Are AirPods Worth It? [8 Reasons Why They Are]

AirPods are by far the most popular earbuds. But just because they are so popular, are they worth the money? Are AirPods worth it?

Apple AirPods are worth it, in our opinion. The sound quality is excellent. They stay in your ears instead of falling out. With Bluetooth, you can pair them with your smartphone and TV. It is also easy to use Siri with AirPods.

If you are looking for wireless earbuds, the wireless convenience that Apple AirPods offer is definitely worth considering. Compared to other wireless earbuds, AirPods are of great value for the price.

Read on to learn more about why Apple AirPods are worth it.

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Are AirPods Worth It?

Apple AirPods are definitely worth the money. They have great sound quality. You can connect it with your smartphone and TV via Bluetooth. AirPods also lets you use Siri with ease.

Apple is well known for producing high-quality electronic products that serve the needs of its customers.

Their products are also well known for their quality and durability. So, yes, these earbuds are worthy of every penny.

If you are a person who is looking for wireless connections, the wireless convenience that Apple AirPods offer is definitely worth your consideration.

See below for 8 reasons why AirPods are worth it.

1. Reliable

Whatever reason you may have to consider these earbuds, you are assured that you will be fully satisfied.

They are strongly built with high-quality components that enable them to last far longer than you can expect – if you will put them to their right use.

If you happen to lose one of them, you can use the “Find My AirPods” app, and you will find the location where it was lost. Not the exact spot, but at least you know where to search.

Are Apple Airpods worth it? AirPods will enable you to listen to music, make voice calls, and chair a video meeting wirelessly and very conveniently. They will be ready to serve you every time you need them.

2. Long Battery Life

Their batteries can last for a full five hours on a single charge. Actual tests proved Apple’s claim that their batteries can last this long.

The batteries of AirPods are housed in the long stems that protrude from the bottom of each earbud. They look bulky, but they serve the purpose of bringing life to your AirPods for a good amount of time.

Once you have used up the batteries’ juices, just put them inside their casing, and charging will begin. It doesn’t take too much time to charge the batteries – only in the range of 20 minutes.

But if you want to charge the batteries fully, set them in the case for a full one hour.

That is not really too long for the AirPods to be connected to the outlet. To make it more reliable, Apple has launched its wireless charging case.

So, you will be able to charge your earbuds while on the go—no more worries about cutting short your outdoor use of AirPods.

Are the Airpods worth it in regards to battery life? AirPods are worth it due to their long battery life. You can expect your AirPods to be working and running the moment you need them.

3. Enhanced Connectivity

Connecting your AirPods to other electronic gadgets is much easier and faster than iPhones. It’s not all the same with iPhones.

Some gadgets will automatically connect, but you have to search the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone to do it for others. 

With these earbuds, open the case with your iPhone beside it. Choose the option on your iPhone screen to pair them, and presto – the two are paired.

The AirPods can pair automatically with every gadget you have each time you put them on your ears.

Conversely, they will also automatically disconnect once you remove them from your ears. This is also how it works to pair the earbuds to your Apple Watch or Apple iPad.

It works differently if you are pairing them with Android phones. It would be best if you pressed the Bluetooth pairing button on the case to pair the earbuds to your Android.

After that, it will be just like pairing them automatically.

4. High-quality

Are Airpods Pro worth it? Are AirPods version 2 worth it? AirPods Pro and the regular version are worth it for the high-quality build and sound. If you are after good quality, you cannot go wrong with Apple.

Apple Inc. is a stickler for good quality standards. So you can expect their products to exemplify this business approach. You cannot place AirPods on the bottom list as far as quality is concerned.

Here are the characteristics that make Apple’s products stand out:

  • AirPods’ second-generation earbuds come with enhanced sound quality. They earned a four-star review and are highly recommended for looking for a good combination of excellent performance and convenience.
  • One of Apple’s flagship products, the AirPods Pro, offers cutting edge tech that includes Siri (voice control) and HI audio processing chip. These earbuds have active noise cancellations.
  • Every earbud also has a ‘transparency mode’ that allows ambient noise whenever you are running on the track or crossing a busy street.
  • These earbuds deliver good quality sound too. They don’t produce tiny and weak sounds. Try to listen to your favorite track, whatever it is.

If you are listening to a contemporary jazz track, you will experience the bass cutting nicely through the track without overwhelming the treble and middle notes.

That means the sound produced by the earbuds has rhythm and energy, whether it is rock or classical music. Listening to music in these headphones will also allow you to experience the largeness of the soundstage.

You will hear the layering of the orchestra in the background. For every piece of music instrument, you will be able to locate them precisely as they are set up on the stage.

Apple has also bundled EarPods with current iPhone models. But they can’t compare with the audio dynamics of the AirPods. The sound coming from the EarPods are thin and flat compared to the full and energetic wide-ranged sound emanating from the AirPods.

That’s perfectly understandable because the prices of AirPods are five times higher than the prices of EarPods. The standard second-generation AirPods are just right if you are satisfied with good sounds and long-life batteries.

But if you want noise cancellation, enhanced performance, and plenty of sound dynamics, you are better off with the Pro version.

5. Long-lasting

One full charge of the AirPods will give you five full hours of use before you need to get them back into their casing, which works doubly as a wireless charger.

This wireless charger will also give you an additional 19 hours before you need to plug it into the house current for recharging.

are the Airpods worth it

So in effect, you have more than 20 hours of usage if you bring along the case. With the case, Apple claims that you can use the AirPods for as long as 24 hours before charging both the earbuds and the charger itself.

Are AirPods worth it? AirPods are worth the money. They are very convenient to use, have excellent sound quality, and allow you to access Siri easily. you can also connect it with several devices such as your phone and TV.

Learn more about the reasons why AirPods is worth it below.

6. Strong and Durable

In terms of their durability, there are claims to the effect that AirPods have survived practically everything that was thrown at them. While this may be true, you cannot subject these earbuds to water torture or similar things.

But these unofficial tests have proven that these earbuds won’t easily break as most people assume these teeny-weeny little electronic gadgets would.

For example, they claim that AirPods were submerged in water and then dropped from a height of 10 feet. Then they were placed inside a washing machine and turned it on.

After all these grueling ordeals, the AirPods still worked without any visible defect.

Actually, they dropped the earbuds from different heights – so many times – and they still worked fine.

It is also worth noting that these are not scientific trials. They are real-life tests extrapolating what could happen if you accidentally drop or submerged the AirPods in the water.

After a 30-minute wash inside the machine, the AirPods were still able to power up, so was the charging case.

But it doesn’t mean that you can be careless with these earbuds. They are costly electronic gadgets, so you can’t continuously subject them to carelessness.

But it is good to know that AirPods will still work no matter what tortures the testers subject them to. They are, in the words of the tester – “incredibly durable.”

7. Warranty-protected

Apple is giving a limited warranty on every pair of AirPods that you will buy. Meaning, you can expect that your device has a warranty against factory defects one year from the time you purchased it or after you receive it.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by unauthorized modifications or accidents.

If you lose an AirPod or the case, Apple will replace them for a fee. You will get a new AirPod or a new charging case. To enjoy this privilege, you can visit Apple’s Coverage website to register your device.

The serial number is located on the underside of the lid of the case. Type this serial number on the website and follow the instructions given to register your device.

8. Easy Set-up

The second generation of AirPods has an easy setup procedure. Its activation of Bluetooth will take less than a minute. While the setup is easy, it is unfortunately not intuitive. So, here is the setup process for your convenience:

  1. Open the charging case of the AirPods;
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings and then Bluetooth;
  3. Tap ‘next’ to AirPods in the device list; and
  4. Change the name of the AirPods: tap the current name, and enter a new name, then tap ‘Done.’

You can also change the different settings on your AirPods as to how they respond when you press or tap them. This is one way to personalize your AirPods.

For instance, you can turn the ear detection on and off. You can set the microphone either left or right or automatic.

A short manual comes with your purchase. You can also find the instruction on Apple’s official website. Or you can check this video that shows how you can pair up your AirPods with your tablet or iPhone.

Conclusion: Are AirPods Worth It?

Apple AirPods are worth the money. The sound quality you get from these earphones is excellent. You can also command Siri to do what you want with the electronic devices in your home through these AirPods. With Bluetooth, you can pair them with your smartphone and smart TV.

It’s true that they are expensive. But as you have read in this article, there are many good reasons why these earphones are worth your every penny. They are very convenient to use because of their wireless connectivity.