CR2025 Vs CR2032 Battery – What Is the Difference?

Have you ever been in a situation when you can’t start your car because the battery in the transponder died? This may have effectively triggered the failsafe. You open it, and you see that it uses a CR2025 battery. You notice that it looks almost exactly like the CR2032 you have on hand. The question is, what is the difference between CR2025 vs. CR2032 batteries? Can they be interchanged?

Several factors make the CR2032 different from the CR2025 battery. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Size
  2. Capacity
  3. Durability
  4. Cost

The biggest difference between the two is their thickness. The CR2032 is 3.2 millimeters thick, while the CR2025 is 2.5 millimeters. Because of the added thickness, another key difference is that the CR2032 has a higher capacity (mAh) than the CR2025. This means that it can last significantly longer.

Read more about the key differences between 2025 vs. 2032 batteries. You will also know whether you can use them interchangeably.

What Are the Differences Between CR2025 vs. CR2032 Batteries?

cr2025 vs cr2032 battery

Both the CR2025 and CR2032 are button/coin batteries. They come in a shape that allows you to use them for compact electronic devices.

Mostly, these devices are the ones that do not require a huge power output. You can usually find these batteries in devices like watches, alarm clocks, kitchen timers, calculators, and car key remotes.

The CR2025 and the CR2032 look identical, but why do they have different labels? The reason is that there are some key differences between the two batteries that most people overlook:

1. Size

Let’s first discuss the naming scheme. The letter “C” is the letter code assigned by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC).

This is to designate the battery’s chemical composition, which, in this case, is lithium. The “R” is for the battery’s shape, which is “round.” Now, the last four numerical digits designate the size of the battery.

The first two numbers are for the diameter in millimeters. This means both the CR2025 and the CR2032 have 20mm case diameters. In other words, the main difference between the two batteries is the thickness. One is 2.5mm thick, while the other is 3.2mm.

2. Capacity

The difference in thickness makes the CR2032 carry almost twice the charge of what the CR2025 is capable of. The CR2032 has a battery capacity of roughly 235mAh.

Meanwhile, the CR2025 can carry a charge amounting to 170mAh. This means the CR2032 can last longer than the CR2025, almost twice as long.

3. Durability

Both CR2025 and CR2032 are non-rechargeable batteries. This is the reason why their durability has a direct connection to their charge capacity. Since the CR2032 has a bigger charge, it is only fit to say that it can last longer. However, this will also depend on the kind of use the batteries are getting.

Because the CR2032 holds more charge, it is the more popular choice for essential devices such as hearing aids. It is also ideal for powering the CMOS on a computer’s motherboard.

4. Cost

Because the CR2032 is thicker than the CR2025 while holding more charge, it will cost more. However, the price difference is not that big. It will still mostly depend on the brand of the battery.

What Are the Similarities Between the CR2025 and CR2032?

While there are certain differences between CR2032 vs. CR2025 batteries, you can also find many similarities. Among them are the following areas:

1. Application

Although the CR2032 has a bigger charge capacity, the two batteries are useful on the same devices. These include calorie counters, calculators, kitchen weighing scales, and other low-power devices.

2. Size

Although these two batteries have different thicknesses, they are the same diameter. This is why you can usually fit a CR2025 in a device that uses CR2032 batteries. However, you might need to shim the battery with a bit of tin foil to make the contacts touch.

3. Voltage

Both batteries put out around 3 volts. Technically, you can use them interchangeably if not for the size difference.

4. Shelf Life

This will usually depend on the manufacturer. On average, both the CR2025 and the CR2032 can keep their charge for at least 8 to 10 years.

Brief Introduction to Coin Cells

cr2025 or cr2032 battery

Larger Variants of the Button Cell Batteries

Coin cell batteries, like the CR2025 and CR2032, are larger variants of button cell batteries. Although they are some of the larger button cells, coin cells are still no bigger than 25 millimeters in diameter.

Coin cells are still significantly larger compared to their smaller button cell cousins, which are only 5 millimeters wide.

Size of the Battery Printed on the Battery

It is easy to identify coin cells as they all have sizes on the side. This is a distinct advantage of being a bit bigger than button cells. Aside from the size of the battery, you can also sometimes see the country of origin. You can also see a small warning label if they can make them fit.

Single-cell and Disposable

Coin cell batteries are all single-cell, and they are typically disposable. Some brands make rechargeable coin batteries but are not usually commercially available.

Unsafe for Charging

In addition, because of their already compact design, coin cells do not have enough space for venting. This makes them unsafe for recharging.

Have Long Shelf and Service Lives

Typically, coin cells have long shelf and service lives. Some can reportedly last for ten years. These batteries have low discharge rates and can hold their charge far longer than their alkaline relatives.

This is why you can use them for small electronics that you use continuously, like watches and calculators.

Aside from CR2025 and CR2032, people also search for CR2016 vs. CR2032.

What Is a CR2025?

Used Typically for Smaller Electronic Devices

A CR2025 is a type of round, or button, battery. This is a type of battery used typically for smaller electronic devices. This is specifically for items that need a consistent low-voltage electricity supply.

Compatible with Any Device That Does Not Require Much Power

You can usually find a CR2025 battery in small items like kitchen timers, calculators, clocks, watches, and toys. It is compatible with any device that does not require that big of a power draw. These include devices that need to be turned on all the time.

Why Is It Called CR2025?

This is a designation of the battery, and every letter and number has a meaning. The “C” is the IEC standard designation for the material used in the battery.

In this case, it states that the battery contains lithium. For the CR2025 and the CR2032, it is specifically lithium manganese oxide. This is a more efficient holder of an electric charge compared to an alkaline.

The “R” is for the shape of the battery, which is round. The four numbers at the end are the dimensions of the battery. The “20” is the diameter of the battery, which, in this case, is 20mm. The last two numbers are also in millimeters.

However, this time, it is actually in single digits. In this case, the “25” denotes that the battery is 2.5mm thick.

Uses of CR2025 Batteries

Coin batteries like the CR2025 are usually for powering small gadgets. You can typically find this size battery in watches, calculators, small toys, remote controls, and car key fobs.

If a device does not need that much power, the CR2025 is the ideal choice. This is especially true if it needs to have a compact form factor.

Again, what’s the difference between CR2032 and CR2025 batteries? The CR2032 and CR2025 batteries differ in thickness. The CR2032 (3.2mm) is thicker than the CR2025 (2.5mm), so the former has a higher capacity (mAh).

What Is the CR2032?

Has a Longer Lifespan

Just like the CR2025, the CR2032 is also a button battery. You can find this type of battery in smaller electronic devices. However, this is the choice when the device needs a longer service lifespan.

What Does CR2032 Mean?

The naming convention used for the CR2025 also applies to the CR2032. This battery also uses lithium as the main ingredient, hence the “C.” This is also a round button battery, which explains the “R.” Moreover, this battery is 20mm in diameter, the same as the CR2025.

However, the biggest difference between the two batteries is that the CR2032 is thicker at 3.2mm. This additional girth allows this battery to use more lithium, thus increasing its capacity.

However, even with its bigger charge storage when kept unused, 2025 and 2032 have the same low self-discharge rate.

Uses of CR2032 Batteries

Just like the CR2025, you can find the CR2032 in small electronics. However, because of the bigger charge capacity, this battery is a popular choice for many compact medical devices.

Among them are hearing aids and thermometers. The larger charge capacity and slow discharge rate make it the ideal choice for electronics that must work continuously.

The CR2032 also commonly provides power for low-power subsystems in electronics. For instance, real-time clocks like the CMOS in computer motherboards. This is where the BIOS stores the date and time. That way, it does not need to reset every time you turn off your computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Button Batteries

what is the difference between a cr2025 and a 2032 battery


Button batteries have plenty of advantages, including the following:

1. Compact Design

The main advantage of button/coin batteries is their compact design. This gave way to many uses where the traditional alkaline cells would not work.

The most popular use for these kinds of batteries is to power wristwatches. Because of their small form factor, you can easily fit a button or coin battery into most digital watch housings.

2. Stackable Design

Another reason for the popularity of coin batteries is that you can stack them on top. This is so they can produce higher voltages while occupying a small space.

By stacking three CR2032 batteries, you can get the same voltage as a bulky 9v battery. Previously, stacked batteries were used to power cordless phones at airports and in the PA systems of planes.


Button batteries also have their downsides, including the following:

1. Mostly Non-rechargeable

One of the issues that people have with button batteries is that they are not usually rechargeable. Using them to power essential medical devices can be quite a drag.

These include heart rate monitors or hearing aids. When they run out of juice, you must buy a new battery before using the devices again.

Some brands make rechargeable coin batteries, but they are not that common. They can be quite expensive as well.

2. Health Hazard

Because of their miniature size, button batteries look quite enticing for toddlers. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cases of babies accidentally ingesting button and coin batteries, and a big percentage of them are quite serious. We will be discussing this issue in more detail later.

Can I Use a CR2032 Instead of a CR2025?

Let’s say you need to replace a CR2032 battery, but you can only find a CR2025? Will it work? Technically, you can use a CR2025 in place of the CR2032. This is if you can make it fit into the battery compartment. You also have to make the contacts touch the battery.

The reason is that both the CR2025 and the CR2032 produce the same voltage, 3 volts. If you don’t have 2032 but 2025, you might be able to make it work.

The usual thing that people do is place a bit of tin foil over one side of the button battery. This will allow the battery to touch the contacts firmly.

On the other hand, can you replace a CR2025 with a CR2032? This can be quite tricky to pull off. The main reason is that you will work with a much smaller battery compartment.

The CR2032 is 0.7mm thicker than the CR2025 coin battery. This means the battery compartment might be just big enough for the 2.5mm thick battery.

However, you might get lucky, and there might be enough room for the CR2032 battery. You should only try this if you cannot source any CR2025 batteries. The reason is that you might be wasting your time trying to make a bigger battery fit.

Safety Issues Associated with Button Batteries

Because button batteries are small and shiny, you might not even notice that they have dropped out of your device. However, it is not small enough to keep young children from finding and playing with them. If you have little kids around the house, be very careful about these small batteries as much as possible.

Some warning signs to look out for to tell if your child has accidentally ingested a button battery are:

  • High fever
  • Increased irritability
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing and coughing
  • Throat pain

If you notice these warning signs, take your child immediately to the ER. This is also important if you know that your child ingested or inserted the battery in their nose or ears. Don’t try to remove the lodged battery on your own. Keep in mind that it may only lead to even more serious injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are 2025 And 2032 Batteries Made Of?

Aside from lithium, other manufacturers use zinc-air, alkaline, and silver oxide, to name a few. You may be asking which of these are non-toxic. The answer is none of them are. Be careful where you are keeping all your batteries and ensure they are out of the reach of children.

Which Is More Common Between the 2025 And 2032 Battery?

Because of their bigger stored charge, 2032 is the more popular choice among the two-button batteries. The additional thickness in the 2032 batteries is also why they have almost twice the amount of charge in 2025.

In Closing – CR2025 vs. CR2032 – What Is the Difference?

What is the difference between the 2025 and 2032 batteries? Several things make the CR2025 coin battery different from its close cousin, the CR2032, namely:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Cost

Looking at them from the front, you won’t see anything different between the CR2025 and 2032. However, looking from the side, you will find that 2032 is significantly thicker than 2025.

These batteries are common in small electronic devices, especially those you must always turn on. Such devices include wristwatches, hearing aids, and others.

Now that you know about 2025 and 2032, you can avoid mistaking one for the other. This is true even though they look identical. Also, you now know what kind of battery to look for when your old watch would suddenly dies on you.