Is McAfee Safe? Will McAfee Protect You?

McAfee has provided antivirus protection to hundreds of millions of computers and laptops across the globe. But with so many viruses and malware out there, is it still a safe antivirus program? Is McAfee safe?

McAfee is safe to use. It is being utilized by millions of individuals, companies, and government agencies around the world. It scores high for virus and malware prevention and detection.

McAfee Total Protection offers a wide range of extra security and performance options. It protects your computer and devices against viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware attacks. It will also safeguard your devices from vulnerable and suspicious websites.

McAfee’s Total Protection was 99% successful in the detection and prevention of zero-day malware attacks. Many reviews, including PC Mag and Safety Detectives, have indicated that McAfee outperformed many other competing antivirus programs.

Read on to learn more about McAfee and how safe it is. Also, you will learn what McAfee can do to protect your computer, what reviewers are saying about it, and the different McAfee antivirus products.

Is McAfee Safe?

is McAfee worth it

Overall, reviewers have indicated that McAfee antivirus programs can provide beyond just safety and security services. The software functions as an all-in-one tool that looks after the general issues of your computer and device.

In fact, it is being utilized by several individuals, including companies and government agencies. Its McAfee Total Protection can protect your devices from viruses, spyware, among others.

It is one of the perfect options for protecting their data and keeping them secure. This antivirus software can provide safety and security to your most sensitive information with its robust features and tools.

Software reviewers have given McAfee very positive reviews and very high ratings. It is found to be 99% successful in detecting and preventing zero-day malware attacks. This app will keep your devices safe against vulnerable and suspicious websites.

McAfee is also very flexible. It can be used in all kinds of operating systems. All versions of this antivirus program can support Apple iOS, macOS, Windows, and Androids. The Shredder feature of this program eliminates the traces of all your erased files.

McAfee guarantees that your device will be protected such that if you choose to auto-renew your version of the program, its Virus Protection feature will remove malware. If it can’t do it, McAfee will refund your subscription.

Why Is McAfee Safe?

It is understandable if you have uncertainties about the safety of using McAfee. Since nearly all our work is done digitally, doubts will naturally arise about antivirus programs’ safety and capability.

After using McAfee for one month straight, one reviewer has admitted that they found it safe to use for work purposes. They discovered that McAfee is the best for both professional and personal use than other antivirus software they have used.

One fact that will show if McAfee is safe is that it is now a part of Intel Security Group. In its present status, it is suspected that eventually, its name will be changed. Meanwhile, McAfee remains active, and its antivirus programs can definitely detect malware right away.

Additionally, this antivirus program provides its users with safer environments to work in. But before you can optimize your use of this program, you must know how it operates. This antivirus software comes with its own features and capabilities.

Its key features are as follows:

  1. Ransom Guard
  2. Complete Vulnerability Scan
  3. Extensive Phishing Protection
  4. Comprehensive Fraud and Malicious Malware Detection
  5. Built-in Cryptojacking Blocker
  6. Can be Used in Many Operating Systems, such as macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android

What Do Different Anti-Virus Reviewers Say About McAfee?

If you are still in doubt about the safety and security that McAfee can provide your computer and devices, perhaps reading the reviews published by several antivirus software reviewers will convince you that it is really effective:

PC Mag Reviews

PC Mag has given McAfee Total Protection a 4-star rating. This reviewer said that Total Protection provides security and password management for all devices. It also offers parental control for all devices, except Macs. An attractive extra feature of the suite is the no-limits VPN.

PC Mag said that McAfee Total Protection also provides the following:

  1. File Encryption
  2. Identity Theft Monitoring
  3. Exceptional Phishing Protection
  4. Safe Family Parental Control
  5. Security for All the Devices in the Home

According to PC Mag, McAfee Total Protection is a well-rounded suite. There are attractive extras in McAfee Total Protection that make it a good buy. A maximum of 5 members in your family can use the True Key password manager on their respective devices.

Besides, McAfee’s scores have improved in recent independent antivirus lab tests. Its Safe Kids parental control system, says PC Mag, is more effective than its competitors.

PC Mag also reviewed another McAfee antivirus program, the McAfee AntiVirus Plus. The review said that other antivirus programs had gotten better scores, but none of them can beat the deal that McAfee AntiVirus Plus offers.

According to PC Mag, McAfee AntiVirus Plus can provide the following:

  1. Outstanding Detection of Malicious and Fraudulent Websites
  2. Excellent Malware Protection Score
  3. With Bonus Features including PC Boost, Ransom Guard, and many more
  4. Virus Protection Assurance
  5. Robust Firewall

PC Mag also said that AntiVirus Plus appears to be improving, although it still lags behind some of its competitors’ scores. But it gets 100% success rates with tests on malicious URL blocking and phishing protection.

It will give you comprehensive protection when you install it on Windows, says PC Mag.

PC Mag says that this product remains their Editor’s Choice because of its generous unlimited licensing and its wealth of usable features.

SafetyDetectives Review

Safetydetectives, also a reviewer of antivirus software, has given McAfee an overall rating of 8.9/10. Its rating breakdown is as follows:

  • Security – 10 stars
  • Features – 7 stars
  • Ease of Use – 8 stars
  • Support – 10 stars
  • Pricing – 9 stars

SafetyDetectives also gave a “Great” rating for McAfee. This review site also ranked McAfee as third among 57 other antivirus companies. This reviewer also said that McAfee Total Protection had covered all the bases for security, with additional features that also protect privacy.

is McAfee good or bad

You can also easily get in touch with this antivirus protection software’s customer support, says this reviewer. It concluded its review by saying that McAfee Total Protection is a great antivirus program. This software will be useful to home users who need to protect multiple devices.


Another antivirus software reviewer, ConsumerAffairs, has given an overall satisfaction rating of 2.5/5 stars to McAfee. Their rating is based on 78 ratings submitted last year.

The editor of this review site has offered the following statements regarding McAfee:

  1. McAfee is capable of scanning the home’s network. You will be able to see the unprotected devices in the home by using this antivirus program;
  2. It offers real-time protection against the latest viruses and other malicious threats since McAfee collects data from millions of sources worldwide;
  3. McAfee features the True Identity Manager, which is a secure software password vault used to log into devices, mobile apps, and websites through the combination of fingerprint and facial recognition;
  4. The parental controls feature of McAfee will enable parents to filter the things that their children access online;
  5. A subscription to McAfee comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With this subscription, you are entitled to antivirus protection for all your Macs, iOS, Windows, and Androids, tablets, and Android watches; and
  6. McAfee also offers an anti-theft feature for your mobile gadgets. This feature will lock down your device and enable you to locate it when stolen or lost.

Tom’s Guide

This review site has reviewed all McAfee products, including McAfee Total Protection, McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee LiveSafe, and McAfee Internet Security. Overall, this review says that these antivirus programs offer great deals for people with several devices that need protection.

According to this review site, all McAfee’s five suites for 2020 will protect any computer or device against online assault, defend against crypto-jacking and shred inconvenient files.

According to this review, McAfee’s flagship product, Total Protection with VPN, has many features and protection for its price point.

Is McAfee good or bad? Overall, according to several reviewers, McAfee received good marks and ratings regarding its effectiveness as anti-virus software.

McAfee Antivirus Products

Is McAfee worth it? If you haven’t found the answer to this question yet, then read the section below.

McAfee has in its arsenal 10 antivirus suites. You may be interested in the key features that each of them offers.

Here is a brief background of each of these McAfee products:

McAfee Total Protection

This McAfee antivirus suite offers protection for our modern security risks. If you install this suite on your computers and devices, you will have peace and enjoy your online activities.

This suite includes premium antivirus safe browsing. Also included are a secure VPN and ID theft protection.

This suite will cost you $29.99 a year. For a two-year subscription, you have to shell out $59.99. You can use this on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Androids.

Here are the key offerings of McAfee Total Protection:

  1. You can protect your finances and personal info from potential fraud. If your info leaks online, you will be alerted right away. It can automatically generate and store complex passwords;
  2. You can bank, browse, and shop safely on Wi-Fi. This antivirus software will prevent prying eyes from stealthily viewing your sensitive personal data anywhere you go. With its secure VPN, you will be able to turn unsecured networks into your own private connection; and
  3. You can click with confidence because this suite will provide you with color-coded links that expose fraudulent and dangerous websites from search results and pages on social media.

McAfee Gamer Security

This antivirus suite offers gaming performance and protection without compromising anything. You can try it for free for a limited time. After you are convinced with your trial, you can still enjoy its gaming protection for only $19.99 per month or $59.99 per year at 40% off from its regular price.

It can provide you with a quieter and faster, safer gaming experience complete with the latest technologies that enhance gaming performance. 

McAfee Identity Theft Protection

This will protect your computer for one month at a trial fee of only $9.99. Afterward, you can enjoy identifying theft protection for only $23.99 per month.

It offers Dark Web and credit monitoring 24/7/365, $1 million in identity theft insurance, and dedicated agent support. This program is available in Standard, Plus, and Premium classes.

McAfee Safe Connect VPN

With this program, you can have a secure online activity. You can also make any Wi-Fi connection private and secure. This program costs only $7.99 a month. But if you will choose the yearly plan, it will only cost you $2.92 a month.

Paying bills or shopping online will be very safe and secure with this program. It will also keep your browsing history and data away from cybercriminals. This is made possible because of McAfee’s bank-grade encryption VPN.

McAfee Safe Family

This McAfee antivirus program will make the digital world of your family safe and secure. You can try this for one month at $7.99. Once you are convinced about its effectiveness, you can enjoy it for one year at only $49.99.

You will have parental control of the online activities of your kids even if you are not there. This program also blocks suspicious websites and apps. It can also keep track of the whereabouts of your kids and control their screen times.

Is McAfee Security Scan Plus

McAfee Security Scan Plus is safe. It is a free diagnostic tool that ensures you are protected by checking your computer for antivirus, firewall, and web security software. Security Scan Plus scans for threats such as trojans, malware, and unwanted programs actively running on your computer.

If you are not sure if your computer is secure or not, you can run McAfee Security Scan Plus. This is a free security assessment McAfee provides its customers. It can assess your computer’s virus vulnerabilities by scanning key areas of security.

It will help provide solutions that will fix the gaps in your security concerns. This can include installing a firewall and antivirus to safeguard your online privacy.

Is McAfee WebAdvisor Safe?

is McAfee good

McAfee Webadvisor is safe to use. McAfee WebAdvisor is a free product that keeps you safe by identifying and warning you about risky websites and downloads. When McAfee WebAdvisor is installed in your browser, it automatically collects information as you browse.

McAfee also provides its buying customers with McAfee WebAdvisor for free. With this antivirus program installed on your computer or devices, your internet browsing will be safer and more secure.

Phishing and malware attempts will be prevented while surfing the web without affecting your usual browsing experience.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

This antivirus program includes Wi-Fi privacy protection (VPN), a free and award-winning security scan, and, most importantly, safe web browsing. The cost of this program for one year is $79.99.

If you want the ultimate protection for your mobile online activity, this is the antivirus program you will want to install. You can try it for free, but once the trial period is over, you will be able to enjoy its protection at $29.99 per month.

McAfee Concierge Gold

This program will keep your computer running smoothly. You will be provided with regular tune-ups if you are using Windows OS. It can support 1 computer with up to 4 connected devices. Its basic service offerings are virus and malware removal. Its price is $179.95 per year.

McAfee Virus Removal Service

You can get your PC repaired and all viruses removed from the comfort of your home if you will buy this service. It costs only $89.95 per incident. Just chat with McAfee’s security experts, and they will fix your computer’s problems by accessing it remotely.

Conclusion – Is McAfee Safe?

Whatever your working environment is, you can safely use McAfee antivirus programs. It is currently being used by many millions of people, institutions, companies, organizations, and government agencies worldwide.

For instance, McAfee Total Protection can protect your computer and devices against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware attacks. This antivirus protection will also keep your computer and gadgets safe from vulnerable and suspicious websites.

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