Is Gearbest Legit? Is It Safe to Order From?

Gearbest is a Chinese e-commerce store providing wholesale appliances, apparel, electronics, and accessories. Before buying from any online company, it’s important to ensure it’s legit and safe. So, is Gearbest legit?

Gearbest is legit. It is a popular online seller and shipping site that started in 2013 and serves millions of customers around the world.

Just like any online seller, it ships its items within 15 to 60 days. If your item is damaged when you receive it, you can open a ticket for a resend or refund.

Gearbest is a fast-growing company and sells all kinds of consumer products in more than one hundred categories. The most popular products on their website are electronic gadgets.

Read on to learn more about Gearbest, how legit it is, and the history of the company.

Is Gearbest Legit?

is Gearbest legit

Gearbest is completely legit. It is a fast-growing e-commerce platform that sells all kinds of consumer products at very affordable prices.

Gearbest is an e-commerce website that offers products directly sourced from its manufacturers. This is the main reason why it can sell its products at unbelievably low prices.

Gearbest is based in China and has many facilities and warehouses around the world. Its present organizational setup enables it to provide millions of consumers worldwide with their required consumer products.

You’ll get your items after 15 to 60 days, just like most online sellers and shipping companies. Overseas shipping usually takes some time to complete. In case you didn’t get your item, the customer can open a ticket and ask for a resend or a refund.

Why Is Legit?

If you need reasons why you should not worry about the legitimacy of this e-commerce platform, here are some:

Gearbest Was Established and Registered by a Real Business

A Whois background check was conducted on Gearbest to determine the people responsible for the operation and support of this e-commerce platform. The investigation also revealed where and when the site was registered.

It was found that Gearbest’s domain was registered in Guang Dong, China. Its date of registration was Dec. 17, 2013.

Additional research revealed that Hichina Zhicheng Technology Ltd. is the controlling organization of the website. This company has a business operation outside of Shenzhen, China.

Gearbest Is Operated, Maintained, and Supported by Real People

Another element that shows an e-commerce platform’s legitimacy is if it is operated and maintained by real people. Additionally, it must have responsive customer service support personnel to support its clientele.

Additionally, after a customer has voiced their concern, they’ll get a response from the customer service team within a reasonable time.

In this regard, Gearbest maintains comprehensive contact details which their customers can use to communicate their concerns. The company offers a live chat tool on its website, several telephone numbers, and an email address that customers can use anytime they have an issue.

Gearbest also encourages repeat customers to create their own accounts within the e-commerce platform. They can use their accounts to directly communicate their concerns to the company and its customer service team.

Business Nature of Gearbest

From the perspective of a person living in the United States, Gearbest is an overseas wholesale consumer item supplier. It is direct from a manufacturer e-commerce website that sells inexpensive electronic gadgets and other consumer items from China and possibly other parts of Asia.

Gearbest would like to provide consumers around the world “an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets,” prompt shipping, a great shopping experience, and excellent customer service that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

This e-commerce site has captured the attention and support of consumers around the world, enabling it to expand into other product categories. It’s a safe place to buy products.

But due to the exigencies of overseas shipping, it will take time to deliver the goods. In some cases, it might take one or two months before the product arrives at the customer’s door.

There are tons of products to choose from on the list of Gearbest in more than a hundred product categories. Many customers use this e-commerce site to buy electronic gadgets.

Gearbest Product Categories

The product categories of Gearbest as posted on their website are the following:

  1. Consumer Electronics
  2. Industrial & Scientific
  3. Cell Phones & Accessories
  4. Appliances
  5. Outdoors, Fitness, & Sports
  6. Computers, Tablets, & Office
  7. Health & Personal Care
  8. Home Improvement & Tools
  9. Drones, Toys, & Hobbies
  10. Home & Garden
  11. Motor & Car Electronics
  12. Women’s Fashion
  13. Men’s Fashion
  14. Watches & Jewelry
  15. Gearbest Promotions

Consumer Electronics

Under Consumer Electronics, Gearbest has listed four categories of products. They include:

  • Smart Electronics – smartwatches, smartwatch phone, smart wristband, and so forth
  • Headphones & Earphones – Bluetooth headphones, earbud headphones, gaming headphones, etc.
  • Security & Protection – access control, alarm systems, Door intercom, and so forth.
  • Xiaomi Ecosystem Products
  • Hot Brands
  • Other Consumer Electronics – smart Home, action cameras & DV accessories, etc.

Cellphones and Accessories

Under Cell Phones & Accessories, Gearbest has listed the following items:

  • Cell Phone Accessories – cases & covers, screen protectors, chargers & power adapters, etc.
  • Smartphones – waterproof phones, dual sim phones, 5G phones, and so forth
  • Hot Brands – Lenovo, DOOGEE, Cubot, Uletone, Oukitel, and Elephone

Home Improvement Tools

Under Home Improvement Tools, Gearbest listed the following products:

  • Indoor Lights – smart lighting, ceiling lights, night lights, and so forth
  • Outdoor Lights – flashlights, headlights, solar lamps, etc.
  • Power Tools – electric screwdriver, power drill, electric saw, power tool accessories, etc.
  • Hand Tools – screwdriver, soldering supplies, lock pick and tools, pliers, wrenches, tool kit.
  • Measurement & Analysis – testers & detectors, microscopes & endoscopes, multimeters & fitting, and so forth.

Actual Consumer Items

Here are some of the actual consumer items that Gearbest is selling:

  • North Edge CITI-98 Smart Watch for men and women at a 30% discount is now only $25.99.
  • Gocomma 19 Plus Sports Pedometer Heart Rate Smartphone at a 24% discount is now only $8.59.
  • X50 Plus Smartphone MT6763 Octa Core 5.8 inches 4GB RAM at a 25% discount is now only $54.99
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G Smartphone MTK Hello G85 at a 52% discount is now only $169.99.
  • Lenovo HD200 Bluetooth Headphone Wireless at a discount of 33% is now only $24.99.

Incidentally, if this is your first time buying anything at Gearbest, you will be given a gift in the form of free coupons worth $26.

Is Gearbest Safe?

It is absolutely safe to shop at Gearbest.

Here are the reasons why Gearbest is safe:

1. Uses Data Encryption

This is the first line of defense of any e-commerce platform. For data encryption, this site has been given the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. When you see this certificate on an e-commerce website, you are assured that any information you give them will be secure.

2. Has Several Layers of Authentication

There are multiple layers of information verification at Gearbest before users can log in to their accounts. Users are asked to answer security questions if they request account details like user names or forgotten passwords.

3. Offers Several Payment Options

Gearbest offers its customers several payment options which enhance the security of its online shoppers.

4. Has Secured Several Security Badges

This e-commerce platform has obtained independent and positive security reviews and satisfaction certificates from PayPal, Trustware, VeriSign, TRUSTe, and other reviewers.

These independent third-party reviewers have displayed their security certificates for Gearbest on their own web pages.

Researchers have found a total of 23 security badges and certifications for Gearbest. Gathering this high number of security badges is proof of this online seller’s commitment to protect and secure information from its users.

Customers will feel safer and will enjoy peace of mind knowing that any personal information they provide on this website will not be stolen or compromised.

Is There Anything That Makes Shopping at Gearbest Unsafe?

There is nothing unsafe at Gearbest, per se. What can somehow compromise the transaction is the delivery process which is not totally under the control of Gearbest.

Most online sellers and shippers, Gearbest included, utilize external delivery services such as DHL and other delivery firms.

As far as the process of ordering and payment, it is entirely safe to deal with Gearbest. However, the process of delivering the goods could pose a problem since Gearbest is not in total control of the delivery. It is the only variable in the equation.

Again, is Gearbest legit? Gearbest is definitely legit. It is an online store and shipping site under a Chinese seller. The seller started running his business in 2013 and has served millions of customers worldwide.

It promises to ship your items within 15-60 days, and you’re allowed to open a ticket in case you’re item is lost or has damage.

Is Gearbest Reliable?

Independent reviewers have found out that Gearbest is up-to-date when it comes to providing information about product availability. This is an important gauge in determining the reliability of an e-commerce site.

Every item listed on the webpage of an online seller must be accompanied by the right information regarding its specs and availability. It appears that Gearbest has done a great job in accomplishing this task.

A website should remove any product on its pages that is not available. The best they should do this is to inform a potential buyer that it is no longer available. Gearbest has also done a great job in regularly updating its web pages.

There is a wide range of consumer products displayed on Gearbest’s site. This large selection of products ensures that whatever a certain customer is looking for, they will find it in Gearbest. It is another way of saying customers can really rely on Gearbest.

Why Should You Buy at GearBest?

is legit

If you’re looking for a sign to buy your next item at Gearbest, here are some:

  1. Nearly all modern electronic gadgets are available at Gearbest;
  2. Gearbest constantly offers discount coupons, thus effectively reducing the price of the offered products;
  3. With Gearbest, you can earn loyalty points. They follow a loyalty system wherein regular buyers on the site earn points for every item they buy. Once customers have accumulated many points, they could use them to buy products on the site;
  4. Buying at Gearbest is safe and secure. No personal information will be compromised. This online seller is also reliable;
  5. Customer support and after-sales service are excellent at Gearbest because of their ticket system, chat room, Facebook pages, and so forth.
  6. Gearbest has several shipping options;
  7. You will be given the option to choose the warehouse where you want your ordered item to be shipped. This makes purchasing simpler and faster; and
  8. Gearbest has 46 warehouses spread all around the world. This ensures that you will get your item within a reasonable time from the date you have placed your order.

Tips for Buying at GearBest

Buying online is quite risky. But you can protect your money and ensure the delivery of the goods at your door if you will follow these short tips:

1. Read Reviews of the Product

Don’t just believe what is written on the product page. Scroll down the bottom of the page to see if there are reviews and then read them. If there are no reviews on the page, search for them online.

2. Check Information Before Adding the Item to the Cart

Gearbest usually provides different manufacturers for a particular product. Check these manufacturers, their prices, and delivery options. Delivery is the usual issue encountered by customers at Gearbest.

Therefore, get all the information about the delivery from the manufacturers. Determine how much you value the product and decide on the best delivery option to ensure safe transit.

3. Leave Open the Order Cancellation Option

Gearbest offers the option of withdrawing your order before the item is shipped. It gives you time to think about your order if you want to cancel it. Once your order is shipped, there is no way you can cancel it.

4. Keep Track of Your Order

Be active in buying online. Don’t just forget all about your order once you have placed it.

5. Check the Quality of the Product

As soon as you receive the package, open it and check the item inside. If it is not according to what was advertised on its webpage, contact Gearbest and ask for a replacement or a refund of your money.

Conclusion: Is Gearbest Legit? 

Gearbest is an online seller that is completely legit. It has been selling consumer items since it started in 2013 and has served millions of customers worldwide. The company is based in China but has many facilities/warehouses around the world.

Just like any online seller, it ships its items within 15 to 60 days. In case the item is lost or has some damage upon arrival, you can open a ticket for a resend or refund.

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