How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make? How Much Do NBA Waterboys Make?

How much do NFL waterboys make? How much do NBA waterboys make? Adam Sandler became the poster boy of NFL and NBA waterboys when he made “The Waterboy” movie. We laughed at him in the movie; however, the salaries of real-life waterboys are no joke!

In this article, I will discuss the kind of money NFL and NBA waterboys are getting, which is more than what the average American worker receives.

How much do NFL waterboys make? NFL waterboys make $53,000 a year on average, based on stats from Apart from their pay, they also get many perks and freebies from players like jerseys, jockstraps, and more.

How much do NBA waterboys make? NBA waterboys make $58,000 a year on average. However, there is a difference in the salaries between a beginner waterboy and an experienced one. 

Some people assume that being a waterboy for the NFL or the NBA means you have a lowly job. They can never be more wrong. You can never make it to the waterboy rank in these professional sports leagues without having some qualifications. The pay is excellent, which is more than the average employee’s income in the United States.

Read on to learn more about how much money waterboys in the NFL and the NBA are making each year, and if you’re interested, how you can be one.

How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make?

On average, salaried NFL waterboys usually make $53,000 a year, according to [1] Waterboys, who get this kind of pay, are considered part of the team’s training staff. Often, they are a part of a more ‘important’ job title.

Most teams, however, look at this position in a more traditional way. Professional football teams employ their coaches’ family members and interns to reduce their costs. Although football fans can sometimes land this job, a person looking for a team that is willing to pay this much can find the search somewhat daunting.

While some waterboys get $53,000, a majority are interns who only get stipends. Some of them do this work for free. Moreover, the actual pay per year for NFL waterboys depends significantly on the individual’s experience and the real rate of individual football teams.

Perks of Being an NFL Waterboy

To many people, especially NFL fans, being face to face and speaking directly with football stars is already a perk in itself. And being paid to give professional football players hydration service is an additional benefit.

NFL employees are entitled to employee benefits and rewards. But it is not sure the individual NFL teams provide waterboys employee benefits and rewards.

What is certain is that they get some benefits and perks that ordinary employees don’t usually get. In some NFL teams, the perks and benefits include two free tickets per year for each employee.

They also get some souvenirs from the players like jockstraps and jerseys. You can also get free gear. NFL waterboys’ best perk is their free access to star football players that, for most football fans, will only remain in their dreams.

Most NFL teams consider their waterboys as part of their training staff. So, every time the team is in training, waterboys will be there. They also have the potential to become members of the team with more critical positions.

So how much do waterboys make in the NFL? They make about $53,000 a year; however, they also get many other perks.

Negatives of Being an NFL Waterboy

The downside to being a waterboy of an NFL team is that you are low on the totem pole in the hierarchy of importance. If you are not too concerned about this status, that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Take heart and consider that many football fans don’t think being a waterboy is a lowly job. Football fans are even jealous of waterboys because of the access they have to their favorite football players. 

nfl waterboy salary

But going back to reality, being a lowly job, you are liable to be abused by those over you, especially the team’s star players. There may be times when players or even staff members will shout at you, especially if you are slow in understanding what they want you to do.

You will be hydrating the players and holding their gross and sweaty towels most of the time. Is holding towels wet with sweats something you can stand? You get to have more than the average U.S. worker, so why not?

I don’t know if you will consider the physically brutal way of doing a waterboy’s job as a positive or a negative thing since you will be doing a lot of running, although not as much as that of the players.

We’ve answered the question, ‘how much do NFL waterboys make a year?”; next, let’s look at how to become an NFL waterboy.

How to Become an NFL Waterboy?

If you want to be an NFL waterboy, you need to make your intention known to those who can make your desire come true. You won’t have this kind of thinking if you are not a football fan yourself, right?

If you’re a football fan, you must know some people or someone connected with professional football. It is much better if you know them personally. Tell them about your desire to become a waterboy. Ask for their assistance in talking to NFL coaches and applying for the job.

Talk to the coaching teams or the coaches of NFL teams you chose. Making yourself known to these people and letting them know about your desire to be a waterboy is the best step you can make in fulfilling your dreams.

Your next step is to visit the NFL official website.

  1. When you’re at the NFL home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. On the job category, Hit the “Team” or “League” link.
  3. On the side of the page, choose the “Internship and Entry Level Position.”
  4. Apply for the position by choosing the highlighted link. The link is at the lowest part of the page.
  5. Provide a cover letter and your professional resume. These documents should emphasize your enthusiasm and qualifications for the position. For example, cite your experience as a waterboy in your college football team.

An alternate way of applying for an NFL waterboy position is the following:

  1. Visit the Teamwork Online website.
  2. Choose the “Football” link located at the top of the home page.
  3. Select “NFL Teams” from the list provided.
  4. Hit the link provided to get some information on how you can apply for a different NFL position.
  5. If you find “waterboy” in the currently listed situation, apply for the job.

How Much Do NBA Waterboys Make?

Based on Boston Celtics statistics, a waterboy in the NBA can average $58,000 a year. This salary will either go higher or lower, depending on the individual’s skill set. As in every job position, there is always a difference between the beginner employee’s salary and one who has already acquired an advanced skill set.

Waterboys in the NBA can also be a part of the training staff of the team. Oftentimes, they are helping players to get proper hydration and assisting players with their exercises, training, game prep, and rehab.

Those who are beginner waterboys get stipends of $100 per game. They usually come from local schools. With the introduction of nutrition strategies and changes in training strategies, NBA teams are using waterboys differently than before.

The Boston Celtics are giving their waterboys $58,000. But those who have a more hands-on role in the nutrition and training of players can make more than that amount. Some are even getting the highest salaries in six figures, like $100,000 for their work.

Beginner waterboys get some opportunity to prove themselves. In due time, and as they improve in their craft, their salaries will get progressively higher. The job requires some physical strength, so you must be in good shape.

Perks and Benefits of Being an NBA Waterboy

It is not unusual for waterboys in the NBA to be part of the team’s training staff. If you become part of your teams’ training staff, you can even make more money than an average of $58,000. 

The biggest perk of being a waterboy in an NBA team is that you got to see, speak face-to-face, and have a personal relationship with NBA players. NBA players can personally know you, which is a common dream of most NBA fans. You can fulfill this dream.

how much nba waterboys make

Other perks may include being able to see NBA games for free since you are a team member who handles player’s hydration. The players of your team may also give you their jerseys and some personal souvenirs.

If the team employs you, all the benefits, including health insurance that accrues to every employee, will apply. The actual employee benefits that you get will depend on what the NBA team is following.

Negatives of Being an NBA Waterboy

To be a waterboy, you must be physically fit. The job will require you to be at your feet every time the team is in training, game practices, and every game. That could mean during regular working days and on game nights.

In other words, the job is pretty tiring. If you are not up to this type of work, you won’t be able to survive. So, you must love the sport and the players, not just the money, to thrive in this job.

We’ve answered the question, “how much do NBA waterboys make a year?”; next, let’s look at how to become an NBA waterboy.

How to Become an NBA Waterboy?

If you want to be an NBA waterboy, you must do more than those who desire to be one. Some tips you can do are as follows: The first thing you need to do is learn and understand the nature of an NBA waterboy’s job. How do you do that? Watch a real live NBA game, not on TV, but in the arena. Then focus your attention on the waterboys of each team.

See what they do and don’t do during the game and in-between the game. Take note of where the players sit on the bench. Are they going to the players to give them water, or are the players going to get hydrated? This way, you’ll have a concrete idea of the job of NBA waterboys.

The next thing you need to do is communicate with the NBA team you want to work for. It could be the team representing the state where you are currently residing. Some groups choose their waterboys through raffles, while some teams hold tryouts.

After doing that, look for people who have connections with the NBA team you want to join. They don’t have to be coaches or training staff. Someone who is working at their office can be your door to get inside. 

Ask what skill set do they require for waterboys. Develop said skills if you don’t have them or practice them more often if you already have them. If they hold tryouts to pick their waterboys, attend and join those tryouts. But before you do, make sure that you’re ready physically to pass the tryouts.

You may also need to fill up an application form. Whatever information they need to get the job, provide it. Be ready with all the documents required in the tryouts or some other job prequalification process.

Conclusion: How Much Do Waterboys Make in the NFL? How Much Do Waterboys Make in the NBA?

So, to recap, how much do NFL waterboys make? Based on stats released by, NFL waterboys are making $53,000 a year on average. Apart from their salary, they also get many freebies from players like jerseys, jockstraps, and more.

How much do NBA waterboys make? On average, NBA waterboys are paid $58,000 annually, based on Boston Celtics stats. But there is a difference in the salaries between a beginner waterboy and those who have the skills. 

If you become an NFL waterboy, you will directly access the two most prestigious sports players in the United States. You will provide them with their much-needed hydration in practice and actual games. While watching your favorite sports, you will be handsomely paid at the same time.