Is Grammarly Safe? [Grammarly Review]

One of the leading online writing assistants is Grammarly. Before using it, many wonder how safe Grammarly is. Is Grammarly safe?”

Grammarly is safe to use. Grammarly encrypts and keeps private the transferred data to its servers. This safety measure prevents security risks. Grammarly assures users that the app is safe. Likewise, many users attest that Grammarly is safe.

The writing app has to connect to the Internet to correct spelling and grammar mistakes by using its servers; however, that data is fully encrypted and safe.

Also, Grammarly is not designed as a keylogger that records every keystroke you make on your computer or device. So, it cannot steal your data.

Despite these safety measures, it is still recommended to disable Grammarly for sites related to your sensitive data, such as credit cards and bank accounts.

Read on to learn more about Grammarly’s safe use, its pros and cons, and how to optimize its features.

 Is Grammarly Safe?

is Grammarly safe

The Grammarly app is safe for all users. Millions of user reviews confirm that Grammarly is safe to use. The writing app works by connecting to the Internet to correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

Grammarly is completely safe due to its encrypting feature that keeps transferred data private. This process ensures the safety of your documents.

How safe is Grammarly? According to PC Mag, “Grammarly is blocked from accessing anything you type in text fields marked ‘sensitive,’ such as credit card forms or password fields.”

However, PC Mag still recommends that you disable Grammarly for sites related to your sensitive data, such as credit cards and bank accounts.

Grammarly ensures your documents’ safety by using AES-256 to secure your data at rest and SSL/TLS 1.2 protocols to secure Internet connections.

With all these security measures, you can expect that Grammarly can secure your data safely.

Types of Grammarly Services

Grammarly offers two options:

  1. Free Subscription
  2. Premium Subscription

Free Subscription

The free subscription corrects basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, while the premium or paid subscription provides all these primary services and more.

You can choose to run the app on your MSWord as you write or open the app later and copy-paste your document.

Grammarly Paid Subscription Features

This automated grammar checker is a boon for amateur or professional writers as the app can produce results within seconds.

Here are other features that Grammarly premium services offer:

1. Suggests Best Word Syntax

Your sentence may be grammatically correct but, there can be a better word arrangement. Grammarly will suggest the best word syntax suitable to your topic.

You can go over the suggestion and determine if it applies to the context of your composition. You can then accept or reject the recommendation.

2. Corrects Punctuation Mistakes

That misplaced comma can entirely change the meaning of a sentence. An example is: “Let’s eat, mom,” is different from “Let’s eat mom.” The app will point out why the comma placement is wrong.

3. Detects and Corrects Spelling Mistakes

Grammarly also provides this service in the free app. You can correct the spelling mistakes, depending on the language you have chosen for your composition.

Grammarly allows you to select the language. Spelling variations depend on the language used. Examples are armor (U.S. English) and armour (U.K. English).

There is an option to save a spelling not found in the app’s dictionary. You could create your own vocabulary so Grammarly does not strike the words when you include them in your future compositions.

4. Suggests and Corrects Grammatical Errors

This feature is one of the essential functions of Grammarly – to correct your grammatical errors. The app would warn you of wordy sentences, dangling modifiers, misplaced adverbs, absence or presence of articles, and wrong subject-verb agreements.

5. Allows You to Accept or Reject Suggestions

The app gives you the option to accept or reject the suggestions. You have complete control over how you would like to write your document.

However, the recommendations are based on Grammarly’s large database of examples. Thus, it is rare that the suggestion does not apply to your composition.

6. Allows You to Select Your Preferred Options

You can choose the tone of your article, whether it is informative, humorous, or formal. You can also select the reading comprehension level of your readers.

Are they grade-schoolers, professionals, or experts? Grammarly will provide the suitable language suitable to each type of reader.

7. Suggests Appropriate Synonyms

The app will suggest appropriate synonyms to avoid repetitive words. This word variety would enliven your article and make it more engaging. 

8. Recommends Corrections for Wordy Sentences

is Grammarly cheating

Typically, when your writing muse appears, you are inspired to write continuously. This sudden inspiration often prompts you to compose long sentences.

Grammarly will point out wordy sentences that you have to edit. The app could also compose the edited version of the sentence. Click on the suggestion, and the corrections will replace the faulty sentence.

9. Provides Explanations for Suggested Corrections

Not only will Grammarly provide the corrections, but it will also explain in detail the reason/s for the corrections. You may want to learn more about writing rules on Grammarly’s blog as well.

10. Makes Recommendations to Improve Your Writing Style

Your writing style will improve significantly due to correct spelling and syntax. You would learn too to adjust your tone and use inclusive language. Also, you can learn new words and become aware of grammar rules.

11. Provides a Score to Measure Your Writing Skills

Another amazing feature of Grammarly is its scoring tool. The app will provide your writing score based on your article’s correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. It also has a counter that reflects the number of corrections you have to accomplish for your document.

These corrections are classified under punctuations, spellings, basic grammar, and other errors. You can strive to improve your score as you write your articles.

12. Grammarly Offers Human Proofreading

If you want to connect to an expert, all you have to do is click the link “Get Expert Writing Help” at the right bottom portion of your screen, and an expert will attend to your concerns. Your document will surely pass through human proofreading.

13. Scans Entire Document for Intentional or Unintentional Plagiarism

Grammarly will also scan your document for plagiarism. This feature is vital in writing as readers never tolerate plagiarism offline or online. The app compares your text to billions of databases and online content to ensure that you did not plagiarize any phrase in your document.

Having an effective way to prevent plagiarism through Grammarly ensures your document’s originality. You would never suffer the plagiarism stigma.

Grammarly underlines the basic errors in red and the advanced errors in other colors. Hence, you can quickly detect them. When you click on these errors, the app provides the recommended correction and the reasons for the corrections.

It also gives you the option to accept or reject the suggested corrections. Thus, you still have complete control over your document.

How to Install Grammarly?

You can conveniently install and run the app on your MS Word or Outlook by following the steps below:

1. Download the App on Your Desktop

Visit the Grammarly website and download the app directly to your desktop for Windows. Once installed, you can drag the document you want to proofread on the Grammarly app.

2. Install the Extension on Chrome

You can go to the Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome” the “Grammarly for Chrome” app. The app will install within seconds, and you are ready to go.

Is Grammarly safe to install? Yes, Grammarly is safe to install on your device. You don’t have to worry about your document since it is encrypted. Thus, your data is private.

3. Download the App on Your Mobile

You could use your phone to download the app. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to install the Grammarly Keyboard. Another option is to get the keyboard from Google Play or the AppStore.

4. Open the Grammarly Editor on Your Device

Another method is to open the Grammarly Editor on your MS Word. Get this editor from the Grammarly website and install it on your computer or laptop.

It is easy to use any of the above methods to install Grammarly. You can accomplish it within a few minutes. Once installed, you can work on your document immediately.

Is Grammarly Worth It?

Grammarly is worth it if you are working on projects that require quick and accurate editing. The app gets more work done than a human editor.

On the other hand, if you are composing only one article, you may want to use the free subscription, as you can have more time to go over the suggested corrections.

Nevertheless, whatever document you are composing, Grammarly can significantly help you come up with the best-written piece. It is worth your money.

No matter how outstanding your writing skills are, there will always be that one error that you may fail to detect upon writing. Grammarly will do that crucial process for you. An amateur or a professional writer or editor will find that the app is worth a try.

Is Grammarly cheating? Using Grammarly isn’t cheating. Grammarly has a free version you can try if you’re curious about this app.

Pros and Cons of Using Grammarly

is Grammarly safe to use

The following are Grammarly’s pros and cons. You may want to go over them and weigh your options:


  • Premium writing features
  • Accurate spelling and grammar checker
  • Quick response time
  • Convenient for all devices
  • Allows writer-flexibility


  • No offline option
  • Expensive

Does Grammarly Steal Your Work?

Grammarly does not steal your work. Your data is encrypted and protected in their servers, so there is no chance that anyone can steal it.

Again, is Grammarly safe to use? Grammarly ensures the users’ safety. The app is safe because many users and reviewers attest to its reliability. This writing assistant has to connect to the Internet to correct spelling and grammar mistakes through its servers.

Grammarly keeps your document completely safe by encrypting it and keeping your transferred data private. This vital measure ensures your document’s safety. It’s also safe to install, just like other apps.

Next, let’s proceed to some tips for using Grammarly.

Tips for Using Grammarly

1. Click the Word to Correct the Text

It is easy to correct your text. If you accept the correction, click on the text, and the correction will appear on your document. You don’t have to do additional steps to correct your text.

2. Click the Drop-Down Arrow to Learn More About the Correction

If you want to learn more about the correction, you can click on the drop-down arrow near the suggestion to read the explanation.

3. Checking for Plagiarism Would Also Check Related Web Contents

You would know other related web content to your topic when Grammarly checks for plagiarism. Ensure that your content is unique and better than those posted on other websites.

4. Learn from Grammarly’s Recommendations

Avoid committing the same mistakes. Learn from the app’s recommendations, and spice up your vocabulary. Note your common errors and learn how to correct them. Grammarly could also be your teaching assistant aside from being your writing assistant.

5. It Is Cheaper to Choose the Yearly Subscription than the Monthly

A yearly subscription will only cost you $11.66 per month, while a monthly subscription will cost you $29.95. Thus, if you have sufficient funds, opt for the year to cost you only around $139.92.

6. Read the Correction Carefully Before Accepting It

Grammarly is not perfect. You have to read the correction carefully before accepting it. The recommendation is correct, but it may not apply to the context of your document. So, you still need to apply the human touch to your texts. No one knows the purpose of your article more than yourself.

Conclusion – Is Grammarly Safe?

Grammarly is safe. Many users attest that Grammarly is safe to use on any device. The app is completely safe because it encrypts data first before transferring. It also keeps private the transferred data to its servers.

This safety measure prevents security risks. This automatic writing app connects to the Internet to correct spelling and grammar mistakes through its servers.

If you want to write better articles, compose flawless term papers, and create seamless posts, you need Grammarly. Grammarly is safe and will help you write quickly and efficiently.

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