What Does Destination Scan Mean? (For UPS Deliveries)

If you are waiting for a UPS delivery, you can easily track it online. When monitoring its real-time status, one of the most common updates you will see is Destination Scan. What does Destination Scan mean for UPS?

Destination Scan means that your shipment is already at the local facility. It is getting ready for its final delivery. This is the last step of the package’s journey to the recipient. 

Read on to learn more about the meaning of “Destination Scan” in UPS delivery updates. 

What Does Destination Scan Mean? 

what does destination scan mean

When you see Destination Scan in the UPS status delivery update, it means that the package is already in the depot that will deliver it to the recipient. It will be loaded into a delivery vehicle and sent straight to the local hub’s delivery address. 

When Will You Receive a Package After Destination Scan? 

Ideally, you should receive the package on the same day or the next business day after seeing Destination Scan in the status update. This depends on the time of receipt in the UPS facility.

Let us say that at 1:00 pm on a Thursday, the tracking page states Destination Scan. You won’t receive it on the same day. While the package is already at the local facility, it is not yet on that day’s preload. After unloading, it will be sorted and loaded before delivery so that you can expect it the next day. 

Nonetheless, if you see the Destination Scan update before 9 am, the package might not be a part of that day’s delivery. Notwithstanding any delay, you will receive it within the same day. 

Does UPS Deliver on Weekdays? 

If the tracking message shows Destination Scan on a Friday, you might not receive it the next day. By default, UPS does not do Saturday deliveries. Nonetheless, you can request this for a Saturday shipment and pay an extra charge. 

While you can pay extra for Saturday deliveries, there is no such option for shipments on a Sunday. 

When Are UPS Packages Delivered?

Standard UPS delivery is from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Weekend delivery is available only in eligible locations and at a cost. 

Can You Pick Up a Package After Destination Scan? 

When someone books a delivery, there is an option for pickup. Otherwise, you cannot pick up the package even after seeing Destination Scan in tracking. The UPS team might load it in a truck immediately. More so, it can be on the way to the recipient since pickup isn’t an option. 

Reading online, some people say that you can pick up your shipment after Destination Scan appears on the status page. The best thing to do is to call the local facility so that you won’t end up wasting time and effort. 

Can a Sender Stop the Delivery after Destination Scan? 

Yes, it is possible for the sender the stop delivery even after the status says Destination Scan. However, this is possible only through UPS Delivery Intercept. It requires an additional fee while offering more flexibility in deliveries. 

With UPS Delivery Intercept, the sender can request a return to the shipper, reschedule the delivery, and change the delivery address. However, it is best to request an intercept as early as possible. Ideally, it must be requested before reaching the final local hub or UPS facility. 

Requesting for an intercept is easy to do via the website of UPS. This feature is helpful to online sellers and will be a great way to elevate customer service. 

Why Is the UPS Tracking Not Updating? 

Is it taking too long before Destination Scan shows up in your tracking updates? In most instances, you don’t have a reason to worry. It often happens that there are delays in the system updates, such as an internal glitch. 

Another reason is that the local facility is overwhelmed with too many packages. This might make it longer to scan your shipment, and hence, there is no immediate update. 

If there is no status update within 24 hours and you want to have peace of mind, it is best to call the local hub. 

What Happens after a UPS Destination Scan? 

The delivery undergoes a preload shift. This is the time the package gets into the assigned vehicle for delivery. After loading, the driver will attempt to deliver the package to the recipient. 

Possible Causes of Delay After Destination Scan 

It is exciting to receive a package you have been anticipating. At the same time, it can also be frustrating. Seeing Destination Scan is not a guarantee that you will receive your shipment immediately.

Some factors can contribute to its delay, including the following: 

1. Bad Weather 

More than 40% of delivery delays are because of bad weather. From snowstorms to hurricanes, UPS cannot control inclement weather. Poor weather conditions can impede timely delivery even if the package is already in the final leg of its journey to the sender.

2. Incorrect Information 

Even after seeing Destination Scan and Out for Delivery, there are instances when you will not receive the package. A common reason for such is incorrect details, especially the shipping address. UPS has an Address Correction feature to remedy this problem. 

3. Unavailability of Recipient 

If the delivery does not require a signature, it can be left in a safe and open space in your house. However, when a signature is required, and no one is available to receive the package, they will return it to the UPS facility. It will inevitably result in a delay. 

Make sure to notify UPS in advance if you will not be home in time for a delivery that requires your signature. Inform the company that you are authorizing an available neighbor to receive the package. Otherwise, UPS will bring the package to the local hub, and they will attempt another delivery. 

There is also a service known as UPS My Choice. This will help in managing the deliveries. It allows the recipient to modify how, where, and when the delivery will be. This will offer better flexibility to match your schedule. It requires updating to a premium account.

4. High Delivery Volume 

UPS packages are assigned to specific trucks with a specific driver. Sometimes, the delivery volume is too high. Drivers may exceed the work hour limits set by the authorities. All undelivered shipments will be brought back to the local hub, causing delays. 

It is common to experience overwhelming deliveries during major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. During these times, it is best to anticipate delays. 

5. Traffic 

This is one thing that is out of control of the person delivering your package. Especially when there is an accident or a major roadblock, you might not receive your package on time even after leaving the local facility. 

6. Vehicle Trouble 

Even if UPS has a comprehensive maintenance program for its fleet of delivery vehicles, problems happen on the road. When a truck breaks down in the middle of a shipment, this will have a ripple effect. It affects the deliveries throughout the day. 

7. Poor Service 

While UPS is one of the most reliable global couriers, the quality of the service can be dismal, especially with poor-performing drivers. Some may be impatient to look for your address and would rather return the package to their local hub. 

One of the most common results of poor service is a lost package. Even after Destination Scan, the person attempting to deliver can still misplace it. While it is rare, it is frustrating if you experience it first-hand.

Again, what does destination scan mean for UPS? Destination Scan for UPS means that your shipment is already at the local facility. It is getting ready for its final delivery. This is the last leg of the package’s journey to the recipient. 

What to Do When You Still Haven’t Received Shipment After Delivery Scan Notification?

destination scan

Ideally, you must receive the shipment within a day or two after the Destination Scan. However, you may experience delays. Below are some of the best things to do: 

  1. Wait a little longer. Even in deliveries, patience is a virtue. Keep a cool head and wait a few more days before complaining. 
  2. Be understanding, especially if the weather is bad or other situations you know are causing the delays.
  3. Check the shipping details. Make sure that the recipient’s name, address, contact number, and other details are accurate. 
  4. Request a refund if the delivery has a guarantee. Refund requests, however, are not available to all customers. 
  5. Call the local hub. If the delay is too much for you to bear, it is a good idea to have someone to talk to for your peace of mind. 

How to Track Your UPS Delivery 

Messages like Destination Scan and other delivery updates are available on the UPS platform. You can find it on the website or mobile app when checking the progress of the shipment.

To check the status of your UPS delivery, here’s what you should do: 

  1. Go to the UPS website. 
  2. Click Tracking. 
  3. Enter the Tracking or Reference Number. You can enter up to 25 tracking numbers at once, but make sure to enter only one per line. 
  4. Click Track. The screen will now show the status of the delivery. Refresh the page to make sure that the information updates. 

Alternatively, you can also call the nearest UPS facility in your area. Ask them about the status of your shipment. 

Other UPS Delivery Status Updates You Should Know

what does destination scan mean for UPS

Aside from UPS Destination Scan, here other important terms you need to know when tracking UPS deliveries: 

1. Arrival Scan

This is a record of receipt in a local UPS hub. Depending on the final package destination, there are several arrival scans. It is especially if it has to travel to multiple cities or countries.

2. Clearance Completed

If the shipment needs to go through customs, this update means that they cleared the package. 

3. Delivered

This means that the package is already at the destination address. It comes with the date and time of the delivery. If you are from the United States and Canada, UPS staff can leave your package on the porch, patio, or garage. It may not require a signatory. 

4. Departure Scan

The package has already left the UPS hub. Unlike Destination Scan, there can be multiple departure scans if the delivery moves through different cities and countries. 

5. Exception

While the package is already in the UPS network, unforeseen circumstances cause a delay. Wait for an update on the shipment status to monitor movement.

6. Export Scan

If the shipment is going to a different country, this status means the shipment has been through the necessary export procedures. 

7. Import Scan

This means that the shipment has passed through the import procedures in the country of delivery. 

8. In Transit

The shipment is currently moving within the UPS network. This status updates when it reaches a local hub. 

9. Out for Delivery

The package is already in the final UPS facility and received by a driver. It will be delivered anytime within the hours of operation. 

10. Returned to Sender

It means that the delivery is heading back to the sender. Some reasons include a request from a sender or an incorrect address. 

Conclusion – What Does UPS Destination Scan Mean? 

Destination Scan (UPS) means that your package is already in the final hub or facility to ship it to the specified address. After Destination Scan, the next update is Out for Delivery.

While your shipment goes through different hubs, especially for international deliveries, Destination Scan shows up on the tracking page only once. This is before the last leg of the delivery to the recipient. 

After scanning at the destination facility, UPS will load your shipment in a delivery van and attempt delivery as soon as possible. When there are no delays, such as weather disturbances or incorrect information, you should receive the package the next business day.