Is Malwarebytes Safe? [Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Review]

To safeguard your computer from malware and viruses, it is important to have protection on your computer. Malwarebytes is one of the most popular anti-malware software programs available. But how safe is it to use? Is Malwarebytes safe?

Millions of users find Malwarebytes safe to use. This security software can be beneficial in detecting possible malware attacks.

There is a free version and a premium version of Malwarebytes that you can download from the web. As its name suggests, Malwarebytes will protect your device from malware. This security software can also protect your computer from malicious websites, ransomware, and other computer threats.

There are many fake versions of Malwarebytes, so ensure that you download the software from its official website.

Read on to learn more about how safe Malwarebytes is and how it can protect your computer.

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Is Malwarebytes Safe?

is malwarebytes safe

Many people around the world are using Malwarebytes to protect their devices from computer threats. Is Malwarebytes anti-malware safe? Many are using it, so it really means that it is safe to use.

However, there are many fake versions of this software online. So, be sure that you are downloading this security program only on its official website. Otherwise, instead of protecting your computer, the fake version may compromise it.

As already mentioned, Malwarebytes is available for free as well as in the premium version. It has been around for decades and has been protecting the computers and devices of many millions of users all these years. That means it is legit.

You should not mistake it for antivirus software. As its name suggests, Malwarebytes is an antimalware suite that scans your computer for malicious programs that compromise your OS. Malwarebytes can expose and can tear out a virus that has buried itself onto your device.

If that happens, it may damage your computer. But the damage will be done by the virus, not by the antimalware. What Malwarebytes did is to expose the damage done on your computer once the virus is removed.

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Malwarebytes Is Legit

Malwarebytes is a legitimate internet security program. The fact that it is being used by millions of people worldwide for many years proves that it is authentic security software that provides real protection from computer threats. It will keep your device safe from all kinds of malicious software packages and malware.

Here are some impressive statistics that Malwarebytes have gathered so far that will show if it is legit or not:

  • There are more than 247,000 installs of Malwarebytes each day around the world.
  • This security software performs more than 187,000,000 scans per month.
  • It is blocking or detecting over 8,000,000 threats each day.

Malwarebytes provides a ‘better’ alternative to standard anti-virus programs by shutting down and blocking attacks from every possible angle. Part of the reason is that it is straightforward and easy to use. Its threat detection and removal capabilities are proven extensively.

For enhanced security, Malwarebytes is using the following technology:

  • Behavior matching
  • Application hardening
  • Anomaly detection and artificial intelligence

The basic concept being followed by Malwarebytes is to protect computers and devices from unknown malware, viruses, and attacks by not depending on information from a database of known threats. So, it is very effective in quickly addressing evolving attacks – the most prevalent online threats nowadays.

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Malwarebytes Overview

Malwarebytes is security software focused on blocking and removing malware and other threats from computer devices. You can download it for free, but it also has a premium version. This security program won’t cause anything that will damage your device.

On the contrary, it is designed to recognize anything that can cause damage to your device, including malware, worms, viruses, spyware, Trojans, and many more. It can deal with these threats by using its database.

This database is updated continuously so that whenever threats are found, they will be immediately blocked, rooted out, and removed from the system.

Malwarebytes, Inc., the company that developed Malwarebytes, was founded in 2004. They launched this security program in January 2006. This company maintains its offices in Florida, California, Singapore, Estonia, and Ireland. Their security software is available in 30 languages and is used by millions all over the world.

Malwarebytes Free Version

is malwarebytes anti-malware safe

Wipe Out Threats before You Could Install Protection

The free version of Malwarebytes can wipe out the threats that can escape the main defenses of your device or those that have compromised your system before you could install any protection. It can deal with attacks from ransomware that can damage your device permanently. It is a handy tool when all other threat protection fails.

No Product Updates Yearly

Unlike other security companies, Malwarebytes, Inc. does not release product updates every year. It only releases updates when they are needed. Version 4, its first whole-number update, was released in 2019. It was the updated version of the original version 3 that was released in 2016. Version 2 was released a few years before 2016. The latest version is 4.3.

Upon installing the free version, you will be given the option to choose a 14-day trial of the premium version. If you do not get the premium version after the trial period, you will lose some of the software features, but you can still use its basic features.

Fixes Current Malware Problems

The free version of Malwarebytes does only one thing – it fixes the current malware problems of your device. It will not provide your computer with real-time protection. In other words, it will not protect your device from ransomware attacks.

This free version is full of subtle suggestions for you to upgrade your free version to Premium. Sometimes it tells you directly to upgrade your version. The installation of the software is quite simple and fast. When you launch the program, the program will present you with three windows.

Display Detection History

One of the windows will display the detection history. The second window will show you the options for real-time protection.  Both these windows are activated during the free trial period. But once that period is over and you have not upgraded to Premium, you will lose them.

Launch a Scan for Malware

The third window, which is located in the middle, will let you launch a scan for malware. This feature will not be disabled once your free trial is over. While it remains a useful tool in protecting your device, you can’t fully depend on it to fully protect your computer. The Premium version can only provide full protection.

Malwarebytes Premium Version

One of the many advantages of the Premium version is that it can eliminate ransomware before it attacks your system. That is one thing that the free version can’t do. Other security programs don’t have this feature as well.  As it is, ransomware attacks are the most common threat today.

This is one reason why when you download, install, and use the free version, and you will always be prompted to upgrade to the Premium version. The Premium version has a lot more to offer regarding protection from spyware, ransomware, malware, and other online attacks that can easily compromise your device.

Premium Version Price

You can get the Premium version of Malwarebytes in two ways:

  • For the price of $39.99, you will be able to use the Premium version for one year. This amount is good for one device.
  • For the price of $59.99, you get to use the Premium version for two years. This amount is also good for one computer.

Features of the Premium Version

If you are willing to pay the price, you will be able to do the following to protect your device:

  • Remove malware, spyware, adware, and other advanced threats
  • Prevent exploit attacks – this security software will shield vulnerable software and systems from exploit attacks.
  • Block ransomware attacks
  • Find malware automatically 24/7
  • Find and remove spyware
  • Shield against malicious websites

The Premium version of Malwarebytes will block spyware that hides on your computer and sends the stolen information to thieves and hackers. You will be able to use your device with more confidence once this premium version is installed.

Again, is Malwarebytes good? Malwarebytes safe? Yes, Malwarebytes is safe. It provides the following:

  1. A reliable antivirus scanner.
  2. A browser extension that provides additional protection against phishing and malicious sites.
  3. Real-time protection that provides several layers of protection against malware, online threats, and system vulnerabilities.

How Malwarebytes Protects Your Computer

is malwarebytes good

In a nutshell, here is how Malwarebytes protects your computer from online threats:

  • It will give you a warning whenever you accidentally visit fraudulent and malicious websites that harbor threats such as tech support scams, malicious advertising, and phishing scams.
  • Identify and remove existing infections with a fast but extensive scan of your computer.
  • Stop spyware, malware, and other online threats by using multiple layers of security that include real-time protection.

Difference Between Malwarebytes and Other Antivirus Software

It is wrong to assume that Malwarebytes is just another antivirus software. It is different in the following ways:

  • Malwarebytes can detect emerging threats. Standard antivirus programs can’t.
  • It can remove all traces of malware on your computer. Your device will be spotless.
  • Malwarebytes uses artificial intelligence to identify and determine emerging threats. Meaning, your device has protection when said threats come.
  • It will protect your device from advanced ransomware infections, which encrypt your files and then force you to pay so you can get them back.

Is Malwarebytes Safe? FAQs

Will Running Malwarebytes Slow Down Your Device?

Using Malwarebytes on your computer will not slow it down. On the contrary, it will make your device run faster. This security software runs in the background each time that you use it, even 24/7, if you will. It will have a very minimal impact on the performance of your device.

Malwarebytes also uses simple controls so that you can customize your security very easily. It will actually improve the performance of your device because it will remove the PUPs or potentially unwanted programs. PUPs are some of the things that make your computer run slowly.

Is Malwarebytes Worth the Money?

Malwarebytes is not a traditional type of antivirus software that eliminates general malware from computers. Malwarebytes is different. It is more focused on detecting and eliminating the most harmful online threats that are not yet discovered by this other antivirus software.

To prevent malware and other threats from corrupting your device, Malwarebytes uses different layers of technology like anomaly detection, application hardening, and behavior matching, in addition to the detection of hackers and malware.

Is Malwarebytes Good?

In some AV tests, Malwarebytes obtained a good usability score of 6 out of 6 without any false detection. In terms of performance, it achieved a 4 out of 6. When it comes to protection, Malwarebytes obtained a 4.5 out of 6. Its rate of protection against 0-day malware attacks is a high 96.2%.

Definitely, Malwarebytes Premium is worth your money. The level of protection that this version gives is very high. When it comes to scanning potential threats, it is mighty. In fact, this is its main attractive feature.

This capability can save your device in situations where standard antivirus software can’t do the job, and you do not find the threat that is corrupting your device. With the prevalence of ransomware attacks nowadays, having Malwarebytes running in the background on your PC will give you peace of mind.

There is no way to guarantee that these attacks won’t come your way. It is better to prepare than being sorry. Moreover, you can use Malwarebytes on all kinds of devices, such as PCs, Macs. iPhones, Androids, and many more.

Conclusion: Is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Safe?

Millions of users of Malwarebytes consider this software safe to use. It is a security program that is very useful in detecting possible malware attacks. You can easily download it from the web. It is available as a free version and as a premium version.

However, there are many fake versions of this program. So, be sure that you are downloading it from its official website. This security software will protect your computer from malware and malicious websites, ransomware, and other computer threats.

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