Do AirPods Fall Out? Do They Stay in While Running?

One of the main concerns of buying AirPods is whether they will fall out easily. Will AirPods fall out or stay in while running? Do AirPods fall out?

AirPods do not fall out if they are worn correctly. They’re created in such a way that they will not easily fall out even if you’re working out or running.

The right way of wearing them is: after putting them in your ears, twist them up about 30°. In this way, their stems will be more horizontal, not vertical. It will also make them stick out away from your ears.

While AirPods may seem to nest precariously in your ears and have the likelihood of falling out, they are surprisingly good at staying in your ears. Most of them are one-size-fits-all earbuds that are designed to stay in place if correctly worn.

Read on to learn more about AirPods and how you ensure they stay in your ear instead of fall out.

Do AirPods Fall Out?

If you wear them correctly, they won’t easily fall out, even if you are running or working out.

The trick is in their correct placement in your ears. After you have put them in your ears, twist them up about 30°. This will place their stems more horizontally so that they will stick out away from your ears.

AirPods are so small, with seemingly no features that will help them stay on your ears. But don’t be fooled by the uncomplicated design of their housings. They are quite good at staying in your ears. If you only do the above trick every time you wear them, they won’t fall out.

AirPods will stay in your ears unless you do something that will reduce their ability to do so. Some wear their AirPods and then accidentally tripped and fell because they were walking on slippery streets.

Yes, they fell to the ground, but their earbuds stayed on their ears. Of course, if they are not worn properly, they will easily fall out, just like any other earbud headphones.

do Airpods fall out

Will AirPods Break If They Fall?

AirPods are so constructed that it is not very easy to get them severely damages. Scratch they will, but not destroyed. Some people have already tried the limits of AirPods to see what they can withstand. They found out that these teeny weeny little gadgets are powerful and hardy.

One such person has documented the rigorous tests he did on his AirPods in this video. You will be amazed at what these AirPods have gone through and still hold their ability to function.

At many heights, it has been dropped, submerged in water for 30 minutes inside a washing machine, and they are still working.

From these actual tests, you can pretty much say, “No, AirPods won’t break when they fall.” Now, this doesn’t mean that they can last forever. Those tests have only proven the build quality of these tiny gadgets.

When it comes to longevity, some say that they can last about two years. With regular daily use, you can plan to use and enjoy your pair of AirPods for about two years.

Well, that’s about the time when Apple may be introducing an upgrade or a new AirPod design. That will make your current AirPods look “old” to your friends.

Tips for Wearing Airpods so They Don’t Fall Out

Do Airpods stay in your ear? It can be truly annoying to have your earphones falling while working out or listening to your favorite music tracks.

While AirPods are known to stay in place, you can do the following things to ensure that they will be glued to your ears, no matter what you are doing:

1. Clean the AirPods

Dirt and dust can cause these earbuds to fall out. So, before putting them on, ensure that they are clean. Get a paper towel or a soft lint-free cloth and dampen it with water.

Please don’t soak the earbuds with moisture, or you will damage their electronic circuits. Use the damp cloth to wipe the tip of the AirPods. Remove the traces of oil or any dirt that has already stuck to the surface.

2. Put the AirPods in Your Ears Correctly

Put the earbuds in your ears by gently pressing them in. Make sure that their speakers are facing your ear canals and their stems are pointing down. Don’t force the earbuds inside your ears.

3. Rotate the AirPods

Rotate the AirPods so that their stems will be horizontally sticking from your ears. You can do this by twisting the stems upward. This will wedge the speakers into your ear canals.

If this is correctly done, the stems will be sticking out horizontally and pointing forward. Once the tips of the AirPods are wedged in your ear canals, they will stay there and will not fall out.

4. Use Suitable Accessories

Do Apple Airpods fall out? There are earbud accessories attached to the AirPods to ensure that they won’t fall out. These are earbud covers that have ear hooks.

They are made of soft silicone rubber so that they won’t hurt your ears. There are openings in these covers that you have to line up with the speakers’ opening in your AirPods.

Here’s how you can use these covers with your AirPods.

  • Slide one of the AirPods into one of the covers. Do the same to the other AirPod;
  • Put the AirPods in your ears securely;
  • Slip the hooks over your ears; and
  • Ensure that the hooks are securely in place so that the AirPods won’t fall out.

5. Use Foam Earphone Covers

You can also use foam earphone covers to improve the fit of the AirPods in your ears. These covers are available in any gadget store. Slide these covers over the speakers of the AirPods.

Put the AirPods on your ears with their stems downward. The material of the foam covers and the thickness will prevent the AirPods from falling out.

6. Use Silicone Ear Tips

do Airpods stay in your ear

Do Airpods stay in while running? AirPods do stay in while running as long as you insert them correctly.

If AirPods fall out, you can use silicone ear tips to ensure they stay in. Large silicone ear tips work better than the smaller ones.

Here are the steps to equip your AirPods with silicone ear tips:

  • Slip them over the speakers of the AirPods;
  • Line up the opening of the speakers with the openings provided in the silicon ear tips; and
  • Place the AirPods in your ears making sure that the silicone tips are wedged into your ear canals. This should be enough to create a tight seal that will prevent the AirPods from falling out.

The silicone tips will also create a seal that will block the outside noise making your music cleaner and crispier.

7. Use Waterproof Tape

Waterproof tape is handy in securing the AirPods in your ears. Attach its sticky side to the AirPods. Its non-sticky side, which is waterproof, will not slip while they are inside your ears. So, here’s how you can do this trick:

  • Get a roll of waterproof tape from your local store;
  • Get a hole puncher and punch out four small circles out of a strip of the waterproof tape. You can use an ordinary hole puncher that is used in punching holes in folders;
  • Attach two circles of tape on each AirPod, one above the speaker opening and one below it;
  • Put the AirPods in your ears with their stems pointing down; and
  • Gently press the AirPods, making sure that the speaker’s openings are pointed towards your inner ears.

The waterproof tapes will provide extra grip and prevent the AirPods from falling out. You don’t need to twist the AirPods. Just let their stems pointing downwards.

8. Flip and Swap the AirPods

And yet another way to secure the AirPods to your ears is by flipping and swapping them. Many runners have tried this method and said it works.

The idea is to flip the earbuds upside down. Instead of the stems pointing downwards, get them pointing upwards.

And to make them more secure, swap them – meaning put the left earbud in your right ear and the right on your left ear.

Do Airpods fall out? When you wear them properly, your AirPods won’t fall out. Those tiny earbuds ensure that they won’t fall out while you’re working out or running.

Once you wear them, you should twist them up about 30°—this way, their stems are positioned horizontally.

How to Ensure AirPods Won’t Fall Out When Running?

Do AirPods fall out when running? When running or working out at the gym, there is a likelihood that your AirPods will fall out. So what can you do about it?

You can use the accessories I have mentioned above. One of the best in this regard is the over-the-ear earphone hooks.

No matter how intense your run is, these hooks will keep your AirPods secure in your ears. The same goes if you are performing heavy workouts.

If you can’t find ear hooks in your local store, do the waterproof tape trick. Cut out or punch out four small circles on the tape. Use two stickers for each AirPod. Attach the sticky part of the tape to the AirPods.

Stick them on the parts of the AirPod close to where they touch your ears. Move your head around to try if the fit is firm. If it is, then you could go. If not, adjust or change the placement of the stickers.

Is AirPods Pro More Fitted than Regular AirPods?

One thing you will notice about the AirPods Pro is its enhanced sound quality. They sound better than the previous versions of AirPods. There are several more differences. But what is relevant to us concerning our topic is the fit.

New Ear Design

do Airpods stay in while running

It seems that the new design of the AirPods Pro makes the earbuds more fitted and more secure in the ear. That means Apple must have addressed the “falling out” problem and improved the design of its latest creation to solve this problem once and for all.

Here are things worth noting about AirPods Pro:

1. More Like an Earplug

The AirPods Pro goes deeper into the ears. The design of AirPods Pro is more like an earplug.

That is why it can go deeper into the ear more than the regular earbuds. But they don’t feel like they’re earplugs.

More accurately, they are a combination of the earplug design and the older style of AirPods.

2. Accommodate Different Ear Sizes

AirPods Pro also comes with three different rubber tips compared to the one-size-fits-all in the past. Obviously, this is done to accommodate different ear sizes and configurations so that the AirPods won’t easily fall out.

Apple calls its latest ‘in-ear’ design “customizable fit” with the help of silicone tips. The previous AirPods Gen 2 has a non-in-ear design, which they call “universal fit.”

Apple hopes that this latest ear design will work for all AirPods Pro users’ ear sizes, no matter if they have small, medium, or large ears. They even use software with a fitting feature so you can try which size will work best for you.

3. Weight

In terms of weight, AirPods Pro is a tad shorter but slightly wider and deeper than the regular AirPods versions. The Pro version is also a bit heavier. It weighs 0.19 ounce or 5.4 grams to the 0.14 ounce or 4 grams of the old version.

4. More Comfortable to Wear

It cannot be denied that they are more comfortable to wear. Because they’re lightweight, they don’t add much pressure to the inner ear compared to earphones’ earplug style.

To date, AirPods Pro has the most advanced features of all AirPods that were released.

The current version of AirPods Pro has the following additional features:

  • In-ear design along with three different sizes and sets of tips
  • IPX4 water/sweat resistance
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Audio Transparency mode

Conclusion: Do AirPods Fall Out?

If you wear them correctly, your AirPods will not fall out of your ears. These tiny earbuds are designed so that they won’t easily fall out even if you are running or working out.

To wear them correctly: after putting them in your ears, twist them up about 30°. This will place their stems more horizontally so that they will stick out away from your ears.

To ensure they won’t fall out when you’re doing physical activities, you can utilize silicone ear tips, foam earphone covers, waterproof tape, or follow the tips I discussed above.