Does USPS Deliver on Sunday? [USPS Sunday Delivery]

Most know that USPS delivers on weekdays, but what about the weekend, specifically Sunday? Does USPS deliver on Sunday? 

USPS does deliver on Sunday. However, USPS Sunday delivery is exclusive to Amazon packages and Priority Mail Express, a service that requires additional payment to expedite shipping. USPS will also deliver Priority Mail on a Sunday during peak seasons and in high-volume areas. 

Read on to learn more about USPS Sunday deliveries and when you can expect your package or mail. 

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

does USPS deliver on sunday

Yes, USPS has Sunday deliveries. Nonetheless, this does not apply to all USPS packages. It is only applicable for Amazon orders, as well as for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. The latter both come at extra charges depending on the package’s location and weight, among other factors. 

If you are expecting regular mail, chances are, it will not be delivered on Sundays. Regular mail includes bills and other non-priority parcels. 

Amazon and USPS Delivery Partnership 

One of the most common instances when USPS delivers on a Sunday is when it is an Amazon package. It was in 2013 when Amazon and USPS began their partnership. However, we don’t expect this to last long as Amazon slowly dominates the package delivery business, eliminating the need to work with third-party companies. 

Back in 2017, USPS was handling a little over 60% of the last-mile deliveries for Amazon. However, as the latter strengthens its delivery network, USPS is now moving only up to 30% of Amazon packages. 

The partnership between Amazon and USPS was also controversial. One of the biggest issues was that Amazon was undercharging the government agency by as much as $1.46 for every package. By having below-market rates, USPS is losing money because of Amazon. 

What Is USPS Priority Mail? 

Another instance when USPS delivers on Sundays is when it is Priority Mail. Under such an arrangement, you can receive your package in one to three days, including weekends, while paying a flat price. 

USPS Priority Mail ships packages with a maximum weight of 70 pounds and a combined girth and length of up to 108 inches. It is available throughout the United States. The fee also includes a free pick-up, making the service more convenient for the sender.

While there is a Sunday Priority Mail delivery, it may not be the case throughout the year. Often, it is only from November to December, which is the typical time of the year when parcels are in high volumes. Delivering on Sundays will help minimize the load and prevent delays in other deliveries.

How Much Does USPS Priority Mail Cost? 

Wondering how much it costs to ship your USPS package under Priority Mail? Refer to the table below. 

Flat Rate Envelope $7.40 when shipped from a commercial base, $7.95 when shipped from Post Office or for online orders 
Small Flat Rate Box $7.90 when shipped from a commercial base, $8.45 when shipped from Post Office or for online orders 
Medium Flat Rate Box $13.75 when shipped from a commercial base, $15.50 when shipped from Post Office or for online orders 
Large Flat Rate Box $19.30 when shipped from a commercial base, $21.90 when shipped from Post Office or for online orders 

What Is USPS Priority Mail Express? 

If you want to ship the package as soon as possible, sign up for Priority Mail Express. It guarantees overnight shipping or up to two days at a maximum. You can ship packages up to 70 pounds. This is also inclusive of insurance up to $100. 

How Much Does USPS Priority Mail Express Cost? 

Flat Rate Envelope $22.75 when shipped from a commercial base, $26.35 when shipped from Post Office or for online orders 
Legal Flat Rate Envelope $22.95 when shipped from a commercial base, $26.50 when shipped from Post Office or for online orders 
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $23.25 when shipped from a commercial base, $26.95 when shipped from Post Office or for online orders 

Reasons Why There Is No Standard USPS Sunday Delivery 

If you are wondering why there is no standard USPS Sunday delivery, below are some of the reasons: 

does USPS deliver packages on sundays

1. Christian Tradition 

This is more historical than current practice. Back in the day, Christian traditions dictate that Sunday is the day of worship, and hence, no one should work. Sunday is a holy day, so there are no commercial activities. Today, however, this reasoning is often almost no longer applicable. 

2. Closure of Post Offices and Businesses 

Most post offices in the United States follow the Monday to Friday business days. So, when the offices are not operating, mail will not move. Because of this, the packages cannot be delivered when it is a Sunday. Nonetheless, many post offices are also operating on weekends but in a limited capacity with a skeletal workforce. 

Aside from post offices, most businesses are also not operating on a Sunday. These establishments will seldom send mail on a Saturday, so there is a low volume of parcels to deliver the next day, except on peak seasons.

3. Low Demand 

USPS generally experiences a low demand on weekends. Many of its customers are also businesses, and most of them do not have weekend operations. So, the bulk of the delivery requests are only on Mondays to Fridays, except on peak months. 

4. Cost-effectiveness

This is perhaps the most practical reason why USPS does not do regular deliveries on a Sunday. With the rising costs, it is not financially feasible for USPS to deploy most of its employees on a Sunday. It is more logical to wait for regular business days before delivery to cut down on expenses.

Common Alternatives to USPS for Sunday Delivery

Looking for another mail delivery with Sunday service? Below are some of the best alternatives that are worth considering. 

1. UPS 

One of the leading global couriers, UPS is one company that allows Sunday deliveries. It comes at a cost, but such is worth it if you need urgent shipment. 

For urgent freight deliveries, ship your package via UPS Express Critical. It is available 24/7 in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, among other countries. 

UPS SurePost is another service that allows Sunday deliveries. This service is in partnership with the USPS. It is currently available in select locations, and we expect the network to grow bigger in the future because of the high demand for such a service. 

2. FedEx 

It was in January 2002 when FedEx launched FedEx Home Delivery Sunday service. It is available in more than 7,700 towns and cities in the United States. The company plans to extend its network depending on demand and performance. 

What’s even better is that FedEx offers a money-back guarantee on its ground deliveries. It is an assurance of timely package deliveries. Otherwise, you can get your money back.

So again, does USPS deliver on Sundays? USPS does deliver on Sundays; however, their Sunday delivery is exclusive to Amazon packages and Priority Mail Express, which requires additional payment to expedite shipping. USPS also delivers Priority Mail on a Sunday during peak seasons and in high-volume areas.

Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your USPS Deliveries 

If you want your package to ship as soon as possible, here are some of the best things to do: 

  • Pay a premium to expedite the delivery. With services like USPS Priority Mail Express, overnight delivery is possible. If you are in a rush, this service is worth the additional expense. 
  • Ensure correct information. Make sure that the name of the recipient, address, and contact details are right. Any mistake can result in a delay. 
  • Notify the recipient about the delivery, especially if it needs a signatory upon receipt. When the recipient is not at the destination address, the delivery can end up going back to the USPS hub. 
  • Use the USPS Delivery Instructions feature. This will allow you to make last-minute changes for the shipment, including delivery to a neighbor or holding a package for pickup in a local hub.
  • Call the local facility handling the delivery. If the tracking page does not show a new update after days of waiting, it is best to talk to someone. This is an opportunity to clarify the status and make sure that the shipment arrives on time. 
USPS sunday delivery

FAQs on USPS Sunday Deliveries 

Got more questions about USPS deliveries on Sunday? We’ll answer some of them below. 

Does USPS deliver packages on Sundays? 

Yes, USPS will deliver your package on Sundays. However, there are limitations. It is only for Amazon orders and those under Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail can also have Sunday deliveries, but only during the high season and in key areas. 

What day should I send a package for Sunday delivery? 

If you want the package to be received on a Sunday, it is best to send it on a Friday or earlier. The earlier you send it, the better.

How do I track USPS deliveries? 

To track your USPS delivery, visit their official website. Go to Quick Tools and click Track a Package. Enter the tracking number and click Track. From here, you will see the real-time status of your mail.

Can I specify delivery instructions? 

If you won’t be home or would like to change the delivery address, you can specify instructions. This is only for packages that qualify for USPS Delivery Instructions. If you cannot see Change Delivery Instructions on the tracking page, this means that the shipment isn’t eligible. 

Can I intercept a USPS Mail? 

Yes, senders have the flexibility to enjoy intercepting the mail before it gets to the recipient. If your shipment is eligible, you can make changes through your USPS account. However, take note that it costs $15.25, excluding the necessary postage. 

Can I schedule package pickup on Sundays? 

USPS has a convenient service that allows you to schedule pickups. This means you do not need to visit the Post Office or any establishment to send your mail. However, this is only available from Mondays to Saturdays. 

If you schedule a pickup service on Saturday afternoon, USPS will not pick up the parcel on Sunday. Instead, they will pick it up on Monday, except if the latter falls on a public holiday. 

Take note of the size limitations for the package pickup service. It should not be more than 70 pounds and not bigger than 130 inches in girth and length. 

Does USPS pick up mail on a Sunday? 

No, USPS does not pick up mails on a Sunday. Even if you see a USPS truck going around on a Sunday, chances are, it is only to deliver priority mails. It is operating on a skeletal workforce on weekdays, and they will not pick up your parcel. 

There are some USPS offices with a self-service kiosk. You can drop off your parcels in these kiosks almost any day, as long as the office is open. However, if you drop it off on a Sunday, it will start moving the next working day. 

Can I pick up a USPS delivery?

In some cases, yes, you can opt to pick up your USPS delivery instead of waiting for the shipment. However, you cannot just show at the office and claim your package. Call them first, and when you have a valid reason, you can pick it up. You can also try the Package Intercept feature on the USPS website to change delivery instructions. 

Can I hold my USPS mail? 

Will you be gone for a long time? Is no one available to receive the mail on your behalf? Use the USPS Hold Mail Service. They can hold your package for up to 30 days until you are ready for delivery or pick up. 

Conclusion – Does USPS Deliver Packages and Mail on Sundays? 

USPS will deliver your packages on a Sunday, but there are certain limitations. Aside from Amazon packages, Sunday deliveries are exclusive to priority packages at an extra charge. Priority Mail starts at $7.40, while Priority Mail Express starts at $22.75. 

While USPS Priority Mail has Sunday deliveries, it has limitations. For instance, it happens only during high-volume months, such as November and December. Often, it is also only available in popular cities. This is done to clear the network and keep the parcels moving, preventing backlogs. Priority Express, on the other hand, guarantees overnight to two-day deliveries.

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