Half Blonde Half Black Hair – How to and Tips

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Having mixed hair colors is becoming very popular today because many Hollywood stars have started wearing them. But how is it done? In this article, I will discuss half blonde half black – how to do it and tips.

To get this mixed hair color, you need to apply the first hair dye shade to half of your hair. Use a tint brush to apply the hair dye to the half of your hair that you have parted. Comb the dye through your hair until it becomes frothy. Then tuck the dyed hair to one side. Just do the same thing to the other half of your hair using the other hair dye color.

One of the best ways to have gorgeous, realistic hair color is to use two different hair dyes, like blonde and black, and mix them. Maybe you don’t know, but the hair specialists in most salons do not only use one shade on your hair. They likely mix at least two hair dyes to create hair with lowlights and highlights.

Read on to learn more about how to create a half-blonde half-black hair and some valuable tips on getting the best results.

Half Blonde Half Black Hair

half blonde half black hair

Apply Blonde Hair Dye to One Half of Your Hair

To create half blonde half black hair, first, you need to apply blonde hair dye to one half of your hair. Use a tint brush and work the hair dye onto the first half of your hair.

Comb the Blonde Dye Through Until Frothy

When satisfied, comb the blonde dye through until it becomes frothy. Then tuck your dyed hair to one side. Just repeat the process using the black hair dye to the other half of your hair.

Use Two Different Hair Dyes

Using two different hair dyes is one of the best ways to create gorgeous and realistic hair colors. Perhaps you are not aware that most hairstylists at big salons don’t use just a single hair dye. They usually mix at least two hair dyes to achieve believable hair with all its lowlights and highlights.

You are aiming for a split dye or half and half hair color. It is the result of dividing the hair right down the middle and dyeing each half with a different color.

Colors Can Range from Natural to Bold

The colors can range from natural to bold, contrasting, or subtle colors. If you want to achieve a unique look, this is what you need to do.

Keep the Color Separate by Using a Conditioner

You can keep the color separate and not mix them with a conditioner. The conditioner will keep the darker color dye bleeding into the lighter shade.

Coat the lighter shade with the conditioner. It will form a shield when you rinse the dye. It will prevent undue contact between the dyes.

Why You Should Dye Your Hair Black and Pink

Making Half Black Half Blonde Hair


  • Peroxide bleach – this could be a Rapid Blue Bleach Powder and a 20% cream developer.
  • Black hair dye kit


  1. Mix thoroughly one part of the bleach powder with two parts of the cream developer in one bowl.
  2. Split your hair in the middle.
  3. Apply the bleach/cream mixture from the tip of your hair to the root to one half or one side of your hair. You should apply the bleach from tip to root, not the other way around.
  4. So, you have bleached one-half of your hair.
  5. You can cover the bleached hair with foils. Using the foils, you can evenly distribute the dye. The hair will slightly heat up as the bleach does its work.
  6. Don’t let the bleach stay on your hair longer than 45 minutes.
  7. After doing this to the first half of your hair, you can start dyeing the other half.
  8. You need to repeat the same process. But now, instead of using the bleach/cream mixture, you will apply a black dye to the other half of your hair.


1. Check Your Hair Every 10 Minutes

While doing the bleaching process, check your hair every 10 minutes. You can add heat by using a hairdryer every 5 minutes.

2. Dye Your Hair with Lighter Shades First

Start dyeing lighter shades first before dyeing darker shades. It is easier this way.

3. Prepare Your Materials

Ensure that you have all the things you need before starting, such as color dyes, brushes, gloves, shampoos, conditioners, hair clips, bottles, etc.

4. Watch Youtube Tutorials Before Dyeing Your Hair

Watch YouTube videos that focus on dyeing hairs, especially blonde half and black half hair.

Pink and Orange Hair [How To Dye Pink Hair Orange, Orange Hair Pink, and Both]

Black Hair Under Blonde Hair

half blonde half black hair meaning

Peekaboo Hair

There is a technique of hair dyeing that is called peekaboo. It is dyeing the hairs underneath instead of dyeing the hairs on top. This is the craze right now in some social circles. With peekaboo hair, the bottom layer of your hair is dyed in a different color from your top layer.

One example of peekaboo hair is half blonde, half black hair underneath.

Steps to Follow If You Want Black Hair Under Your Blonde Hair

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want black hair under your blonde hair. This process will be easier if your hair is naturally blonde:

  1. Use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove dryness and dirt from hair. Then prep your hair by using a long-lasting moisturizing conditioner.
  2. Section your hair with crocodile clips, and section your hair at the back.
  3. Leave the hairs underneath your nape exposed.
  4. Cover the width of your neck from side to side. You can use a hairdressing cape or an old towel.
  5. Apply dark dye on your exposed nape hairs.
  6. Allow the dye to dry according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  7. Shampoo and condition the hair if the manufacturer requires that.
  8. Once the dye has dried, style the dyed hair with a flat iron. 

Blonde Hair Under Black

Another peekaboo hairstyle that you can consider is blonde hair under black. If your hair is naturally black, you only have to bleach the hairs underneath your black hair.

The steps are similar to the steps that I have discussed above. You will use bleach or blonde dye instead of black dye this time.

Blonde Hair Under Black Looks Stylish

Blonde hair under black looks stylish. While it may be easy to do at home, you will still need help from someone. It will make it easier, and you will get better results. The reason is that you are dyeing hairs at your nape. You can’t see that.

Get Help or Use a Mirror While Dyeing

Of course, you can use a mirror. But it’s much better if a friend is helping you out. They will be able to see and apply the dye more uniformly and much better. You will also have better results if you have a friend helping.

Again, how do you do half black, half blonde hair? Apply the first hair dye to half of your hair using a tint brush. Then, comb the dye to your hair until it froths. Set aside your dyed hair. Then, do the same to the other half of your hair.

Consider These Different Half Black Half Blonde Hairstyles

If you want a trendy hairstyle and want to wear mixed hair colors, here are some half-black half blonde hairstyles that you can follow:

1. Half Black Half Dirty Blonde

If you don’t want too much contrast in your hair colors, you can wear half black and a dirty blonde hairstyle. Your looks will acquire considerable warmth with the combination of a half black and half dirty blonde hairstyle. If your skin’s undertone is yellow, this hairstyle will be perfect.

A good product that will ensure your hair will acquire this attractive look is the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Color:

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This product will seal, replenish and condition your hair. It comes in multiple formulations that ensure long-lasting color.

2. Half Black Half Blonde Pixie Hair Style

This short half-blonde half-black hairstyle is the best if you have short black and white hair. You can make it even cooler if you will create a see-through contrast. If your hair is thick and has lots of volumes, or if you will create several choppy layers, you can define the lines between the colors.

3. Half Beige Half Brown Combo

If you are already used to half black half blonde, you can try the half beige half brown combo to be slightly different. This color combination can create a perfect contrast for those who have red skin undertones.

4. Ponytail Half Black Half Blonde Hair

A simple ponytail for a half-black half-blonde hair can also be your hairstyle. You will have a double-colored hairstyle that is currently popular these days. To make the best visual effect, you need to divide the blonde and black colors on your scalp sharply.

Then tie your hair as high as you want to using a string. Just don’t tie it up too high, or you will mix the colors, which will make your hair look messy.

5. Hair Curls with Double Colors

Blonde and black not only look good on straight strands. They also look good on curls. Aside from this, curls can enhance your appearance in many ways. You can also choose to have a tousled bedhead appearance or cute ringlets on your head.

6. Half Black Half Platinum

If your skin undertone is gold, consider a half honey blonde, half black hair. This half-black, half platinum hairstyle is perfect. As you know, cold and white blonde will be too redundant for you, so that you can choose golden blonde and warmer dye colors instead.

If you make these adjustments, you will have the best match for your hair color and your skin because the dye will be able to accentuate the warmth that your skin naturally exudes.

7. Bangs in Half Black Half Blonde Hair

Dyeing their hair half black and half blonde will somehow soften their harshness for those with distinct facial features. The bangs will not only soften their facial features but will also do the same thing with their elongated faces and strong jawlines.

8. Half Blonde Half Black in French Braids

Do it in French braids if you want a special way to present your twin-colored hair. This hairstyle will surely highlight the contrast between blonde and black. It will also mix a small portion of both colors into each other.

9. Horizontal Half Black Half Blonde

Why don’t you do it horizontally for a trendier and more unique half-black and half-blonde hairstyle? You can do this by dyeing the upper half of your hair blonde and the lower half black.

With the top half blonde, your face will have a lighter look. The black at the bottom will give it more definition. Overall, everybody will think your look is very special and unique.

Tips on Creating Half Blonde Half Black Hairstyle

half blonde half black hair underneath

To help you get the best results, here are some useful tips that you can follow in creating half black, half blonde hairstyles:

1. Do Your Homework First

If you are doing it at home and doing it for the first time, do some research first. Bleaching hair seems to be easy. If you know what you are doing, it is easy. However, if this is your first time doing it, don’t be overconfident.

Watch YouTube videos on how to do it. Read instructions that are freely available on the internet. Also, carefully read the instructions on the hair dyes and bleaching products you intend to use.

Many things can go wrong if you are dyeing your hair at home. If you want to DIY, at least read and watch all the available materials about the process. It is your hair that you would a color change. You want the best job to be done on it. So, don’t rush it.

2. Ask the Help of a Professional

You should at least ask the opinion of a professional hairstylist before doing it on your own. If you have the funds, let the professional do it. Creating a half-blonde half-black hair is somewhat beyond your capacity if it’s the first time you are doing it.

If you’re not careful, you might even damage your hair. When that happens, you probably don’t know what to do.

Suppose you ask the help of a professional hairstylist. In that case, they will be able to transform your normal-colored hair into a stunning combination of blonde and black safely and with no chances of getting harmful side effects.

3. Choose Safe to Use Hair Dyes

There are lots of hair dyes that you can choose from. You should choose those made with natural substances or at least those that have a reputation for being safe and not harmful to your skin and hair.

Ask the help of a professional hairstylist on what hair dyes you can safely use for your hair type. Don’t just choose a hair dye color because it is the most affordable. Cheap hair dyes can damage your hair, so avoid them.

4. Do One Side First Before the Other

When dyeing your hair with two colors, you should always do one side first. Once you have finished one side, then that’s the time you start dyeing the other side. It’s very tempting to do both sides at the same time. But that will increase the chances of color bleeding.

5 . Your Hair Care Routine Might Change

Since you have colored your hair with mixed colors, be prepared to change your hair care routine. Your hair has been subjected to a process, so it is quite different than the hair you had before.

That means the usual hair care you are doing might not apply to your new hair. This is where your research is important before deciding on having mixed-colored hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

The blonde and black hairstyle will naturally spark many questions for those thinking of having this hairstyle. Here are the answers to the most often asked questions about this topic:

How Do You Create Half Blonde Half Black Hair Color?

To put it very simply, first, you need to separate your hair into two equal parts. Then using a tint brush, apply the blonde dye color first to one half of your hair. After finishing the blonde color, tuck the dyed hair safely so it will not affect the other half of your hair.

Then apply the black dye to the other half of your hair, using the same process as the blonde dye. After allowing some time for drying, shampoo and condition your hair.

What Is a Peekaboo Hairstyle?

The peekaboo hairstyle also uses a mixture of two hair dyes. Usually, it is either blonde over black or black over blonde. If it is blonde over black, the top layers of the hair are dyed blonde, while the layers underneath are dyed black. It’s the other way around for black over blonde.

Can Older Women Have Half Black Half Blonde Hair?

Yes, if they want to. Wearing this hairstyle is ideal for them because their ashy or whitish hair can be used as a base for either half black, half blonde, or vice versa.

In Closing: Having and Caring for Half Blonde Half Black Hair

To get a half-blonde half-black hair, you need to apply the first hair dye color to one-half of your hair. Apply the hair dye using a tint brush to the first half of your hair that you have parted.

Once you are satisfied, comb the dye through until it gets frothy. Then tuck the dyed hair to one side. Just repeat this process to the other half of your hair using the other hair dye color.

After dyeing your hair with mixed colors, be prepared to change your hair care routine. Your hair has undergone several processes, so it is not like before. As such, it needs a different hair care routine.

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