Cheapest Places to Print Documents [Top 13]

There will always be a need for copies of printed documents. If you don’t have a printer available to you, where can you go to have your documents printed at the lowest price?

Below are the 13 cheapest places to print documents:

  1. FedEx
  2. The UPS Store
  3. Office Depot – Office Max
  4. Staples
  5. Costco
  6. Sam’s Club
  7. CVC Pharmacy
  8. Sir Speedy
  9. Hy-vee
  10. Coborn’s
  11. Post Office
  12. Public Library
  13. Community Center

Read on to learn more about the cheapest places to print documents and how much they charge.

Cheapest Places to Print Documents – Walk-In Stores

cheapest place to print documents

With many businesses, and even universities, colleges, and high schools going paperless, it isn’t as easy as it used to be to find a place that does printing now. But regardless of the digital trend, people will always have times when they need a printer.

Below are the cheapest places where you can have your documents printed:

1. FedEx

Fed Ex was formerly known as Kinko’s. They offer a full selection of document solutions, from copying and printing to digital printing from the cloud. An added perk here is that you can do it with FedEx if you need to send the documents printed, too, making it a one-stop shop. They also accept orders online, and you can have them delivered to your home.

2. The UPS Store

The UPS Store prints, book binds, laminates, fax, shreds, and a lot more. They print in black and white and in color. Moreover, they will also accept online orders, and you can have the copies delivered to you. They have a document builder that’s easy to use for your online orders.

3. Office Depot – Office Max

Office Depot merged with Office Max in 2013, two companies well-known for office supplies retailers. You can get your documents printed and copied with them for very affordable prices. For black and white copies, the price starts at 9 cents per page. For colored copies, the price starts at 42 cents per page.

4. Staples

Staples is more than an office supply chain. They have various services that include document printing. They’ll do black and white printing starting at 4 cents per page. Printing of colored copes starts at 13 cents per page.

5. Costco

Many people don’t know that this wholesale chain offers copy services. Although not all Costco locations offer printing services, it’s good to consider getting your documents printed with the locations that offer the service. Getting black and white copies start at 3 cents and color copies at 15 cents. They accept orders online and will deliver to the Costco branch nearest to you for your pick-up.

6. Sam’s Club

There are some Sam’s Club branches that offer copying services. They offer a variety of printing services, not just documents. Ask about their prices because they also do special bundle prices for bulk printing.

7. CVS Pharmacy

Yes, CVC Pharmacy also offers printing services. Their printing services are available at more than 3000 locations in the US. If your CVC Pharmacy has a KODAK stall, you can have your documents printed there. They will also accept digital printing of files and pictures.

They can also print from saved files on your USB device, so you don’t need to bring a hard copy of the document. Black and white copies price starts at 19 cents per page, and colored copies start at 99 cents per page.

8. Sir Speedy

Sir Speedy is a company that specializes in printing and marketing. They do more than just print documents like website design, bookbinding, personalized promotional products, and more. They have more than 600 locations in the US and 13 countries. If you need to print bulk copies or need specialized printing jobs, it’s worth checking them out.

9. Hy-vee

Hy-vee offers copying services in their supermarket chain at affordable prices. Moreover, Hy-vee has locations only in the Mid-Western United States. If you live in their area, check out their printing services for your documents.

10. Coborn’s

You can check out Coborn’s for your printing needs. Coborn’s has more than a hundred locations across the Mid-Western United States.

11. Post Office

Some U.S Post Offices have a photocopier open to the general public for a minimal fee. You can call your post office or ask your local mailman if copying services are available at your post office.

12. Public Library

Another option for document printing is your local public library. Many libraries have photocopiers and printers, and you can ask them to print your documents for you for a small fee. Talk with your local library to find out if they can make copies for you.

13. Community Centers

You can check with the community centers near you if they can print documents for a small fee. Community centers are town halls, senior citizen halls, recreation centers, etc. Often, these locations will have a printer or a copier, and they will only charge a small amount.

Cheapest Places to Print Documents – Online Sources

cheap places to print documents

If you’re not in a rush to get your printing job done, you can order your copies online. Here are some options for online document printing:

1. Best Value Copy

Best Value Copy is an online printing business. They require no minimum order and have very affordable rates. They print various promotional products like business cards, catalogs, brochures, flyers, etc. black and white copies start at 2.7 cents and color copies start at 9 cents.

2. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is an online printing company that became popular for its business cards. However, they do much more than just business cards. They offer a wide range of small business marketing products at affordable prices.

3. Color Copies Today

If you want to print a lot of copies, check out Color Copies Today. They print in both black and white and color. Moreover, they require a minimum amount for orders. They have very competitive prices.

For black and white copies, a minimum of 500 copies is required and will cost $20.00. For color copies, a minimum of 150 copies is required and will cost $15.00.

Printing Your Documents for Free

Is there anything better than printing documents for low fees? Yes, printing documents for free! Here are some ways that you can have your documents printed for free:

1. Ask Your Family or a Friend

If you know of a family member or a friend with a printer, you may consider asking them if they can print documents for you. Of course, take into consideration the number of copies you need to print. If it’s a lot, it will be best to have them printed elsewhere.

2. At Your Campus

When you’re a student, you can often print documents for free in your University, College, or High School. Check where there is a printer and if they do it for free.

3. At Your Office

If you’re printing a document that’s work-related, more often than not, you can have it printed at your workplace for free. And if it’s for personal use, you’ll most probably need to ask your boss if you can have copies printed. If it’s not much, they probably won’t mind.

4. At a Hotel

Most hotels will have a business center that’s open for guests to use. These centers will usually have a fax machine, a copier, and a printer for guests.

If you’re checked in at a hotel and need a document copied, you can at the front desk where the business center is located. There may be some hotels that may charge a fee, so it’s important to ask them.

Other Print Options

You have other options if you often need to print documents:

1. Buy a Cheap or Second-hand Copier or Printer

If you often need to make copies, you might want to think about buying your own printer. In the long run, this may be the cheapest option, and you’ll have the convenience of printing at your own home, anytime.

Look for good deals when you buy. Some printers double as a copier. It may be a bit more expensive, but it may be the best option if your requirements are met.

2. Google Search “Cheap Copies Near Me”

When you type “Cheap copies near me” in Google search, it will give you a list of copying services around your area. These are usually small businesses but not necessarily less competent than the bigger printing establishments.

The list that Google will come up with will usually come with an address and a phone number. You can call them or message them to ask about their services and prices.

Making Copies Without a Copier

cheapest place to print a document

There may come a time when you’ll need a copy of a document but do not in any way have access to a printer. What you can do is download an app and scan them from your phone.

You can then send the copy that has been scanned to anyone who has a printer, or you have the option to save them and print them later on. Yes, it’s possible!

The following are the apps you can use:

1. Genius Scan (PDF Scanner)

Genius Scan comes as a downloadable app both for iOS and for Android. The developers call the app a “scanner in your pocket.” Scan any document anywhere you are, and then you can export it as a JPEG or PDF file.

2. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is available for iOS and Android. It’s a free app, and you can do so much across smartphones, tablets, and laptops with it. It enables you to scan, store and sync with just a few clicks.

3. Through Windows and Linux

Windows and Linux aren’t apps that you download. They are both operating systems. However, I wanted to mention it here because both operating systems can print to PDF.

The option is built-in in the OS. All you need to do is click the “Print to PDF” option under the “Print” drop-down menu. Then follow the prompts as given.

Conclusion: Cheapest Place to Print Documents

Need to print documents? Whether it’s one copy or thousands of copies, getting them at an affordable price is always good.

If you’re printing in-shop, check out the following cheap places:

  1. FedEx
  2. The UPS Store
  3. Office Depot – Office Max
  4. Staples
  5. Costco
  6. Sam’s Club
  7. CVC Pharmacy
  8. Sir Speedy
  9. Hy-vee
  10. Coborn’s
  11. Post Office
  12. Public Library
  13. Community Center

To print documents for free, you can check the following suggestions:

  1. Ask your family or a friend
  2. Campus
  3. At your office
  4. Hotel

Other options for printing documents include:

  1. Buying a cheap or second-hand printer
  2. Google search “Cheap copies near me”

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