Can You Use PayPal on Amazon? Does Amazon Accept PayPal?

Millions around the world are using PayPal to pay for products and services. Amazon is the most popular shopping site on the planet. Can you use PayPal on Amazon? Does Amazon accept PayPal?

Amazon does not accept direct payments from PayPal. While that is true, you can work around this situation and use your PayPal account balance to pay for items that you buy on Amazon. To buy items on Amazon, you can use PayPal Key, PayPal Business Debit MasterCard, or PayPal Cash Card.

Using PayPal to pay Amazon, you have to add your PayPal Cash Card, PayPal Key, or PayPal Business Debit MasterCard as a payment option. You can do this by logging into your Amazon account, choosing “Your Payments,” and then adding whichever of the three PayPal modes of payments you have.

Read on to learn more about using PayPal on Amazon, the reasons why you can’t, and how you can work around the restriction.

Can You Use PayPal on Amazon? Does Amazon Accept PayPal?

can you use paypal on amazon

Does Amazon take PayPal? Amazon does not directly accept payments made through PayPal. But some workarounds make it possible for you to use your PayPal account balance to pay for items you want to buy at Amazon.

You can use your PayPal Business Debit MasterCard, PayPal Cash Card, or PayPal Key. But you need to add anyone of these PayPal modes of payments on Amazon. You can do this by logging into your Amazon account, choosing “Your Payments,” and then select any one of these three.

Amazon only accepts direct payments from the following payment platforms:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Visa
  • Diners Club

Even if PayPal is not included in Amazon’s accepted payments, you can use PayPal technically to purchase items on Amazon. But you have to work around their requirements to be able to do so.

Why Amazon Does Not Accept PayPal Payments

Can you use PayPal credit on Amazon? Amazon cannot accept payments through PayPal simply because they have not integrated PayPal into their payment system. One reason could be that eBay owns PayPal. As everyone knows, eBay is a direct competitor of Amazon.

PayPal was directly linked to eBay from 2002 to 2015. Then PayPal turned independent from eBay. But the partnership between the two companies has remained strong and steady.

It could also be that Amazon wants their customer to use Amazon Pay, their own native payment system, instead. This payment platform has also expanded its use beyond Amazon’s scope. It is now an accepted mode of payment for third-party retailers.

As Amazon Pay grows in scale, it will become a direct competitor to PayPal. The thing is: whatever the exact reason, you can’t use PayPal to pay for items that you buy on Amazon directly.

So, Amazon does not accept direct payments coming from PayPal. There is no way you can link your PayPal account to your Amazon account. Although, thousands upon thousands of online shopping sites allow online buyers to use PayPal without any problem.

What You Can and Can’t Do with PayPal and Amazon

With this strange financial dynamics between Amazon and PayPal, there are certain things you can and cannot do when it comes to accepting payments. While Amazon does not natively accept PayPal payments, it does not mean that you can’t use your balance at PayPal to pay Amazon. In a nutshell, here’s what you can and can’t do with PayPal and Amazon.

What You Can Do

  • You can use PayPal Cash Card to pay Amazon.
  • You can use PayPal Credit to buy Amazon gift cards from online retailers that accepts PayPal payments. Then use those gift cards to buy items on Amazon.

What You Can’t Do

  • You can’t use PayPal to directly pay for items on Amazon.
  • You can’t use your PayPal Credit on Amazon.

Again, can you use PayPal on Amazon? Does Amazon accept PayPal? Although Amazon doesn’t let you pay using PayPal, it does let you choose the debit or credit card you want to use during the checkout process. If you use a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard, PayPal Cash Card, or PayPal’s new virtual card, PayPal Key, you can pay for Amazon purchases with your PayPal account.

Ways of Using PayPal to Buy on Amazon

does amazon accept paypal

Now, you know that you can work around the payment restrictions between PayPal and Amazon. There are several ways you can work around Amazon’s restrictive requirements. Here are the details of these workarounds:

1. Use PayPal Cash Card

You can pay Amazon by using your PayPal Cash Card. This card is actually a debit card that enables you to access the balance from your PayPal Cash Plus account to pay for purchases in stores or retailers where MasterCard is accepted.

Those who have a PayPal business account can also apply for a PayPal Business Debit MasterCard. The process of getting this card is essentially the same as PayPal personal accounts. You can use it to pay Amazon the same way as personal PayPal accounts.

We all know that Amazon accepts MasterCard. So, you can access your PayPal Cash Card balance to pay for the items you want to buy on Amazon. You have to add PayPal Cash Card as a payment option.

To do this, you have to log in to your Amazon account. Then choose “Payment Option” or add the PayPal Cash Card as your new payment mode at checkout.

If you don’t have a PayPal Cash Card yet, you can request PayPal to give you one. It is absolutely free. They may charge you some service fees when you use this card to withdraw money from an ATM. But you won’t be charged with anything to maintain this card or for your purchases at Amazon.

But be aware that this card is not available in all countries. And even in countries where it is available, there are some special requirements that you need to satisfy. For U.S. cardholders, these requirements include:

  • There are no outstanding issues of the account that need to be resolved
  • A confirmed address tied to the account
  • A confirmed birth date and security number with PayPal
  • A telephone number tied to the account

Once you get your PayPal Cash Card, you can use it easily to make purchases at Amazon. You only need to enter its card number at checkout. Amazon will accept it just like it would accept any other debit card.

While you can use PayPal Cash Card to pay Amazon, it may not be your best option when buying items on this online retailer. Other credit cards offer travel rewards and cashback when they are used for purchases at Amazon.

You can’t get these offers with PayPal Cash Card. It does not offer any rewards on your purchases so, if you want to earn rewards from your credit card while shopping, you are better off using other cards instead of PayPal Cash Card.

2. Use PayPal Key

PayPal Key is a relatively new virtual mode of payment. It enables you to buy items using your PayPal account balance or a linked credit or debit card. A PayPal Key can be used for online purchases on retailers that accept MasterCard even if the retailer does not have a PayPal button.

To use your PayPal Key to pay for any item you want to buy at Amazon, you need to enter your 18-digit PayPal Key number. You also need to enter the security code and the indicated expiry date.

PayPal allows you to make your payments using one of the credit cards linked to your account. If you combine your PayPal Key with a card that offers perks and bonuses for online shopping, you will earn more rewards every time you buy – whether it is on Amazon or somewhere else.

3. Use PayPal to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

You can also use the balance on your PayPal account to buy Amazon gift cards. This is a more roundabout way of using PayPal to buy things on Amazon. It just takes more work to do it, but it can be done.

So, you need to look for retailers selling Amazon gift cards and accepting PayPal payments. And then, choose the items you want or need on Amazon and pay for them with the Amazon gift cards. That’s pretty simple. But it is honestly a circuitous way of doing it.

Why would you choose this payment method instead of the two first methods mentioned above? If you cannot get a PayPal Cash Card or a PayPal Key, the only option is the gift card method.

Many retailers are selling Amazon gift cards. Among them are:

  • eBay (the long-time partner of PayPal),
  • eGifter,
  • Dundle, and many more.

Amazon itself is also selling its own gift cards.

Since you are buying a representation of money and not money itself, you should be very careful. You should vet a store offering Amazon gift cards before actually buying the card. Buy a gift card with a small amount at first to see if the store is legit. Do this a few times.

When you see that this retailer is really honest and legit, that’s the only time you can buy Amazon gift cards with larger amounts. You’ll be sorry if you didn’t vet the store, and the Amazon gift cards you bought from them are not honored by Amazon because they are bogus or have already expired.

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card?

For your Amazon gift card to be honored by Amazon, you need to redeem it. Here’s how this is done:

  1. Log into your account at Amazon.
  2. Hover your mouse over your name at the top right portion of the page and navigate to “Your Account”.
  3. Click on the “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” button.
  4. Enter the gift card code and then click on the “Apply to Your Balance” button.

Is Using PayPal to Pay for Your Amazon Items Worth All the Trouble?

does amazon take paypal

As you can see, it is rather circuitous to pay with your PayPal account balance the items that you buy from Amazon. Some would even say it is rather tedious. So before choosing a workaround method, perhaps you need to ask yourself is it worth doing it?

Perhaps it can be worth it if there is really no option that you can choose except to pay Amazon with your PayPal account balance. You may be in a certain situation forcing you to do it, or there is just really no other way. In that case, it is really worth the trouble.

But if there is really no exigency to do it and you have other options, it would be better to use the workaround methods. If you are not constrained to do it, there is no logic to transforming your money to another form of money to buy things on Amazon.

Amazon is just one of the many online shopping sites that accept direct payments from PayPal. These shopping sites offer nearly all the same items that you can see on the “shelves” of Amazon.

Instead of transferring your PayPal balance to another payment form, why not just use your PayPal balance to shop on these other shopping sites? Some of your options include eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, JD, and many others.

These other retailers carry the same items and offer matching prices as well with the same items. Of course, one of the attractions of Amazon is that it offers convenient online shopping. But other online retailers offer convenient online shopping just as well.

Conclusion: Does Amazon Take PayPal?

Direct payments from PayPal are not accepted at Amazon. While this is true, you can use some workarounds to pay Amazon with your PayPal balance. You can pay Amazon by using PayPal Key, PayPal Business Debit MasterCard, or PayPal Cash Card.

But you need to add any one of these three payment modes to your Amazon account. To do this, you have to log in to your Amazon account. Once logged in, navigate to the page where you are allowed to choose your payment methods. And then add any of the three PayPal methods of payment.