Buzz Cuts for Women [Types, Tips, and Examples]

If you’re looking to make a change and need inspiration on how to do it, maybe it’s time to break out the clippers. A new haircut or style can make us feel like a whole new person, and when it’s time to transform, consider getting a buzz cut!

I know, it’s drastic. It’s bold. And there’s no turning back, at least not right away. But buzz cuts for women have made quite the comeback in recent years, and a fresh shave on your locks is a great way to turn the page and get a brand-new start. Many celebrities have taken the plunge and shaved off their hair recently. The look you get from going all-in with a buzz cut is daring, edgy, and oozes self-confidence.

Read on to learn more about buzz cuts for women, including types, tips, and examples.

Types of Buzz Cuts for Women

Buzz Cuts for Women
Kristen Stewart

The great thing about getting a buzz cut is that you’re not limited to the typical shaved head that most people think of when they picture a buzz cut.

There are many options to consider, including the length, color, and style of your precise shave. Here are some examples of how to make a buzz cut your own:

Shaved Buzz Cut

Simply changing up the closeness of the shave when getting a buzz cut can result in a unique style:

1. Close-Shaved Buzz Cut

You could go with a shaved buzz cut, where the hair is uniform in length all the way around. The typical length for this style is less than half an inch. This look is very daring and liberating.

2. Peach Fuzz or Short Buzz Cut

Or consider a short buzz cut, where the hair is left about an inch long all the way around. Get the same feel as a buzz cut with just a little length left for those ladies who don’t want to take it all off.

3. Blended Buzz Cut

This is a great choice for women who still want a little variety. Leave the hair at the top of your head a little longer but between one and three inches. Then shorten the length towards the bottom and back of the neck.

4. Side Sweep

This is still a short buzz cut, with the length left around one inch. But the hair is swept or styled to one side. You’ll need a little styling aid to achieve this look, but it offers the chance to change up the look of your buzz cut for a night out.

5. The Fade

The faded buzz cut is like the blended style, except that the length of the hair near the bottom and toward the neck is shaved down to the skin. This great look is reminiscent of high fashion and perfect for the runway.

6. Flat Top

Give yourself an edgy look by leaving a little length on the head and then shaving it flat. This is a very bold look that can call attention to the style.

Can You Color Your Buzz Cut?

Another great way to truly claim a buzz cut as your own is to add color! The possibilities are endless, and you can customize the look to fit your style.

Go permanent or temporary if you want to change it up! A new dye job can be added to any style buzz cut, regardless of the length, and is a great way to make a statement with your new style:

1. Colored Buzz Cut

The rainbow is the limit. Go natural with soft browns and blondes. Or go daring and choose something bright and bold.

2. Platinum Buzz Cut

A popular look among celebrities is to go entirely platinum with their buzz cut. It makes the style stand out and adds glamour and elegance to the look.

3. Add Some Highlights

A great way to add some flavor to your style without committing to a whole head dye job is to add some highlights to your style. Dye just the ends of the hair in any color you want.

4. Aurora or Multi-toned Buzz Cut

Why choose just one color? Mix it up with a color scheme of your choice. This look takes a lot of confidence to pull off, especially if you want to go with vibrant colors that pop. The great idea is to shave some border lines in your hair and create shapes that you fill with contrasting colors.

5. Ombre

The ombre dye style means you dye your hair a dark hue at the top of the head and then soften and fade the colors towards the hairline. This is another popular style worn by celebrities, making for a soft, bright, and pretty style.

Patterned Buzz Cut

Get creative with those clippers, and let the lines speak for you! A buzz cut lends itself to creativity, with your scalp being the canvas. And if you want to switch up the pattern, shave it down and start over!

1. Side Pattern

Add some patterns to the sides of the head with this fun look. You can make it your own by shaving any shape or pattern you want. You can do this with a full shaved buzz cut or leave the hair on top a little longer to draw attention to the pattern.

2. Fully Patterned

Go all out and shave a pattern around your scalp! Let a professional do this for you might be best, but when done correctly, this look is daring and sure to turn heads.

3. Parted

A great way to add some definition to a buzz cut is to shave a faux part on one side of the head. The line can be straight or diagonal on either side. This is a great way to add a stylish twist to the buzz cut and some definition to the style.

4. Add Some Texture

Another great idea is to leave the length of the buzz cut a little longer (still between one and two inches, and then shave a texture into the style. Again, let a professional help you with this style, so it comes out looking fantastic.

Go Bold with These Rocking Buzz Cut Styles

If you’re bold enough to try the buzz cut, why not go the extra step and make a statement with a faux hawk style! The great thing about this look is that it’s versatile. You can stand the hair up straight or lay it flat for those occasions when you need to look more formal or professional:

1. Mohawk Buzz Cut

Shave the sides like a traditional buzz cut but leave the top longer and spike it up! You could even go retro with some liberty spikes and let out your inner rock star. This style adds some edginess to the buzzcut style.

2. Sides Buzz Cut

This look is like the faux hawk but leaves the hair on top longer. This style is reminiscent of Pink’s bouffant, with the top usually kept in a soft, puffy style.

3. Add Some Sideburns

Leave some length right above the ears to create sideburns! Add this look to a typical close-shave buzz cut for some serious style.

4. Drop-Down Buzz Cut

This style is sort of like a sides buzz cut, but with the longer hair on top brushed forward for a stylish, bold look.

5. Add Some Extras to Your Buzz Cut

Need a little extra flair for a special occasion? There are lots of ways to customize a buzz cut. You could add a temporary tattoo to a short, shaved style, either on the sides or back of your head.

Or add some sparkle with a little glitter near the nape of the neck to bring out your inner mermaid.

Cool Hairstyles for Women That Do Not Require Shaving All the Hair Off

types of buzz cuts female

If you’re not willing to shave all your hair off, don’t worry! There are longer styles you can try out while still getting the freedom and liberation that a buzz cut affords:

1. Long Buzz Cut

Similar to the short buzz cut but with a little extra length. This look allows you to add a little style to your look because the length of the hair is sufficient to hold it. You can sweep the hair to the side slightly longer than three inches. Add a part or some bangs to give it a polished look.

2. Chopped Cut

Leave the length longer and use scissors to add texture to the locks with a choppy, uneven look. This style gives the feel of a messy bedhead but still keeps a fashionable style that will look amazing. Add some color or some highlights for extra glam.

3. Half Buzz Cut

You could choose to shave only one side of your head and leave the length on the other side. The specifics are up to you, so if you’re uncomfortable parting with all of your hair at once, this style might be perfect for you. Leave the length on one side as long or short as you want.

4. The Undercut

Another great way to rock a buzz cut without parting all your hair is by getting an undercut. Leave the hair long on top and shave it short underneath. This lets you play with up styles that show off the buzz underneath or leave the hair down for a more natural look:

If you still need inspiration, check out online sources like YouTube for tips and ideas for a buzzcut!

Again, will a buzz cut suit a woman? If you want your soft features more defined, you’ll benefit from having a buzz cut. You can also carry this hairstyle well if you are not very feminine.

Buzz Cuts for Older Ladies

Who says older women can’t rock a buzz cut? This style is well-suited for older ladies. It gives them the freedom and liberation younger women get when shaving off their locks.

Plus, a buzz cut is pretty much maintenance-free! There’s no need to brush, blow-dry, or spend an hour daily styling your hair with this no-muss look.

And for older ladies who feel like they’ve already wasted enough time performing these tasks over the years, the buzz cut allows them the freedom to get up and go!

As for the color, grey is in right now! And the short, shaved look of a buzz cut looks great with grey or silver hair. Many younger women are going to the salon and paying for this color, so if you’re an older lady, embrace your grey and let your personality speak for itself!

Female Celebrities with Buzz Cuts

The buzz cut has been a popular choice with celebrities over the decades. Many played a role and fell in love with their new style.

Others have said they just wanted to go bold and make a statement. And most have said that shaving all of their locks off was incredibly liberating.

Here are some celebrities with the most memorable and top-tier buzz cuts:

1. Demi Moore

The most famous buzz cut in Hollywood award still goes to Demi Moore during her G.I. Jane days. People were shocked by the look back then, but Demi certainly loved the style and wore it for a while after the movie had wrapped.

And ever since then, people have been copying the style to be just as bold and strong as Ms. Moore.

2. Tallulah Willis

Taking inspiration from her famous mother, Tallulah Willis opted for a shaved head in 2015. She wore a shaggy, short, shaved look that complimented her laid-back style.

3. Grace Jones

Probably one of the first women to rock a true buzz cut, Grace Jones is notoriously famous for her style. She usually went with a combination of a very short, faded shave and was known for including sharp angles and shapes in her do.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angie famously shaved her head while filming the autobiographical movie Gia about the former supermodel. Angelina’s slender build and high cheekbones made this look pop on her figure. And what she did as it grew out is a great inspiration for what to do when that length starts to come back.

5. Natalie Portman

Everyone remembers when Portman famously shaved her head for the movie V for Vendetta, but the actress went a step further by shaving her head on screen. This bold move meant the actress had to get it right in one take.

6. Kristin Stewart

Another actress who picked up the clippers to prepare for a role, Kristin Stewart, looked stunning when she opted for a bleach platinum buzz. Her style rocked a bit of extra length and some face-framing sideburns that emphasized her facial features.

7. Jada Pinkett-Smith

As a symbol of strength during her experience with alopecia, Jada Pinkett-Smith went with a very close shave style. Her openness about discussing her struggles with the disease has made her shaved head a symbol of confidence, and it doesn’t hurt that she looks great.

8. Tiffany Haddish

Haddish shaved her head around the time of the pandemic to change things up. Her style is an excellent example of how experimenting with length and color can make a buzz cut your own.

9. Mei Pang

Leave it to a makeup artist to take her buzz cut to the next level. Mei Pang lets her ink do the talking, and her almost completely clean-shaven buzz cut shows off her head tattoos brilliantly.

10. Saweetie

American rapper Saweetie was known for her long locks, so it was quite a departure when she shaved her head and debuted a stunning new platinum-hued buzz cut in 2021. The look certainly suits her glamorous style.

How to Look Feminine with a Buzz Cut

famous female buzz cuts
Mei Pang

Having a buzz cut doesn’t mean you need to look masculine! Short styles like a buzz cut are very feminine because they draw attention to the face, neck, and collarbones which are some of the most feminine aspects of a woman’s body.

Buzz cuts allow the facial features to stand out and shine, so feminize the look with a bold makeup style that stands out.

A great technique you can use when you have a buzz cut is to lengthen the dimensions of the face by blending the blush further into the scalp line. This results in a striking look that accents the features of the face.

You can also play with ways to accentuate the eyes by using a darker color palette, heavy eyeliner, and mascara. Pair this look with a soft, muted lip for a look that draws attention right to the eyes.

Clothing and jewelry choices can also help to make a buzz cut look more feminine. Large, chunky jewelry can add feminine touches to any look but pair very well with a buzzcut because they complement each other.

What to Wear with a Buzz Cut

No specific fashion or style is required to match a buzz cut. But there are choices you can make to help accentuate the look and set it off:

Ultra-flowery Sun Dresses

Feminize a stern-looking buzz cut by opting for ultra-flowery sun dresses. Solid colors also look great with a buzz cut.


Choose spaghetti straps or sleeveless ones to draw attention to the upper torso, neck, and shoulders.

Pantsuit or Power Suit

Or go super butch and dress for success with a pantsuit or power suit. Either look is sure to stun, and you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Chunky Necklaces

Chunky necklaces look great with a buzz cut, especially when paired with a low-cut blouse that shows off the upper body.

Large Hoops

Elegant dangling earrings stand out when paired with the simplicity of a buzz cut. Or go small and simple with a pair of post-earrings that add sparkle and shine to a look.

Frequently Asked Questions: Buzz Cuts for Female

What Face Shape Do You Need to Pull Off a Buzz Cut?

Any face shape can work well with a buzz cut, so there is no right answer here. Oval and heart-shaped faces are especially well-suited for this look because the buzz cut accentuates the roundness of the face and head.

Don’t let having a certain face shape stop you, though! Everyone can enjoy the liberating feeling of a new edgy buzz cut, and if you have the confidence to pull it off, then go for it!

How Do You Grow Out a Buzz Cut?

To grow out a buzz cut, experts recommend seeing a stylist experiment with fun looks suited for the pixie length. Once your hair grows past a certain length, it may start to look fuzzy and stand straight up for a while.

So, use the trimmers to clean up your look, especially around the neck and temples. Let the hair grow longer on top and keep the sides shorter at first, so your style looks more like a haircut.

Adding some texture with scissors is a great way to create a messy look that can help disguise the fact that you’re trying to grow your buzz cut. Another option is to use the clippers and create a uniform length around the head as the hair grows.

Keeping it even will help to make your style look sleek. You can use styling products to help the hair lay flat or even create a cute style.

How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

How Do You Get a Great Buzz Cut?

The best tip for getting a great result with a buzz cut is to ask for help!

Even though there are a lot of videos on the internet of women buzzing their hair off, which is possible, asking a friend or stylist for help with the hard-to-reach areas on the back of the head can make the experience less stressful. And you will be able to get an even, polished look.

  • If you try to buzz your head, use the right clippers and use #2 or #3 guards. Start longer and then go shorter if you want. You can always take more off, but you can’t put hair back on once it’s on the floor!
  • Start on the top of your head and move from the front to the back. Then do the sides, moving from bottom to top, cutting against the direction in which the hair grows.
  • Finish up the back using a hand mirror or a friend’s help. Then shorten the sides and top to the desired length. Clean up the edges and any spots that aren’t uniform. And you’re done!

Congratulations on taking the plunge and joining the ranks of beautiful, powerful women who rock their buzz cuts in solidarity!

In Closing: Buzz Cuts for Women

The buzz cut has been around for a long time and has made quite a comeback in the last few years. Women worldwide have picked up the buzzers and gone the whole mile by shaving their heads.

Celebrities may have played a part in popularizing the look, and the rest of us took the hint and followed suit.

As women, we are often judged by our hair’s length, style, and color. It’s considered by some to be one of the features that make us look “feminine” and “pretty.”

For many women, choosing an ultra-short buzz cut is the perfect way to buck that stereotype and prove that femininity and beauty shouldn’t have rules.

If you feel beautiful, powerful, and liberated by the thought of trying out a buzzcut, then go for it! There are lots of options to personalize the look for your particular vision, and women should be able to choose how they look and feel how they want without judgment from anyone.

And a buzz cut is a great way to try out a new, edgy style.

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