Codecademy Review – Pricing, Courses, Pro

Codecademy is excellent if you want to learn how to code or improve your coding knowledge. The classes it offers help you to understand coding and how it works. It will also help you determine if coding is something that you want to pursue as a professional career.

This Codecademy review will help you learn more about Codecademy, including how it works and the courses it offers.

Codecademy offers free coding classes through an online interactive platform. Their free courses include 12 programming languages. Some of these courses include C++, SQL, Swift, Ruby, Go, Java, Python, and JavaScript. Also included are markup languages, such as CSS and HTML. There is also a Pro option that offers tutorials and tailored lessons.

Continue reading our Codecademy review to learn more about the details of the courses it offers.

Codecademy Review

If you are inclined to build a career in coding computer languages, you need to learn the required basic skills. Codecademy is an online company that offers free coding courses specifically designed for beginners. They also can help more experienced coders improve their knowledge.

Let’s start this Codecademy review by learning what these online coding courses are all about.

What Is Codecademy?

Codecademy offers online courses that teach anyone how to code and design websites in a fun and easy way. It allows you to choose which specific languages you want to use. The languages include Python, Java, C++, Swift, Go, SQL, Ruby, JavaScript, and more.

You can also choose (IBM) Watson API. All coding classes in Codecademy are for free. A paid plan is also available where you can have additional learning tools and live support. These courses will give you a good starting point in coding, but if you want to really pursue this career, you’re going to need more.

Codecademy is a perfect tool if you’re just starting to learn how to code. The lessons on this online teaching platform will give you a sense of what coding is and how it works. It’s one of the useful tools you need to have in your coding fund of knowledge.

The company behind these lessons states that its mission is different from other online teaching platforms. It says that it is rethinking education from the bottom up. The company claims that it is building the first truly net native education.

Here’s a brief overview of Codecademy:

  • Year Started: 2011
  • Languages Offered: 12 including Java, HTML, Sass, Ruby, and others
  • Price: Free course and Pro (paid) course
  • Number of Students: More than 45 million students have taken the courses
  • Curriculum: Designed and published by Codecademy
  • Structure: Organized classes in packages with “paths,” and every path is organized like an online coding curriculum
  • User-interface: In-browser code editor with prompts and text instruction without videos

How Does Codecademy Work?

When you choose a Codecademy course, you will be given an overview, which includes the prerequisite courses and topics you will take. You will also be provided with a walkthrough as course prep, which consists of the installation of whatever you will need on your computer to finish the course.

After this intro, you will be taken to a new environment where you will start building your coding skills. You will then progress in developing your skills and begin to complete challenges as you move forward with the lesson. Also, you’ll be asked to save your accomplishments to enable you to stop anytime in the course without worrying about losing your work.

review of codecademy

If you choose to tackle specific programming lessons, you will be provided with more details about how they work. You will be asked to do basic tasks before moving on to bigger and more challenging projects. The classes and lessons at Codecademy are on par with similar courses from other companies.

Every step of the way, Codecademy will keep you motivated by giving you medals or badges for your achievements. Your dashboard will show you the skills that you have already learned and mastered. It will also show your progress or where you are in your current lessons. Every lesson is provided with clickable links, just in case you get hung up. There are also additional links when you submit an incorrect code. 

If you encounter a problem, every lesson has a Q&A forum. Here, you can interact with other students at the same level. They can help you troubleshoot the problematic code together. You are also provided with resource pages where you will find language glossaries and forum rules. These pages let you access the help center, where you can get general answers.

Why Should You Use Codecademy?

When you are just starting out in coding, and you have different learning options available, it will be practical to see why you need to choose one over the other. According to several Codecademy reviews, there are definite advantages to using Codecademy courses in your studies.

Below are three important reasons why you need to choose these online coding courses.

1. Codecademy Offers an Extensive List of Languages and Topics

This company offers a wide range of languages that are more than enough to keep you occupied for a long while. Their current tutorials include SQL, HTML, Java, CSS, Git, Sass, Command Line, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, and Angular JS.

As you explore and learn these courses “inside the classroom,” you’re able to assess your interest in coding. They will help you decide if this career is for you or if you have to pursue something else.

2. Everything Is Already Set Up for You

When learning something new, it’s a good thing to hit the ground running. In most cases, the “setting up” is the most challenging stage in learning to code. And in the current scheme of things, most coding beginners are not given a fighting chance to succeed.

It might not be the case with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, but when you come face-to-face with backend languages, such as Python, Ruby, or PHP, you will realize that there is a need for a new approach to learning how to code.

Writing a very basic “Hello World” app using Ruby on your PC will require you to spend many hours of computer setup and the installation of Ruby. You also have to ensure that all of the “packages” are correct. There is a need to get your servers running, reconfigure folder permissions, figure out how to connect to your browser, and so forth.

The whole process of setting up could take several hours. You will be forced to make sense of the many error messages you see for the first time–this is where Codecademy is ahead of the others.

Codecademy will enable you to learn the syntax of a programming language through an interactive experience using your web browser. There is absolutely no setup time required. It’s sort of learning how to ride a bike with training wheels. As a beginner in coding, these “training wheels” are truly necessary.

3. The Courses Are Free

Being free is one of the most significant factors that make Codecademy coding lessons attractive to beginners. There is no need for you to pay for the courses per class or sign-up for a monthly subscription. This feature is very advantageous to students who are working on a limited budget.

If you are still unsure if this is the lifetime career you are aiming for, you won’t lose anything by trying these free courses. You will be able to learn some employable skills without spending anything. And if you find that it inspires your creativity, then you can use it as your jump-off point.

Is Codecademy Legit?

With all the languages taught in Codecademy, you can say that it is really legit. These courses are based on the exact science of coding. But bear in mind that they are only the beginning stages of an entire course of study and not yet complete.

If you want to know if you are really meant to be a coder, your next step is to enroll in a duly accredited school offering these courses. Codecademy will give you a good start. However, it’s not a substitute for getting a complete or advanced course in coding.

What Are the Codecademy Courses and Their Prices?

Codecademy offers free coding courses, but it also offers access to a Pro version that you have to pay for. At the start, you may want to get free lessons. After studying the free courses, you will be asked if you want to upgrade to premium lessons.

If you choose to get the Pro lessons, you can pay the subscription either on a monthly, semi-annually, or annual basis. The Pro version includes a personalized study plan, real-world projects, regular quizzes, and advisors’ help through live chat. A 14-day money-back guarantee is also offered for first-time subscribers.

Here is a table to help you see what Codecademy offers:

Codecademy PlanFree, $0$15.99 per month if billed yearly or
$19.99 per month if billed monthly
Basic Course Yes Yes
Members Only ContentNo Yes
Practice and Application  
Mobile PracticeLimitedUnlimited
Real-World ProjectsNo Yes
Step-by-step GuidanceNo Yes
Peer SupportNo Yes
Team Support 
Team Performance ReportsNoNo
Unlimited License SwitchingNoNo
Flexible Start DatesNoNo
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Advantages and Benefits of Codecademy

Codecademy lessons offer many advantages over other coding courses. Here are some of its advantages:

codecademy full review

1. Codecademy Lessons Are Fun and Not Tedious

If you want to continue your interest in learning how to code, you need to have coding lessons that are not tedious. It will be more effective if the fun element is integrated into the lessons. And this is where Codecademy is ahead of its competitors.

The coding lessons are an effective mix of fun and practical exercises. Along the way, the student is rewarded for the progress he has made. Codecademy uses more than one way of teaching computer language and coding to its students.

Every student is given the choice of what is the best that works for him. When you get into a snag, it is very easy to get help. The lessons are all interactive, so you will always have the motivation to continue and learn more.

2. Codecademy Provides Help to Students Who Have Difficulties in Learning

If you need help, Codecademy will never leave you alone. The lessons provide help and hints to students who find it challenging to master the learning materials. They will allow you to get it right before you tackle the next lesson. There are also helpful hints given in the IDE interface, but only when you request it.

The 12 tracks of Codecademy are all free of charge. You can also stop working on the lessons anytime you want and then pick up later from where you left. Tutoring and live help are also available for a fee.

Are There Any Downsides to Codecademy?

Despite the many advantages of Codecademy, some people have found it to be lacking in certain aspects.

  • One of the elements lacking in the lessons of Codecademy is video content. However, the interactive lessons of these courses are easy to follow. They also motivate the students to keep going.
  • Another downside is slow-paced lessons. But it should be noted that these lessons are meant for beginners without previous knowledge of computer coding. So, for a beginner, the pacing of the lessons is just right.

People who already have a working knowledge of coding could choose to start with the Pro version. All lessons in this paid version are designed for students who want to advance in their coding knowledge.

Conclusion – Codecademy Review

So, to recap, Codecademy offers free coding classes through an online interactive platform. Included in its free courses are 12 programming languages. They include C++, SQL, Swift, Ruby, Go, Java, Python, and JavaScript. It is an excellent entry-level coding tutorial for the languages that it offers.

The concepts inherent in these languages are comprehensively discussed in the lessons. Overall, this Codecademy review recommends these courses for beginners who want to know if they will flourish in the field of computer language coding.