ByteFence Review – Is ByteFence Anti-Malware Good or Bad

ByteFence is an anti-malware program that is designed to detect and block malware. It often comes bundled with other software, so some are surprised to find it on their computers.

Is ByteFence worth getting? Is it safe? This ByteFence review will take a detailed look at ByteFence and whether you should get it or not.

ByteFence is a security program designed to protect Windows computers from crapware, spyware, and malware. It is not a malicious program, per se. However, its distribution in the past was somewhat suspicious. Its questionable entry on computers caused security experts to label it as an unwanted program. Lately, it has earned some form of legitimacy by addressing the bundling issues of the past. 

Continue reading this ByteFence review to learn more about ByteFence, how it works, and other details you need to know to see if it is indeed safe.

ByteFence Review 

If you happen to stumble on ByteFence on your computer and don’t know a thing about it, you will naturally be apprehensive. That’s quite natural because anything that goes on your computer without your knowledge is a cause for concern.

But since it is an anti-malware program, let us examine its features and capabilities, including its strengths and weaknesses, to see if it is safe and worth using.

What Is ByteFence?

ByteFence is an anti-malware program developed by Byte Technologies LLC, a U.S. company established in 2004. It is a tool that protects Windows computers from spyware, malware, and crapware. In that sense, it is safe.

But due to its questionable distribution methods in the past, it has earned a soiled reputation. One ByteFence anti-malware review says that the company has lately addressed this issue, discouraged such practice, and has earned some form of “legitimacy.”

Byte Technologies LLC specializes in developing applications for adware, virus, and malware removal. They provide users malware-free computing experiences. The company claims that it has protected over 59 million computers worldwide through its security programs and blocked over 66 million samples of malware.

The free version of this security program can only scan PCs from malware and crapware. If the program detects threats, only the paid version can remove them. It is more of a support security tool designed to detect less damaging threats, such as spyware, worms, and trojans.

The good thing is that ByteFence is now a safe program. Some years ago, it was considered a virus, but with its anti-malware program, developers worked on improving its reputation. Currently, you won’t find ByteFence in most lists of viruses.

How Can ByteFence Enter My Computer?

ByteFence was primarily designed for Windows PCs. But there are ways you can download it on a Mac OS. You can download it through bundled software with apps, such as PDF Mac Master. If you happen to use a PC or Boot Camp to run Windows on a Mac, you will be able to download this program from its website.

But it might also enter your computer without your permission. Here are some of the ways ByteFence can enter your PC:

  • By clicking on ads. These ads usually redirect you to illegal sites that have questionable content, such as porn sites.
  • Installing other software and not reading its terms and conditions.
  • Downloading free programs. Most free software programs are genuine, but they are often bundled with other freeware. Some of these bundled installers are not authentic. If you install this kind of software, you are more prone to installing other unwanted programs.
  • Browsing and surfing the net. If you have visited websites and accessed shared files via adult sites or other networking environments, this program can be installed on your PC.
bytefence anti malware review
  • Clicking on unsafe links. If you are not careful, you might open files that contain things that can harm your computer. For instance, the files you have opened may contain .exe data that installs the program automatically to your PC.
  • By clicking .exe attachments shared in emails. This method is an old trick, which cybercriminals have been improving ever since. You can protect your computer by not opening .exe files shared via emails.
  • Downloading torrent files. This online activity is very risky. There are times when an item you want to download contains malware or is actually a malware.
  • Opening spam emails. Some unscrupulous groups use spam emails to steal data. They also use spam emails to spread harmful installer files. If you click on these spam files, you run the risk of installing questionable files and programs.

How Does ByteFence Work?

After ByteFence is installed on a computer, it will scan the computer for malware. After the scan, it will show a warning message indicating all the threats it has uncovered. However, if you have installed the free program, it won’t remove the threats. You have to get the Pro version, meaning you have to buy it. After purchasing the license, you can install it on your PC and remove the threats.

Is ByteFence Worth Using?

From our ByteFence Anti-Malware review and testing, we find that ByteFence is a fairly decent anti-malware program. There are many benefits to using ByteFence. Here are some of its benefits.

1. You Can Get Real-time Protection for Your PC

The scanning you will get with ByteFence is in real-time, meaning, if this anti-malware is running on your computer, it will detect any threat that is trying to enter your computer. The scans are primarily done to uncover crapware and malware.

However, this security program is unable to protect your PC from ransomware. While this threat is not well known, it still poses a significant danger when you connect to the internet.

It is the reason why you should not limit yourself to ByteFence, as it cannot provide comprehensive real-time protection. Many dangers are lurking out there online. You should use additional security programs to prevent ransomware and other more significant threats from entering your computer.

2. It Has a Well-organized Interface

One of the major plusses for ByteFence is its interface. It is very well designed, simple to understand, and super easy to navigate. There are no complicated settings on its interface, but you can still enjoy all the major options other popular security software offers. Its interface also does not display any ads.

3. Its Browser Security Features Are Good

The specialization of ByteFence is handling programs, such as browser hijackers, adware, and other common types of software threats designed to target the web browsers of internet users.

ByteFence excellently executes handling these threats. Inside the browser section, this security program provides a useful and functional evaluation of the web browser’s components installed on your computer.

4. Its Virus Scan Is Automatic

After installing and launching ByteFence, the program will automatically run a quick scan of your entire computer. The scan could take 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your computer and its files. You will also be advised on the potential risks that your PC is facing.

Sadly, this anti-malware has below-average malware detection. Sometimes, it can flag certain files and .exe files as suspicious but are not really harmful. While it is running, its quick scan also uses a considerable amount of RAM. For instance, it will use about 1.5 GB for a PC that has 4 GB RAM. But when compared to other programs, its RAM usage is not really that high.

As of this time, ByteFence has not been tested by top independent testing labs, such as AV-Comparatives or AV-TEST. So, there are no available comparative test results yet.

5. Customer Support Is Good

The company has offices and partners all over the world and provides customers localized services. By filling out a support form, users can ask for customer service support. There is also a ByteFence support webpage, which includes an extensive FAQ section on its official website.

Here are some quick points to give you a summary of the things you can get from ByteFence:

Antivirus ProtectionBelow-average
System-performance HitWorking in the background with low usage of system resources
User-interfaceInformative yet simple and without ads
Security and Privacy FeaturesDecent anti-malware features
Scanning PerformanceHigh RAM usage and scans can cause the system to slow down

Is ByteFence Safe?

Currently, yes, it is a safe program. But some time ago, many users have claimed it was a virus. Because of this stained reputation, the developers of ByteFence did their homework and improved the software. As a result, its status has also improved. Today, you will not find ByteFence in most lists of viruses.

However, even now, it is not the best anti-malware program in the market as there are a lot more dependable and reputable anti-virus and anti-malware programs available. If you will only use ByteFence to fend off malicious software, your computer wouldn’t be 100 percent safe.

There is also a chance that a browser hijacker will be installed together with ByteFence. For example, can hitch-hike the installation.

You will also notice if there is a change in your browser’s setting after the installation. Without your approval, it can block Google search. If this happens, don’t ignore it because if you don’t correct it, your search engine can be used to track your searches.

bytefence reviews

Is ByteFence Free?

There are free and Pro versions of ByteFence. The free version is called ByteFence sports. It is a very competent version, which has an affordable premium upgrade. However, it is not capable of removing the threats it detected.

On the other hand, the paid version allows you to remove detected threats for free during its 14-day trial period. If you want to continue using the program after the trial period, you will be encouraged to buy the full version.

ByteFence Pro, the paid version, offers three kinds of payment schemes. There is a 3-year license, which will cost you $59.95. This amount translates to about $1.67 per month. Another plan is a one-year license, which costs $29.95. This amount translates to around $2.50 a month. And then there’s the cheapest of the three at $19.95, which is about $3.33 per month.

Are There Any Downsides to Using ByteFence?

According to a ByteFence anti-malware review, ByteFence has many functional features, but it lacks in some areas that are also very important in security protocols. They include the following:

  • It can slow down your system while the program is running. This issue is definitely true, particularly in older machines that don’t have higher RAMs.
  • There are no independent tests for this program as of this time.
  • It can detect files that are not harmful to your computer.
  • Detection rates for viruses are below average.
  • There’s a possibility that this program will not detect all browsers installed on a computer. They may not even show up on the program’s interface.

Conclusion – ByteFence Review

To summarize our ByteFence review, ByteFence is a security program designed to protect Windows computers from crapware, spyware, and malware. It is not a malicious program, per se.

In the past, ByteFence was bundled with other software, causing its questionable entry into unsuspecting computers. That’s why it was labeled as an unwanted program. Lately, it has earned some form of legitimacy by addressing the bundling issues of the past. 

Although ByteFence is not the best anti-malware program to use, it can be beneficial for people who want to have an extra layer of security on their computers. It is a legit anti-malware program, but not as good as Malwarebytes and Norton. This Bytefence review believes that you will be better off if you use other full-featured security programs.