton antivirus did well in their ratings. This reviewer said that Norton has two primary advantages over its nearest rivals:

1. LifeLock Protection

The first advantage of Norton is its LifeLock protection against identity theft. This is usually a separate feature that costs an additional $30 to $50 per year to the subscription price.

2. VPN Password Manager and Cloud Storage

The second advantage is its VPN password manager and cloud storage, ranging from 10 to 500 GB. Norton’s competitors offer these features only if customers are willing to pay their additional charges. With Norton, they are bundled with its antivirus environment.

3. Norton’s Mobile Security

For mobile applications, Norton’s Mobile Security is the fastest of all the other antivirus programs. This reviewer added that it is also the most feature-rich and most user-friendly antivirus app that they have tested.

Another antivirus reviewer has ranked Norton 360 with LifeLock number 2 in its list of 7 best antivirus programs of 2020.

Why Is Norton Antivirus Good?

It is easier to understand why Norton antivirus is good if you know the kind of protection it provides its users.

Here are some of the more important reasons why you can consider Norton as a good antivirus program:

1. 100% Protection

Norton has an antivirus program that can protect your computer from current and future viruses and malware. By installing simple updates, this program ensures 100% protection against existing and future malware.

In 2018, AV-TEST, an independent testing lab, disclosed that Norton got 100% of both clearly understood and new out-of-the-plastic viruses, compared to the industry-accepted 99% for identified viruses and 95% for fresh viruses.

2. Low False-Positive

AV-TEST also found low false positives while they were testing the Norton antivirus. They did not find any instance of false caution while utilizing true blue programming or browsing safe websites.

Common in the industry is six false positives within a framework examination. Norton only produced two false positives.

3. Allows User to Change Size and Depth of the Virus’ Output Activities

Norton’s antivirus software, together with Norton Internet Security, provides a wide-ranging diversity of variable highlights, enabling the user to change the virus output activities’ size and depth.

Besides, Norton integrates different strategies in securing and repairing your computer. For instance, to restore your PC after a virus attack, it will provide a bootable recovery tool.

4. Framework Lag Jam of About Four Seconds

A combined test of different organizations found out that when a Norton antivirus program is activated, there will follow a framework log jam of about four seconds.

This slight delay is caused by the antivirus software checking every document before running them. This length of time, however, is less than the standard lag time of five seconds.

In fact, Norton’s time is the least of all antivirus programs that were tested. AV-TEST rated Norton’s execution time at 4.0 out of 6.0.

5. Identify and Prevent Spam from Entering Your Inbox

Norton AntiVirus keeps spyware at bay. It can identify and prevent spam from entering your inbox. In effect, you have been protected by this antivirus software without you noticing it.

This will prevent you from clicking a button on your email that could compromise your computer. There is spyware that can steal passwords and record the characters that you type on the keyboard. These are called key loggers.

Cybercriminals use them to send spam to your inbox. If you have Norton protecting your computer, you need not worry about this intrusion.

is Norton worth it

6. Others

Norton also provides identity theft control, parental control, VPN, performance enhancers, licenses for multiple computers and devices, game modes, and many more.

Installation and setup of Norton AntiVirus is easy and fast.

Is Norton Security safe? Norton Security is safe. Included in its package is a means to protect yourself against malware, spyware, virus, and ransomware.

What Do Different Antivirus Reviewers Say About Norton?

The best way you can determine if Norton AntiVirus is good is by reading the reviews made by respected antivirus reviewers.

I have included here some of the salient points that the most respected antivirus reviewers have said about this antivirus program:

SafetyDetectives Review

This antivirus software reviewer has given Norton 360 an “Outstanding” 9.8/10 star rating. It ranked Norton 1st among 57 companies that develop antivirus software.

Norton 360, according to this reviewer, is extraordinary because it guarantees 100% protection from spyware, digital surveillance, malware, identity theft, and phishing threats – all without affecting device performance or sending annoying notifications.

This reviewer tested the capability of this antivirus software by testing it with 17 different malware. The antivirus protection gave perfect results and completely defended their computer against all of the 17 different malware.

They found that the malicious files were immediately quarantined. Besides, all suspicious processes were stopped from running.

The antivirus software did not allow simulated attempts to encrypt their files, transfer data away from their computer, and hijack their CPU, preventing their cryptocurrency mining.

They also tested the Full Scan feature of the antivirus program. The whole process lasted under 2 hours. While the scan was undergoing, they were able to use the computer without any system lags.

Their first-hand testing convinced the reviewer that Norton’s reputation as a good antivirus developer is valid. They also discovered that the security tools used by Norton are easy to use, fast and lightweight.

So, is Norton worth it? Norton is worth getting to protect your computer. It has received excellent reviews from several rating sources. With LifeLock and the many other features, Norton is a trusted antivirus program.

PC Mag Review

PC Mag gave an excellent 4/5 rating to Norton AntiVirus Plus due to the hands-on tests that they subjected it to and its remarkable scores in independent lab tests.

This reviewer also liked its Data Protector, which defends computers against ransomware. They also liked the antivirus program’s firewall, online backup, password manager, and exploit protection.

This reviewer emphasized the outstanding lab results that Norton AntiVirus has achieved. They say it is the best way to determine if the antivirus software is excellent as it claims. Actually, they asked four testing labs to perform the tests.

One of the independent test labs is AV-Test Institute. They looked at the product from three angles.

This independent examiner rates antivirus programs against malware attacks, the effect on system performance, and how the software successfully avoids naming valid websites and programs as malicious (false positives).

AV-Test gives six points for each aspect with a perfect score of 18 points. After the tests, Norton earned a perfect 18 points in its latest test. It is interesting to note that AV-Test considers any product that gets at least 17.5 points as a Top Product.

Needless to say, Norton antivirus is not just a good product. It is a Top Product if you will go by the determination of AV-Test.

Again, is Norton Antivirus good? Norton Antivirus is good. Several antivirus experts gave it a good rating. And Norton’s greatest advantage among its competitors is its identity theft protection feature called LifeLock.

Is Norton safe? Norton has received excellent safety ratings from trusted sources. One of the independent test labs, AV-Test Institute, has rated Norton Antivirus as being very safe. It has detected viruses in many independent tests.

ConsumerAffairs Review

This reviewer determines the viability of a product through the inputs and feedback from the actual users of the products they are reviewing. As for Norton, this reviewer gave it an overall satisfaction rating of 3/5 stars. They based their rating on 98 consumer ratings they received in the last year.

Their overall assessment is that Norton 360 provides comprehensive digital protection services, ranging from malware to identity theft protection, for its price point.

is Norton Security safe

So, is Norton worth it? It really is. The editor/main reviewer of this site says that Norton 360 plans are excellent options.

The scope of Norton’s offering, according to this reviewer, expanded with its integration of LifeLock. This allows the program to be deployed in multiple areas of your digital life with one streamlined service.

Norton has the exact virus protection for all kinds of budgets, added this reviewer. It offers affordable plans as well as comprehensive options for those who require added protection.

As per this reviewer, Norton has bonus features, such as parental control and cloud storage, making it a great go-to for a majority of digital security requirements.

Toms Guide Review

This reviewer gave Norton 360 antivirus program a 4.5/5 star rating. They believe that Norton 360 antivirus software has nearly everything you could ask for.

This reviewer was impressed by the program’s excellent malware protection, unlimited VPN service, light background performance, and optional LifeLock identity theft protection.

According to this reviewer, Norton LifeLock can protect not just one computer but all the computers and devices in the home. It has almost anything that you will ever need, added this reviewer.

From the password manager, backup software, unlimited VPN, online storage, comprehensive identity theft protection, and parental controls, Norton 360 has them all.

There is no other developer of antivirus software that can protect your computer and devices from modern-day security risks and attacks other than Norton, added this reviewer. You could consider it as a one-stop shop for all your computer security needs – at a good price.

Is Norton Security worth it? As several reviewers mentioned, Norton Security is user-friendly, and the best thing is that it does not interfere with the user’s daily activities. So, yes, Norton Security is an excellent option as your security suite.

Norton Antivirus Products

What are your options when it comes to Norton’s antivirus products?

Here are Norton’s most popular antivirus software, their respective prices, and their essential features:

1. Norton 360 Standard

This is the basic antivirus protection offered by Norton. Its regular price is $84.99 per year, but the company slashes $55 off the price. So you can get it now at only $29.99.

Some of its key features are:

  • Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection
  • Online Threat Protection
  • Good for 1 PC, 1 Mac, or 1 Smartphone or Tablet
  • 10 GB Cloud Backup
  • Dark Web Monitoring

2. Norton 360 Deluxe

This is an upgraded version of the Norton 360 standard. It will cost you $104.99 per year. But if you will get it now, you will get a discount of $65, so you will pay only $39.99.

Aside from the features of the 360 Standard, the deluxe version has the following features:

  • Good for up to 5 PCs, Mac’s, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • 50 GB Cloud Backup
  • Secure VPN
  • Password Manager

3. Norton 360 with LifeLock

This antivirus software is another upgrade of the standard and the deluxe versions. Its regular price is $149.99 per year. But if you will subscribe now, you can get it at only $95.88, reducing the price by $54.11.

Apart from the features of the lower versions, this program has the following elements:

  • LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
  • 100 GB Cloud Storage
  • School Time (New)
  • SafeCam
  • Parental Control
  • Privacy Monitor

4. Norton 360 for Gamers

This is a recent addition to the line of 360 antivirus protection of Norton. It is only priced at $99.99 per year. But if you will get it now, $70 will be slashed off its price. That means you can get it for only $29.99.

This antivirus software offers the following features:

  • Good for up to 3 PCs, Macs, Smartphones, and Tablets.
  • Full-screen Mode Detection
  • Notification Optimization
  • Secure VPN to protect against doxxing and DDoS attacks
  • Up to 50 GB Cloud Storage
  • PC SafeCam
  • Password Manager
  • Parental Control
  • Real-time Threat Protection

Conclusion – Is Norton Antivirus Good?

Many antivirus software reviewers have given Norton antivirus a good rating. That means it really must be good.

Norton has one big advantage over its nearest competitors: it bundles identity theft protection with its antivirus program. Norton calls this feature LifeLock.

In other antivirus software, identity theft protection is usually a separate feature. You have to pay a separate fee if you want to prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive personal data.